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Platt College - Tulsa Reviews

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I would recommend this school to anyone serious about selecting a highly competitive career. The instructors are amazing. They take time to help you, keep you engaged and push you to excellence. The course is enriching, exciting and so much more.
The front office personnel are courteous, helpful and dedicated to ensuring your success.
The culinary program is great. The chefs/teachers work with students personally as long as you put forth a little effort you can become a chef. They make sure that you have all the material to study for finals and work with you if your struggling in a particular area.
The school has some wonderful staff and instructors. The school cost is high but the program is short.
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With this being my second week it's okay so far. I have 4 classes, and yes I get homework. They move fast but they make sure you get the concept
They're strict but it's all for a reason.
the classes are to short but packed with info
Platt college is very hard but the instuctors care about your success
Good school to get you in and out to a new profession
I'm really ready to get into my field after this program
No cafe in building (gotta walk across the street) no breakfast food
Some months are really tough with the work load
Sometimes a old of work in a small amount but you learn more than you would think
There is no quality of the alumni network, no recruiting or student activities
The courses are very fast pace but the instructors do a good job at explaining the material
The LPN program is very challenging but the instructors are good at explaining the material but you must be prepared and always study ahead.
My experience has been pretty good so far. I just think that the tution is too expensive.
The grading system is very high a C is 77%.

The instructors are ok but the equipment in the lab are outdated.

The elevator sensor does not work which makes it dangerous.

The smokers area is very close to the break room.

If a student were to fail a course they will have to restart from the beginning and not from the class they failed.
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As long as you're willing to work for it, the instructors put much energy into helping you succeed academically and career wise.
My Colleges offers ample amount of services for the students such as the following;



Study area

Computer room

Career Services

Our school offers more hands on training, open door policy, and help if needed.
Platt can be very flexible with you and your work. I have a 6 month old daughter an when I need to take her to the doctors or if she is sick they become very understanding about that and that's why I love this school
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