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Everyone was always helping me with every step so I wasn't alone!
I love the staff and all the help they give me!
I'm so happy I found Platt College! It has been a great career decision for me!
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I would definetly choose Platt college again if i had to do it all over. The staff are so friendly and helpful.
It is a lot of work but the program is excelled to help you get to work faster. If you are dedicated and ready to learn it is a great program. You have clinicals in different towns so that you have better knowlege about the area where you would want to work apon graduation.
The professors are very helpful and will stay after school and help if you need it. They will explain different ways to better help you understand.
Platt college has very friendly and helpful staff. No matter what u need from financial aid to admittance. They will work around your schedule and get everything handled in a timely matter.
I choose Platt collage cause I needed a school that was starting soon for nursing so I they r a fast pase program to lpnget your lpn which is what I am doing I am a single mom of three kids I needed a school who's hours where during daycare hours and Platt meet that need also a program that will get u threw it and done as quick as possible so I could be back hone with my kids in a much shorter time frame. So Platt collage works very well for people who r single parents and that's I a big reason y I choose Platt collage
The student body here at Platt is mostly older folks, which is great because they want to advance their careers as well. It is just hard to get some involvement around campus.
It is awesome to be able to physically do hands on training. I feel prepared to go out and I have only been here for a couple of months.
The teachers keep getting the schedules mixed up and skipping and review lessons for the week.
Excellent financial aid office. They got me a student loan for the majority of the amount that I would owe after I graduate from the program. For the remainder, they worked out a low monthly payment for me while I am in school.
There is no "wait list" for the nursing program. Their LPN program is 12 months, which is wonderful compared to many colleges that have a long wait list for a two year program. It is the best way to become a nurse, in my opinion.
My fellow students are all friendly and goal oriented. They are the students that make things happen, they don't just hope and wait for things to happen. We are all involved with classroom lessons and I am even friends with some on Facebook.
Great restaurant on campus. Nice breakroom area. Nice computer lab, library and study area.
They know there stuff and know how to explain to people to don't understand all the mumbo jumbo.They also make sure you are all taking care of before you get put into the classroom.
They work hard to place us and stay on top of making sure we get hired somewhere.
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The academics are traditional for a pastry arts program. The types of fares are broken into sections. With breads in one and cakes in another and so on. It covers a wide variety of topics with a large hands on component.
We all come from all walks of life. Working women who either are divorced, married or single. Some with kids and some without. Difference in ages, some in their 40's and some in their early 20's.
I haven't used the computer system much, except for online tests. It seems reliable and wifi is available.
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