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I have attended the Peachtree City campus for a year in a DE program. It's pretty quiet, not much goes on around here.
Point University has made college a great experience! I attend one of their extension campuses and it has been amazing! The faculty truly want you to do your best. They take the time to teach you and develop you spiritly, all the while teaching you academically. The administration and resources are impeccable, and they are so personable in everything they do!
I am a freshman at Point. I realize they are new. It doesn't seem to be very organized but I'm willing to give it a chance.
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Point University is an awesome college and highly recommend this institution, whether you are entering to achieve a degree on campus or online. I'm entering my senior year and due to graduate in May 2018. The faculty and staff of Administrators at Point University go above and beyond for their students!!!
Point University is a great college. Not too much to get in to, which mean more focus on school. Student life is great everyone gets alone so well and the food is outstanding.
Great staff and helpful staff! The teachers really want you to understand what you are learning! Keep in mind that the peachtree city campus is mainly dual enrollment high school students!!!
Point University is a great school in general regarding academics but it is especially great for collegiate athletes because most of the students here are playing one of the 19 school sports that are offered here. Since most students are student-athletes the teachers know how to work with coaches and trainers, along with the student, to better help the student with their schedule. Being a student athlete I know how all of it goes, the classes, the workouts, the meetings, studying and then games that take place during a class. So when I know that the teachers will help me and are considerate of my schedule that takes pressure off of me. Then Point is also a Christian university and all faculty and staff are followers of Christ which is such a blessing to me. Because without Christ nothing really matters.
The campus is very welcoming . Both the professors and faculty are willing to work with you. For example If 25% of the class failed a test then your professors with add bonus points on the your homework. If you help studying ask early in the semester tutoring is always open for studies and seniors are willing to help out if they can. But keep track of your aid.
I have really enjoyed the two visits I have had to Point University. The staff and faculty have been extremely warm and inviting.
We do not offer a party scene at my school; it is prohibited.
We do not have a party scene available at my college, due to it being a Bible school.
The academics offered at my college are incredible, as well as the world-class leadership professors and staff of Highlands College. We are not like other ministry schools, because we do not just offer classes where we learn about church services, we have the chance to partake in church services every Sunday. We are offered hands-on ministry training. The workload is a lot, mostly because most students partake in dual-enrollment. But, it is not impossible to get all the work done that is required.
We are called to love others as Jesus has loved us. We do not agree with anything that is not listed in the Bible as accepting, but we do love those who may be gay, transgender, etc. We do not hate those who are different. We are fully acceptable to religion, because we are a Bible school.
We are strictly enforced to have no drugs as well as no alcohol on campus. Ever.
After Highlands College, each student is offered to participate in a year long internship program. The internship can either be continued at Church of the Highlands, or even a different church throughout the country, or even internationally. The people on staff who work for job placement, work hard to ensure eavh student is working within a church vocationally if the student wishes to do so.
I love my school because my professors and those on staff at my college are intentional, as well as active in each student's lives. The professors are always available to answer any questions we have, and many students as well as myself are able to look towards those on staff for leadership and guidance. Many of the men and women on staff pray over the student's lives daily.
I feel completely safe and secure at my school. We are a Christian/Bible school, and average with less than 1,000 students attending. We have never had any sexual assault cases ever.
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Since my college is not a normal college, we do not necessarily offer student housing. We offer instead housing through an apartment complex about five minutes away from the campus. The apartment complex is clean, affordable, and the environment is excellently created.
At Highlands College, all students are required to participate in athletics. We must take an intramural as well as workout class. There is a wide variety of courses to choose from within the athletics department of Highlands College including anything from boxing, to basketball, to even beach volleyball. Since we are not a university, our school's primary focus is not necessarily sports.
I am not only enrolled in Point University, but also in a world-class ministry school called Highlands College. Highlands College has been the absolute best experience of my life. I experience hands-on ministry training and I am constantly challenged as a student not just academically, but also mentally as well as spiritually.
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