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Point Loma Nazarene University Reviews

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Great location for main campus with several satellite branches to choose from! The staff is great when it came to the application process and getting you ready for your first day of class.
PLNU has been one of the best experiences that I've ever had, I have found some incredible friends and some great mentors here. The people here will encourage you, and help you along with any path you are taking. The education here is pretty good and quite broad. Also the views we get around sunset here are something else.
Amazing campus, but more importantly amazing professors and classes. Having small enough classrooms to interact with professors and develop relationships is so valuable.
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The people there are so incredible! I made great friends so quickly! The professors are extremely competent and truly care about you. I still get coffee with one of my first professors every once and a while.
I loved the location, small class rooms, caring professors and Christian environment. An amazing university.
In all honesty, my experience at Point Loma Nazarene University was one I did not expect. I was very eager to come here as a freshman but was quickly let down in some areas. I expected the student life to be more inviting and open, but some of the students are quick to form cliques. Now, this may be due to the fact that I am a commuter. However, I feel as if PLNU struggles in integrating their commuter students with the rest of the student body. I also believe that PLNU struggles in the diversity aspect. Academically, PLNU has awesome professors for the most part, but I found it difficult to connect with some of my professors, especially those in my department which has been discouraging in my two years so far at PLNU.
This school is fantastic! The Christian community is something special that creates a welcoming, loving atosmophere unlike any other college. The faculty and staff pour everything they can into their students and go above and beyond in brilliant and heartwarming ways! Also, I have a disability, and the disability resource center is wonderful. The support and love I have felt at this school has truly changed my life and I am beyond grateful for PLNU!
I feel very safe and it has been a great experience. The staff really values you, and the cafeteria food is great.
Choosing Point Loma Nazarene University for my undergraduate studies was the best decision Ive made! Wonderful professors, great student-teacher ratios, and the location is PERFECT
PLNU had kind, caring professors and small class sizes which made it easier to connect with professors and get the most out of your academic experience. They are still connected to the Nazarene church, which means that they aren't progressive on issues like acceptance of LGBTQ students, which is an issue, thankfully, many students are pressing the administration on. It's a beautiful campus, and San Diego is a perfect location.
PLNU is a great school. The teachers are great and they care for the students. We are literally next to the beach. The campus is beautiful!
PLNU is a great school with a beautiful view. The classes are small and personal, and the teachers have great connections to help you get a job after you graduate. Unfortunately, the food isn’t great and the cost is a lot.
I went to visit Point Loma as a sophomore in high school. The campus was very beautiful, and it had a great beach view. Everyone was helpful and friendly. Each building had a unique feel to it. The had lots of great programs, and many majors.
I have never been to a school that so clearly cares for its students. Success counselors, administrators, directors and staff are all very easy to get a hold of. Each truly does care foe each students well being, success and program navigation to graduation.
I LOVE Point Loma. Every time I have visited everyone is so welcoming. I feel at home already. The campus can not be beat. It is GORGEOUS! I can not wait to begin school there.
The learning environment is great. Teachers push to get the best out of you! There is not much diversity, but the people are very nice. Classroom sizes are small so learning is more personalized.
The program was great and the professors were very kind and caring. I wish they were a little more organized, but they are very invested in their students
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The teachers are extremely invested in their students and always willing to help. The campus is beautiful. The classes are challenging but doable and are preparing me for my future. The people generally nice, which is always good.
Great community and lots to do. Everyone knows everyone, so it can seem a bit like high school, but it offers a great community for Christian students.
Point Loma Nazarene University is a beautiful school, not only for its beach side location but also for the faculty and staff we have here. I have an amazing time learning from our professors because of there high energies and passion for their fields. PLNU is a place to grow; become the best version of yourself that you can possibly be; and live a life closer to God. I enjoy the academic curriculum, the students here, and how helpful the faculty and staff members are. It's not only a University, it's my home.
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