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I love this school it is amazing and everyone is so nice and helpful. Hopefully in a few years I can talk to people about how great of an experience I am having here at Platt College.
Platt College is an excellent place to go for nursing! I am currently enrolled in their 3 year BSN program to become a RN. I absolutely love the atmosphere and engagement that the institution provides. Everyone is so willing to help you succeed. It is a small campus that specializes in nursing so they are 100% focused on you and your education. Not to mention you get you BSN in 3 years rather than 4 with their fast-paced program. I highly recommend you check them out!
Teachers are very knowledgeable and want you to succeed in their class! Friendly environment. Small class sizes. Diverse group of students. Private school.
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The best choice you will ever make!!
The Alumni stick around to stay in Committee's and help out the new students coming in.
Everybody here at Platt is very helpful.
Everyone I talk to about Platt, always say that it is one of the best.
Hands on in different Clinic settings, gives you the opportunity to choose from a variety of Career Choices!
This school would be one of the best, but the fact of being Private School. There aren't any other resources for help on the school loan. But this school is very thorough.You will be where you want to be(BSN) at the end of your program!!
Even though the library isn't that big, there are still a lot of valuable resources in it.
Printing is easy. Printing and copies are free which I love because my home printer is always a pain.
The library is small and efficient but I haven't needed it too much so no problem. The school has no sports programs or athletic center but they do have events that I think are interesting. I haven't attended one yet but I hope to.
The program is accelerated and so the workload can be heavy. Teachers and other staff are very pleasant. I like that the school registar set up all the registration for the classes so I don't have to worry about it.
Nursing is all that Platt teaches which I appreciate because I am around like minded people. Time management is very important because most of my studying is done at home which can be distracting.
I already have relations in the field and plans of where I will be working on my career after completing this program so I didn't look into post grad services.
I had two courses that transferred and the registar made it so simple.
The program is expensive but that is as I expected. I feel I am getting my money worth.
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Everyone is professional and smart.
I don't care for online courses in general because I don't feel the dialog between students to be genuine when we are all just trying to meet the minimum postings requirement.
Nothing to do on campus but school
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