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My experiences are limited because I only been once, I love Point University, the diversity is something to be desired but the community is nice I like the area that the school is in.
My first experience with Point was on a visit to the school and over all it was a good experience for me and my Mom. Everyone we encountered was nice, helpful, and friendly. We were able to have lunch on campus and the food was good and the staff was helpful and welcoming. we had a bad experience on move-in date, but the staff worked diligently to correct the situation and assured us that the necessary step would be put in place so no other student would experience the situation we did. From that day to this point I am enjoying my time at Point University.
I attend Point University through dual enrollment at my school. Some classes are online and one class I go to satellite campus in Peachtree City. I enjoy the classes that I experienced this year and last year.
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I loved Point University when I first started! They were friendly and helpful, but now they have hired a few bad apples. The financial aid office sucks! Half the time the advisors are not in the office and the rest of the time they are rude! They NEVER call back and they seem to have attitudes when you keep following up on a problem... I have been consistently contacting them about an issue for 3 weeks now and it still hasn't been resolved!!! Back when I first started Id leave one voicemail with financial aid, and I would recieve a call back within the hour and if I missed the call Id have a voicemail and email resolving my problem. And being busy isn't an excuse for 3 weeks!!! And the issue is a mess up on their end, i was shorted my refund!I am supposed to wait months on this issue yet every semester the tuition is going up?!And best believe they want their money!
The staff are very friendly. They help in any way that they can. It is a great and safe environment.
I enjoy the family friendly atmosphere that Point University has to offer. Their staff and teachers do the best they can to help ensure that students are learning, taken care of, and equipped with the best.
I love this school! It is smaller than regular universities however that means smaller classes and one on one time with Proffessor’s! I couldn’t have chosen a better school! Btw, the marching band is pretty awesome too!
The university has wonderful professors who are helpful and insightful. Also, the curriculum is challenging and stimulates growth.
This year at PU has been a great start to my college years. They host many events to get to know others so being so far from home wasn’t that big of a deal. The athletic team and trainers are amazing. I injured my knee and my coach and trainers have been so supportive. I will be back on the field next year! There isn’t a contained campus but I was able to live in the dorms a block away from the academic building which was nice. Next year I will have to live further away which isn’t as convenient. I would recommend everyone have a car. Grocery shopping isn’t within walking distance and neither is the fields for sports. There is a Starbucks in the bookstore! It would be nice if the cafeteria was open more hours for athletes schedules. I can walk to a church I like on Sundays. I would recommend Point University! Soon more buildings will be up as they have proposed, that will be nice. The band is excellent, winning many awards.
Point University is a very professional mannered school. The teachers are very communicative when you need to talk about anything. The students are very friendly and inspiring. This college is a very great college to be with in high school. If you are looking forward into their dual enrollment classes. Face to face and online everything works as one.
Point is a great school! Super small class sizes, and staff and professors that actually take time to get to know the students. Each professor connects the topic to the Bible, since it is a Christian college
I love Point University because I get to further my knowledge alongside like-minded peers. I am in the Dual Enrollment program, so the classes are more challenging than classes at my high school.
I have attended the Peachtree City campus for a year in a DE program. It's pretty quiet, not much goes on around here.
Point University has made college a great experience! I attend one of their extension campuses and it has been amazing! The faculty truly want you to do your best. They take the time to teach you and develop you spiritly, all the while teaching you academically. The administration and resources are impeccable, and they are so personable in everything they do!
I am a freshman at Point. I realize they are new. It doesn't seem to be very organized but I'm willing to give it a chance.
Point University is an awesome college and highly recommend this institution, whether you are entering to achieve a degree on campus or online. I'm entering my senior year and due to graduate in May 2018. The faculty and staff of Administrators at Point University go above and beyond for their students!!!
Point University is a great college. Not too much to get in to, which mean more focus on school. Student life is great everyone gets alone so well and the food is outstanding.
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Great staff and helpful staff! The teachers really want you to understand what you are learning! Keep in mind that the peachtree city campus is mainly dual enrollment high school students!!!
Point University is a great school in general regarding academics but it is especially great for collegiate athletes because most of the students here are playing one of the 19 school sports that are offered here. Since most students are student-athletes the teachers know how to work with coaches and trainers, along with the student, to better help the student with their schedule. Being a student athlete I know how all of it goes, the classes, the workouts, the meetings, studying and then games that take place during a class. So when I know that the teachers will help me and are considerate of my schedule that takes pressure off of me. Then Point is also a Christian university and all faculty and staff are followers of Christ which is such a blessing to me. Because without Christ nothing really matters.
The campus is very welcoming . Both the professors and faculty are willing to work with you. For example If 25% of the class failed a test then your professors with add bonus points on the your homework. If you help studying ask early in the semester tutoring is always open for studies and seniors are willing to help out if they can. But keep track of your aid.
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