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Polaris Career Center Reviews

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Great teacher!

small class including top education
You can have real world experience. You'll get to learn a lots of things, since teacher is experts.
Wi-Fi is available. Printing class papers are easy and free.
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There is a computer lab. but I haven't had time to get to it.
not taking on line courses.
My workload isn't too bad, at the moment.
If I miss a class, I can make up the work during the day class.
I had a hard time getting an exact answer to my questions about financial aid.
I would choose Polairs again to further my education. I love the way the classroom is set up and the group discussions.
I love the class room environment. My instructor is great at explaining what is going on in the class,outside of class, and other countries.
Students at Polaris – Most students at my school gets along. Since it's a career center kids are mostly happy because they chose the classes that they are in. Of course there are students that pick on others but that happens anywhere. My school does a great job on keeping everyone involved in something even if they feel like they don't belong. There are many ethniticies at Polaris including me. I am Romanian I am Orthodox and I feel like I belong and accepted 100%.
Polaris Overall – The professors are great. Each and everyone of them encourage their students and help us in every way possible. They are willing to stay after school for extra help which I take advantage of. I like the curriculum for medical professions, the program that I am in. I feel that I've learned a lot and it will help me in college. Class registration was a little tough. For my program, medical professions, only 75 kids are accepted. I consider myself lucky and proud to be part of this school. I like the homework that we have to complete because it's in the field that I chose to study so I don't consider it boring homework.
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