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Online resources from Point Park are cool. As always there's some issues that come up in the first few weeks. The navigation for Schoology isn't the easiest to navigate but it gets the job done.
Overall, my experience at Point Park University was determined by what I put into it. The opportunities provided are unlimited whether it was on campus or off campus. At Point Park I found made many friends who I learned had similar desires as mine. This to me was fundamental. The location of Point Park is ridiculously convenient. It's in the heart of Downtown which makes public transportation convenient. The professors are knowledgeable. If you make an effort to show interest they'll pour priceless information into you. You get what you put in.
I loved Pointpark for us contribute to my dance training. It has some of the best teachers in the game to help build you up and prepare you for the dance world. My physical and mental change has been drastic yet amazing and I can say I feel very much prepared for life after college in my career field.
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The online experience was fine. The switch to online during the pandemic wasn’t really hard and they made it possible.
Great for any major involving communications, art, performance, and interpersonal relations. Great connections in the city of Pittsburgh and beyond. I'd say they just need to work on expanding their staff slightly.
I enjoyed learning online, some teachers are better than others but that's true everywhere. Teachers are understanding and mostly reasonable.
Point Park professors have made online learning an easy transition for me, and they have been very flexible overall.
Point Park gives students so many opportunities to get real-world professional experience in their chosen field!
Recently appealed grading. School up held teachers error.. claimed assignments were weighted incorrectly.. online Schoology showed B, recieved C on transcript. I was 1.74 points short of a b claims instructor.. Unorganized.. Not in favor of students.. bad overall experience.. even in getting all of my credits transferred. Terrible
Recently appealed grading. School up held teachers error.. claimed assignments were weighted incorrectly.. online Schoology showed B, recieved C on transcript. I was 1.74 points short of a b claims instructor.. Unorganized.. Not in favor of students.. bad overall experience.. even in getting all of my credits transferred. Terrible
Point Park provides students with a unique opportunity to be downtown in a working environment all while creating unique classes and majors for students to take. While technology is a minor problem in most cases, such as a lack of stable wi-if or good video streaming quality, Point Park provides a great career readiness program and helps put those who attend in better chances to succeed. However, the culture and atmosphere has failed to meet their own claims as the treatment of clubs and majors creates a high school-esque environment with the typical popular kids versus the “losers” but instead of sports or social media determining that status, it is what major you are. Also, the recent rape allegations and the administrations failure to properly protect students and punish others stands out like the yellow seats of Heinz Field.
Due to COVID-19, online classes have been hard to judge as most teachers have not been prepared to make that switch. While technological problems occurred and motivating students was difficult, Point Park got the job done. One can hope that fall 2020 online goes more smoothly than it did in the spring.
Dies not support students with careers for graduation and opportunities for jobs. My son nd daughter graduated from this school and struggled to get jobs in their field. My son m.j is still looking and has a degree in homeland Security and National Intelligence. All they do is take your money or maybe give you a grant or a scholarship. But in the end you'll be graduating walking down the hour with no offer of employment inside and no support from the career development office that's supposed to be there for students and provide them with opportunities like internships and on-the-job training and/or employment in Homeland security and National Intelligence. My daughter has a degree in journalism and communication and never ever got any support from the school after graduation. She had to find her own job and secure her own internship. I think the school just take your money and then after that you are on your own.
Do notbhep much with careers nor job placement support bbn or direction their Homeland Security Program. My son graduated as tedvtwo years ago with a degree in homeland security and national intelligence and cant get BBC a job in M his field. They never offered him opportunities via job referrals and internships. He has a 4 bgg year degree and hasn't heard one word of support or encouragement from t hff e department head. Many students like him have very little support post graduation.nor job opportunities their senior or junior year. The school will n.v take your money and even offer scholarships p.o switch no doors for jobs for college graduates in Homeland Security and N as tion as Intelligence.
Its pretty good, most professors are nice and the other students are pretty neat. The campus is located right downtown by market square so there's no shortage of food options if you got the cash and are tired of campus food.
The only online classes I have taken so far were ones when covid hit and they sent us home. I do however have an online class next semester. But, the classes I had for covid weren't horrible. After a brief adjustment period things seemed to work out.
The teachers were really understanding with due dates and when students were overwhelmed with work they worked things through with the students
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I am a dance major here and it is top 5 in the country and it shows so much they create such amazing and versatile dancers to go out into the professional world
Point Park university has the potential to be great. However, the diversity within the faculty, racially needs to improvement.
The communication between administration and students needs improvement.

If you are a person of color and are looking into Point Park as a school, keep in mind that you will be in the minority and there will not be many students who as also people of color, in fact only about 14% of students are of color out of the entire school population.

lastly, if you are a preforming arts student, this school HEAVILY focuses and prioritizes students of the preforming arts. However, if you are not intended on that direction for you major, you will NOT be prioritized in any way. And will feel as if the Preforming Arts department are more valued.
I took classes online due to COVID 19, it wasn't an overall bad experience. However it depends on the professor and the classes taken.
Graphic Design and Statistics were very difficult classes to take online but I ended up finishing the school year with a 4.0, so it all worked out in the end.
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