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Terrible school, graduated from the Ultrasound Program in 2017, the externships they gave us was terrible i had no OBGYN imaging experience, the Techs in the clinic wouldn't let you scan. They also had some students start their externship late in the game with less than 6mo of experience and the classes were always rushed to the point we had to teach ourselves the material and all we wanted to do was get by with a 75% so they wouldn't drop us from the program. I did not become prepared after graduation it took me almost a year to find a job (Some students still don't have a job) and i had constant stress and anxiety because i was not prepared for my job AND! on top of all of that i have this big ass loan to pay off when i'm working per diem with pay grade around $25/hr. AGAIN IT PRN Position which is what most jobs hire new graduates for so they will only call you to work when they need you. HATE BEING AN ULTRASOUND TECH AND I HATE THIS SCHOOL FOR WAISTING MY TIME AND MONEY.
Platt is a great place to study. Professors are very considerate. I wouldn't change anything except for one thing. I wish they could have a cafeteria for students with a discount for low income students.
What I like about Platt College- Alhambra campus is that the professors are well knowledgeable in their field of teachings.
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I had a lot of questions in my first year and the staff was able to answer them all. Also, they were able to help me on my financial aid and classes.
I enjoy attending school at Platt College, the only thing I think I would change is adding a more hands on experience with the students. Some things just can't be taught when you a reading it out of a book, sometimes it takes putting that student in the actual situation that they will face when they are out in the real world.
I haven't had a problem with the school so far.
I haven't taken any online courses
It's like any other trade school really
Class size is small for the DMS program
Starting school in a month
I am starting in November. I'm going in positive.
Fina has been super helpful.
Small classes which means more attention.
They help you find a job even after you graduate.
All professors want you to achieve.
They are all very career oriented.
They will help me get placed in a hospital.
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