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Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics Reviews

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I have not started yet as I will start September 18, 2027. I can tell you the ladies and staff that I have delt with so far have been very nice, helpful and very informative. Looking forward to getting started.
Great staff and a solid curriculum. The facilities and equipment are all top notch. I would definitely recommend anyone interested in aircraft maintenance to attend.
I was not in the aviation maintenance program, but rather electronics. Overall I did not have a good experience there. Very little in terms of career services and helping you to find entry-level opportunities. Expensive in that you have to pay to make up days if you missed due to illness, appointments, etc. because you have to clock so many hours in order to get your degree (this is a requirement to obtain a maintenance license from the FAA but not for electronics certification - but it doesn't matter, all majors have to play along). PIA has some of the highest transcript fees of any school I've been to...$20 a copy.

It's a good program if you just want to get a specialized degree rather quickly. The schedule is like HS so if you can tough it out, you'll get through it (lots of supportive instructors really care about you learning). Not for everyone though.
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The school puts you through several quarters ,as you advance they challenge you more and more , making sure once you graduate that you will know what you're doing in the field.
Being at PIA has taught me skills that are applicable to other aspects of my life. They have taught me to problem solve when I encounter problems and to keep on pushing. If you share a passion for learning and aviation PIA is right for you.
Its serious work but fun to learn at the same time
I would again because its great opportunity to achieve a great career.
This school is absolutely wonderful. The teachers and staff are just awesome. The students are helpful and kind
I have always had an interest in aviation, but never thought to venture into it as a career. But when I took a flight lesson for the first time two years ago I knew aviation is where I want to be. As an aviation mechanic, one is around aircraft all the time and is paid well. So this is what I decided I wanted to be. PIA is one of the best schools to become an A&P mechanic, with small class sizes and excellent instructors. Graduate from here and employers will come to you.
They teach ya what ya need to know
The best cause it s by the airport
This seams great and in sixteen months ill have my own a&p license
All I have to do is call them and let them know what my problem is and we figure out a solutution
They start from the very beginning so that you can take all the classes, and make sure that if you need certain classes or certifcates to qulitfy for a job you get them while in school and they really do care.
Classes are Monday thru Friday from 8 am to 2:30 pm everyday, and with this school you can not miss time. It is a FAA regulation that all missed time must be made up, because it is a 1900 hour course.
You will have basic math, algebra, physics, and a few other basic classes. A good foundation for completing this program and then, going on. There is a lot of shop work, and hands on here.
The school has a large diversity of students, different races, females, and no one is discriminated agaist. this school does not tolerate any racist remarks or actions. The student body here it is like a big family, classes are small and everybody gets to know everybody else. Most of the students are young just out of high school but there are a large number of older adults who are taking the training to further their careers or change careers, due to job markets where they live. This program helps in many job markets not just aeronautics, but mechanics of many different kinds.
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Around graduation they help students with locating jobs, the PIA alumni are ever present in the field of aviation, and the market for A&P licenced workers is in high demand. Jobs call looking you you if you, just keep good grades and a good attitude.
We are located by a airport and work on planes, last time i checked most people go to college and only work on essays. what sounds like more fun.
It is a Government regulated school, no sports, no activities. Just straight to the point workshops and studies.
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