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I went to visit Point Loma as a sophomore in high school. The campus was very beautiful, and it had a great beach view. Everyone was helpful and friendly. Each building had a unique feel to it. The had lots of great programs, and many majors.
I have never been to a school that so clearly cares for its students. Success counselors, administrators, directors and staff are all very easy to get a hold of. Each truly does care foe each students well being, success and program navigation to graduation.
I LOVE Point Loma. Every time I have visited everyone is so welcoming. I feel at home already. The campus can not be beat. It is GORGEOUS! I can not wait to begin school there.
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The learning environment is great. Teachers push to get the best out of you! There is not much diversity, but the people are very nice. Classroom sizes are small so learning is more personalized.
The program was great and the professors were very kind and caring. I wish they were a little more organized, but they are very invested in their students
The teachers are extremely invested in their students and always willing to help. The campus is beautiful. The classes are challenging but doable and are preparing me for my future. The people generally nice, which is always good.
Great community and lots to do. Everyone knows everyone, so it can seem a bit like high school, but it offers a great community for Christian students.
Point Loma Nazarene University is a beautiful school, not only for its beach side location but also for the faculty and staff we have here. I have an amazing time learning from our professors because of there high energies and passion for their fields. PLNU is a place to grow; become the best version of yourself that you can possibly be; and live a life closer to God. I enjoy the academic curriculum, the students here, and how helpful the faculty and staff members are. It's not only a University, it's my home.
The best decision I have ever made about my education. The professors are wonderful, the students are God loving and full of life, the administration staff are the best you can ever think of. I like Point Loma because it has a Christian environment and it gives me a sense of security. All of the people I know who went to Point Loma have nothing but all the best things to say about Point Loma, this played a major role in making my decision to joining the collage.
Point Loma is great because of the people that surround the university. The attention to the students as individuals put forth by the professors allows them to intentionally develop as intellectuals and independents. It was not long for me at Point Loma to notice that the staff and faculty were very invested in helping their students become sustaining and good people.
The staff is wonderful! They are knowledgeable and have practical experience in their respective fields. They are a real pleasure to learn from! While there is a religious studies requirement, nobody judges those who have different beliefs.
Point Loma is a really great school for anyone that wants to advance in their education and personal growth. It's beautiful, and offers a sense of community that I've never felt anywhere else.
I would definitely change the cafeteria food and add more dining options, but otherwise the school is wonderful.
The professors are amazing (especially if you're a science major/apart of the pre-health community). I have no doubt this school will be the reason I get into Med School. The science professors are overqualified (my freshman bio prof went to Harvard, Chem is a MIT grad, etc.). The religion is overdone and annoying. Mandatory chapel sucks but there's ways around it. The views are amazing, an ocean view freshman dorm is the best. Its almost all white kids (2 girls: 1 guy). The caf sucks (grill is good), but they're redoing the caf this year so we'll see. If you're a girl the student life is at SDSU. If you're a guy its tough but can be done. If you have friends at state you'll be good. If you look hard enough here you'll be surprised. The beach is really fun. You can find things to do, but freshman year isn't super fun/wasn't this year for multiple reasons unique to 2016/2017. 2017/2018 and the future is shaping up better.
Point Loma is a very nice school with Greta people. Not only does it have amazing people who care extremely about you it also has awesome professors who only want the best for you and push you mind to reach your full potential. School has a very nice campus that is very safe.
I really liked Point Loma Nazarene University because the professors actually do want to help you succeed and many of the departments have a graduation plan for undergrad students. Some professors event take the time to guide students to take the classes that are right for them. The students are also very helpful and friendly as well. Most of the students already living on campus try to help freshmen students feel at home and provide a welcoming environment for incoming students who feel nervous about starting their college experience.
The school controls students like they are in elementary school. No freedom, doesn't feel like a college campus at all. They need to loosen up on the STRICT rules and allow some more fun
I really enjoyed my time here at Point Loma Nazarene University. One thing that I liked, in particular, was the fact that it is such a small school. My high school graduating class was thirteen students! The transition to Point Loma was as smooth as can be, considering my previous experiences. One thing I would like to see, here at Point Loma, is a more diverse campus. The university ann student body are both taking strides to bring that to fruition. Hopefully within the next few years, this campus will flourish into a thriving and diversified university.
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Point Loma Nazarene offers a wonderful environment and balance. The environment thrives through worthy academics and quality, caring professors to the personal environment fostered through Bible Studies and chapel to the literal constant view of the ocean. They encourage extracurriculars, service, and challenge you in school.
As an incoming Freshman, the only thing that worries me is the fact that I'm not worried at all. As soon as I stepped on Campus I knew that I was meant to be there... without a doubt. I've never visited a college that felt so welcoming and warm as I looked around at everyone's smiling faces. It is incredible,
Point Loma Nazarene has such an amazing community bond. The students are great, professors are helpful.
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