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I was extremely excited to start my year at PIMS. Everything seemed great. The campus, environment, and the lady giving the tour (who I later found out was head of financial aid) were all fantastic seeming. (She is still phenomenal, honestly the best part of the school)

Fast forward two months. Most of my professors are inconsistent when it comes to absolutely everything. Quizzes and tests switched, changed. Classes get cancelled and replaced in a half hours notice. CONSTANTLY. Classes go 5-10 minutes past their ending time daily.

One professor in particular gets upset if you ask her to repeat anything. She also refuses to send any grades online (very unhelpful) and did I mention you have these professors AGAIN AND AGAIN

My local community college was much better than this. I was expecting so much more out of my experience here. I would not recommend.
I love this school. All of the teachers and faculty are very helpful and supportive. The schedule for the day is very easy and the courses are quick. The courses are brutal but you benefit in the long run. Its a very tight knit school. It is very easy to make friends as well. You are presented with various opportunities.
I went to my orientation on January 26, 2017. I had fun and met some interesting people that I will be in my class. Individual of all ages applied for this program. I start class on January 30, 2017. I'm looking forward to my new career. I have worked so hard the last two years to get to where I'm at today.It will be a lot of work but I'm up for a challenge.
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Overall my experience at this school was okay. I was able to get a lot of hands on experience in the prep room, that other schools may not provide. Some of the tools in the prep room need replacing though, for safety reasons. The classrooms are crowded, and it can be difficult to see what the professors are writing on the board, because of the big pillars in the room. Some professors are better than others, but I was still able to learn the information I needed to know.
The only reason i would not choose PIMs again is because I have found other schools that would be a better fit for my personality and budget. PIMs is one of the last professional schools out there, encouraging business professional look everyday. They want the best, however, that's not me. I'm laid back, even as a funeral director. I'm indifferent for sales. PIMs has a fantastic set up, and teachers who have worked the industry and many more jobs. They will prepare you for the national boards because if I could take them and pass anyone can.
Facebook kind of is taking away the need for alumni events, I can look up all the people who graduated and gained knowledge from and have more 1 on 1 interaction. Once you graduate you are released into the industry. However that makes it easier for the ones who will stay in the industry. Funeral Directors are some of the hardest working people on the planet who don't get very much handed to them, so it makes sense that you do a lot of job searching on your own. Teachers and Admin make it very clear that they you will most likely need to move to have a good career, and for some reason people don't believe them.
Like most schools you get what you put in. Course work is hard, its not a school you can skate through. However each course offers something different. Also it's a lot of information all at once. It's a small school so you get to know everyone.
Plan on moving to another state for employment. Not a problem for me, I understood that. I will be transferring to Point Park for my Bachelors eventually, however I need to get back to work first.
Professors are great at what they teach, school is small so you know everyone, it's specialized so you don't deal with a lot of extra crap. Study groups tend to happen at the Sharp Edge Bar.
Its hard but the field is hard and specialized so it prepares you.
small school you live and breath all things mortuary
as long as you stay on the admin you will be okay.
specialized field equals a specialized school.
I have no experience with trying to transfer credits in or out of the school, but the class flexibility is non-existent. You take the same courses at the same time as everyone else, there is no flexibility.
I love my school, and I absolutely love all of the people I've met as well as all I've learned in regards to my field.
We all are there for each other, and really try and help one another to succeed. We like to hold lots of get togethers outside of the classroom as well, just for fun as well as for school.
They try and provide us with updated options in regards to what employers are looking for interns or students.
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Compared to most colleges, this school seems rather affordable. I have had no issues with getting financial aid in a timely manner.
While our computer lab and library may be lacking, our classrooms are very nice, and the prep room we use for clinicals is amazing. We have lots of resources over there that help us learn as much as we can hands on.
There are not many resources at all. There are few computers, and the library is incredibly small and limited.
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