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780 reviews
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It is a small enough school that you get great one-on-one time with professors and that you have more opportunities for internships, research grants, and fellowships, but it is large enough that there is always someone knew to meet! Everyone is super down to earth and it is nice being so close to the White Mountains.
As a sophomore in the Plymouth State University Early Childhood Studies Teacher Certification program, I honestly could not have expected the love I would have for the school and the program. I have never sat in a class where a professor didn't know my name, face, and at least one personal fact about me. Whether it's needing to go into the dining hall late because Dance Team practice ran over time, or I need help from our amazing writing center, the faculty and resources that Plymouth has to offer are not comparable. Many are drawn in by the reputation of our weekend life, they stay because PSU is more than a University, it is a home.
This is my first semester at this University and so far it has gone great, my professors seem very friendly, and easily accessible. It is a tight community and it seems like getting to know people will be pretty easy. I am a transfer student from a local community college in my hometown of Concord, New Hampshire. All of my credits transferred over with no issue which was nice. I am pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and plan to enter the work field head on. This scholarship would help out a tremendous amount. Thank you.
Plymouth State University is a small school with engaging and interactive classes that allow the students to think critically and have fun at the same time. When not in class, students can have fun exploring the mountains, ski and snowboard, kayak or float the Pemi River, or go to many different sporting events.
One of the things that I love about Plymouth State is the small town feel of being in the white mountains complemented by the quality education that you receive at Plymouth State. The smaller class sizes allows for more 1 on 1 time with professors and advisers, granting the greatest chances for success. Overall it's a high quality University.
Plymouth State is the most welcoming and excepting university I have ever been to. There's such a diverse student population, there is literally a place for everyone! Not only is it just a beautiful and fun school, the professors are so amazing. They've all been accomplished professionals in their fields and really want their students to do well and accomplish their goals.
Location is great. Most teachers are great. Diverse. Terrible online platform in regards to registering for classes and everyday use. Party scene gets old. Safety is a huge issue (almost all emergency poles have been out of order for WEEKS). Food is horrendous, they show out for open houses as the students suffer year round. They also take advantage of your residential situation, forced triples with little to no compensation.
As a first semester Freshman I have found Plymouth State to be a great place to go to school. The school really goes out of its way to make sure you are successful, especially in your first semester, you have access to multiple kinds of counselors, and they are very willing to meet according to your schedule. The dining hall isn't great, but its tolerable. The people here are all great, and making friends will be the easiest thing you do here! so far Plymouth State University has been great
Overall Plymouth State University is one of the best schools to go to. There's parties Almost everyday of the week. The education is top-notch and the teachers really want to see the students learn and do well. Lastly, the food aint too bad, the dorms are being improved every year and the off campus housing is dirt cheap.

The sports teams are some of the best in the D3. Also the view of the mountains is just beautiful.
Everything on the website is clear and easy to use. I like being able to see what I am applying for and it is easy to understand all of the requirements.
Everyone parties whether its a small one or a big one
You meet you people which are always positive and see old friends
Teachers are great due to small school teachers are more lenient
No diversity, being the only asian in my 4 classes this semester
People do drugs its a thing, be smart don't fall for peer pressure
Though not far into my career at school the job thing is difficult because since the school is small, less job opportunities.
  • College Sophomore
  • 6 months ago
  • Value
The school is not bad and its not the greatest but it will do, its quiet and you don't have to be popular to have friends
It is hard for the school to keep everyone safe, but they do try. Sexual assault should not even be a concern when a girl wants to go out and have fun they should not have to worry about being sexual harassed by a boy. Not all reports are reported which is hard on the school to keep up with the safety of it
Living off campus is always the best bet, living on campus us expensive and the dorms are not worth it
  • College Sophomore
  • 6 months ago
  • Housing
We do not have any known Greek life here, we have a couple small ones ran by the school. The greek like is not popular and you do not need to be apart of Greek life to be considered "popular"
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