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The programs and professors are really great. I love what I learn, and I appreciate how helpful all of my professors have been. My only criticisms is that the campus food is poor and overpriced...Nothing for people with food allergies.
Great college. Staff is very friendly and teach their subjects so that everyone can fully understand that they are being taught. Building are well kept on campus. Maintenance is up to par. One down side I have found though is that there are a lot of parties. More so than other schools.
Plymouth is a place where everyone on campus is in love with it. I have never seen the same type of love with any other university. I am personally so happy that I get to spend 4 years at this university. I love Plymouth because I think it's size is perfect. The classroom sizes are small so the professors can make a personal connection with all of their students. I have made some great connections and my professors only want me to succeed. I have made my best friends at Plymouth. If you ask anyone about Plymouth you'll hear great things.
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All they cared about was partying or Adventure Ed. The faculty and staff were wonderful and obviously very passionate about their work but the student body had other priorities. Almost every night you'd hear a drunk fight between two guys, and almost half of the people on campus are either high or are planning on getting high. The people are nice on the surface but they do not intend on creating real, deep friendships with you. As long as you'll party with them or offer them party supplies then they'll stick around. Not a good experience, I will be transferring next semester.
Plymouth State is such a community oriented college. You immediately feel right at home and that this place was meant for you. Class sizes are small and intimate and you can get such a great one-on-one connection with them. There are hundreds of campus activities you can partake in and even more clubs you can join in to further your experience here. PSU allows you to make amazing connections with people and created friendships that last a life time.
As a non-traditional Information Technology major, I've found PSU to present the most challenging enviroment I had yet to face. Expect math-heavy courses and unforgiving professors who expect an extensive amount of self study
I think the University is growing well. The students are great and the campus isn't overwhelming. It is simple, interesting, and fun.
Amazing environment. The campus is a bit smaller than most but that makes it so much easy to know your way around. The students and teachers make you feel very welcome in the classroom, and the ratio is good.
When I attended Plymouth State University, my experience was positive. There is a lot to do for being a medium sized school, with diverse clubs and activities. For me the class sizes were a little too big as I came from a small high school. Overall the experience was a good one though.
I'm an accepted student, I'm a graphic design major with a minor in photography. It is said to be the 2nd safest school in New Hampshire. The food is pretty good and the professors definitely know what they are talking about. There are parties if you are looking for them and there are tons of different sports that you can play and be a part of.
I initially thought this would be a great school for my daughter, but I’ve discovered otherwise. Unless you want your kid to graduate with an alcohol or drug problem, consider another school. Drinking is rampant on this campus, even in broad daylight. This school does not have a reputation as a party school for nothing. There is a culture of drinking. My daughter told me that someone walked right down the hallway of her dorm smoking pot, was caught doing it, and was not even issued a warning. I think the culture of no consequences spills into other bad behavior too. Kids get drunk and do stupid things like jump out of third story windows and through doors. To make matters worse, individuals on campus stole from my daughter and despite sufficient proof were not given any consequences for their actions. This school is in a beautiful location but don’t be deceived. Think twice about sending your kid there. I am not being naïve when I say it’s over the top, and not in a good way.
Plymouth state is a beautiful campus that has so many different learning opportunities and different majors to explore. the teachers really care about your education and want you to succeed. its a very inviting place and you feel right at home.
Plymouth State University is the definition of a D3 school with a D1 heart. We study hard and party better than any other school in the horrible state that is New Hampshire.

We aren't UNH (full of preppy frat kids with Daddys credit card) or Keene (white trash of NH) we are Plymouth State University. The best school in the State. Great community, great environment and great education.
DO NOT GO TO PLYMOUTH! I can't give you guys any better advice. There is a serious drug problem at this school, the professors do not care what so ever about their students, and there is absolutely nothing to do in the area. Several professors on campus have mental illnesses. In one of my classes had a break down and a schizophrenic episode.
Beautiful campus, great people. The food isn't great, and they're not good with parking. Other than that, I love it.
It is a small enough school that you get great one-on-one time with professors and that you have more opportunities for internships, research grants, and fellowships, but it is large enough that there is always someone knew to meet! Everyone is super down to earth and it is nice being so close to the White Mountains.
As a sophomore in the Plymouth State University Early Childhood Studies Teacher Certification program, I honestly could not have expected the love I would have for the school and the program. I have never sat in a class where a professor didn't know my name, face, and at least one personal fact about me. Whether it's needing to go into the dining hall late because Dance Team practice ran over time, or I need help from our amazing writing center, the faculty and resources that Plymouth has to offer are not comparable. Many are drawn in by the reputation of our weekend life, they stay because PSU is more than a University, it is a home.
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This is my first semester at this University and so far it has gone great, my professors seem very friendly, and easily accessible. It is a tight community and it seems like getting to know people will be pretty easy. I am a transfer student from a local community college in my hometown of Concord, New Hampshire. All of my credits transferred over with no issue which was nice. I am pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and plan to enter the work field head on. This scholarship would help out a tremendous amount. Thank you.
Plymouth State University is a small school with engaging and interactive classes that allow the students to think critically and have fun at the same time. When not in class, students can have fun exploring the mountains, ski and snowboard, kayak or float the Pemi River, or go to many different sporting events.
One of the things that I love about Plymouth State is the small town feel of being in the white mountains complemented by the quality education that you receive at Plymouth State. The smaller class sizes allows for more 1 on 1 time with professors and advisers, granting the greatest chances for success. Overall it's a high quality University.
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