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The professors seem like they know what theyre doing and dont mess around and sugar coat the work presented. a good professor pushes the student to be the very best that they can be.
The career services program there is available to all students from day one and you can even use it long after I've graduated. That alone is amazing.
I will be going back for my BS Degree
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I have had no issues what so ever. And I am super happy with that.
I know I'm not alone when it comes to the major I'm going for. There are many other students that are put into the same situation as me and we connect the best.
Everything is great there's nothing too specific to things on campus and around the classrooms.
The difference from other schools is that my school has a small campus so everything is very closed in and not to far. Everything is kept clean and manageable.
The computer work in the classes are mainly average not too much is assigned and nothing too difficult that we can't work on at home happens.
They break down all the specific things that need to be paid for. There were no surprise fees or anything, very straightforward and we knew what to expect.
I don't regret ever going here, it wasn't even one of my top schools at first but once I applied and got to know a few people around the school, and see how they teach it made me realize that this would be the best school for me because the people and classes relate to the type of person I am and want to be.
No one picks out the odd balls, we all consider each other the same type of person but with slightly different needs. We all understand each other well and can get where we all come from, we act as if we've known each other for years on end.
They expect you to find a job on your own, but if they see that you are struggling then they make sure you know that they are always there for help. They won't let you go out into the world without a back step to pick you up.
Everything is in a great range of distance from all the classes, they're not too far from anything. The advisors of the school make sure that us students know where to go when we need to, they make it very clear as to wear classrooms are and centers are on the campus. I feel I know the campus like the back of my hand because of the preciseness of locations of things.
The school I plan to attend in the fall is generally a computerized school, so all the networks and connections throughout the whole place is great. And because its so computerized all the programs and technology is up to date to modern society so us students are skipping a beat.
Recently upgraded iMacs and a very fast internet connection. Software updates tend to run about 1-2 years behind the state of the art.
Mostly military. As a veteran myself it'd be nice to experience a different group of people. A lot of jobless students just living off the GI Bill. Nothing wrong with that, but there seems to be a general malaise to the place.
Generally pretty flexible. A lot of power rests with the teachers for individual decisions, such as taking a few days off for a life event.
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Very small class sizes and nearly all teachers have respectable industry experience. Poor facilities and location are a real drain for long term enrollment here.
Can always count on the professor's as well as assistants to give you information on any thing you need as well as administration and financial aid
The fact that all the class I am currently taking are relevant to my career choice and doesn't deviate too much you are faced with shirt deadlines at times but with the design industry these deadlines are more than generous
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