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My first two years at Pitzer College have been nothing but good experiences with amazing people. If you are looking for a small liberal arts school that you can have a close relationship with your professors and upperclassmates. Coming from Hawaii I didn't know what to expect but hearing really good thing about Pitzer, like how beautiful the school is and how they care about being sustianable and helping the communities around them improve and transition into also becoming sustainable caught by eye. I love that you can go to any of the other campuses around and eat at any dinning hall you choose. The food is incredible and the staff are awesome! Highly recommend checking Pitzer College out for amazing experiences in college! Goodluck
School leads students on to believe they will be financially supported. I applied and was admitted ED but was somehow completely misread in terms of financial aid. Many students can't attend because of financial reasons. School sucks with aid if you're middle class. Unless you're very poor, they won't help you. Awful ethical practices
Pitzer College is truly a place I can call home. Despite some far-left tendencies that are hard to deal with at times, there are plenty of opportunities at the Claremont Colleges to get away from that and still find a community. At Pitzer, the professors are brilliant and caring educators that really are concerned with the students, rather than getting a reputation or working on research. There's plenty of opportunities to interact with professors in and outside the classroom. The food is amazing, and so are the festivals on campus!
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It is a great school overall, and the ranking is going up every year. They are doing a great job with diversity as well as first year experiences. The ample resource from all other four schools of 5C is also a bonus. However, since it is a school of a very strong personality, for students of other types (like myself), there can be a sense of disconnection and isolation from the school vibe from time to time. And sometimes it can feel a little too small regarding the campus size and population (not only Pitzer, but 5C also). People there are among some of the nicest people I've known though.
I am currently a senior at Pitzer and have loved my experience here! The social life is amazing and inclusive, the academics are rigorous but the professors are always there to help, and the campus and students are quirky as ever.
The colleges are making a lot of efforts to prevent sexual assault, by providing teal dot training and actively promoting support services. Campus security guys are super cool and helpful.
Life is is great as long as you know what you are doing. It's easy to find your place even though sometimes you could feel threaten by various issues!
I'm not sure about after graduation but it seems like most graduates manage to find jobs that they like
Most dorms at Pitzer are newly built, two doubles share a bathroom. It could get nasty if you don't clean up your room and bathroom but overall the living quality is really nice!
Sports at liberal arts schools like the 5Cs are not big, but could be important to a lot of students especially the athletes. CMS are more pumped up by sports than PP in general.
Pitzer is good in terms of its collaboration with the other colleges. Academic things are also great, but in terms of the political atmosphere on campus, it's not the best place for moderates and conservatives. Sometimes, we could feel uncomfortable dealing with the issues on campus.
Everyone is safe on campus it is located in a really good area.
Just an amazing campus all in all.
It is recognized wountry wide and there are a lot of good job cnnections on campus.
The fact that you have to share a restroom with three other people is not great but it is better then sharing it with the entire building.
We do not have a greek life program.
Not up to date but for the small campus it is its okay.
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Really amazing people and the professors help the students on a one on one basis.
Great places to study. Professor love it when you come in to their office hours. Workload depends on what you are studying and how you study. Regrestration process can sometimes be annoying and confusing.
Not very much variety. It depends on your major but most of my classes I had to take off campus. I am an economics major so CMC held most of my classes. Other classes though I heard were very good at Pitzer. Environmental analysis is big at Pitzer so I can imagine those courses are very interesting.
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