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It's a relatively small campus, allows for easy travel paired with a wide scope of available courses.
Coming to Point Park has been a wonderful experience so far! Being in the middle of downtown Pittsburgh has given me many wonderful opportunities! This diverse school is very welcoming towards everyone involved with Point Park and the community!
I love the experience at Point Park. Everyone is very helpful and the staff really helps you with whatever you need. I really like the campus life and the activities that Point Park offers to give students a break from their busy schedules.
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My experience at Point Park University is one I could never forget. The campus is so unique and diverse, not to mention very very welcoming. All staff memebers are motivated and always willing to lend you a hand. Point Park University ensures to help you navigate successfully through college, while minimizing the stress. Overall, my experience here was outstanding.
I applied to point park spring of 2017. It was a very easy process. I started classes in the fall for online. Very convenient. Students are so nice and so are the professors
I know Point Park would be the ideal school for me. As a 35-year old mother of four its though to juggle home life with school life but Point Parks online course program is the best I've come across and works with my schedule.
Point Park University is a great school with many majors to choose from. I am an incoming freshman majoring in Theater Performance & Practice. Everyone at Point Park is extremely friendly and very family oriented. Point Park is what I need to help my study habits and understand myself as a person.
POINT PARK UNIVERSITY is a great school for technology.It is not difficult to in enroll and the admission conselor is cordial.POINT PARK UNIVERSITY also have online options to fit your schedule. I am enrolled in the bachelor degree program for information technology and management.I am excited to start POINT PARK UNIVERSITY as a freshman and learn hands on skills in the field i am currently pursuing.
Point Park is in Downtown Pittsburgh and the city is great. Its a walking distance to PNC park and Heinz field. The teachers are all very respectful and nice and everything is very close to the school.
The main thing I love most about Point Park University is the great amount of diversity there is on the campus. Students from difference races, backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, and goals surround the school. While attending Point Park University, you gain an appreciation of what such a place like this school can do for you in a personal way. You are learning while experiencing something that only you can take in and really see what a person you can become. I have gained many friends that have influenced me to and during political times in our country understand where they are coming from because of what they have gone through in life with where they are from. The only thing I would change about Point Park University is the security. Being that the campus is located in the center of downtown Pittsburgh, safety is a must at all times in order to protect our students, faculty, and school.
I love the location of my school. I love right in the heart of the city which creates a lot of opportunities for me to have fun and market myself. Overall lo wish sometimes my professors were more invested in the student. Sometimes personal matters disrupt the flow of academics and having a helpful hand is better than just a listening ear.
The education at Point Park University is well rounded and beneficial. The professors have hands on experience in the fields in which they have taught when it comes to Cinema Production. All the needed equipment is also provided along with spacious rooms and work spaces. The city of Pittsburgh is an amazing location to go to college as you can utilize the environment for your many needs. Although the education is good, the few drawbacks is the food is not always great and the staff is lazy. Besides that, I would recommend Point Park University.
Point Park University is a fabulous institution for anyone who wants to pursue the performing arts. The faculty is top-notch and you are able to get the most for your money.
Point Park has many great programs to choose from. The school's environment is very welcoming and the professors are extremely nice.
I am a student in the photography department at Point Park. There is definitely a lot more emphasis placed on COPA majors as well as broadcasting. There are also a lot of unnecessary courses that are part of Point Park's core curriculum. As a photo student, I really expected a more arts-focused curriculum, considering that Point Park is known to be a arts-oriented school. Planning on transferring after this semester.
PPU allows everyone to be themselves and pursue there passions through hands on experience and expert guidance. I love being here and cannot wait to see where the next three years take me.
This University has a unique lifestyle being that it is located in Downtown Pittsburgh. The culture is diverse and the students and professors are welcoming and appreciative of those who are of different ethnicities. Quality education is Point Park's top priority and both students and professors are held at a high standard.
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The overall atmosphere of the campus is great! At times it can be frustrating to make a schedule especially if a class is only offered for one time slot, but other than that, they are very commuter friendly and the class sizes are perfect. It fits about 20-25 people per class so you get a real one on one experience.
My experience with this university is amazing. I get to study and hang out with amazing people. The professors here are so kind, helpful, and understanding. The food could be a little bit better, but I still like it here.
I am a Sophomore Dance Major at Point Park University with a concentration in Jazz dance. I love point park and continue to enjoy all of the amazing opportunities in the dance program more and more every semester. The conservatory executes great opportunities to get you ready to be a dancer in the professional world.
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