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I've lived in Pittsburg my whole life and couldn't wait to go to PSU. The university has a great variety of academics, sports, and as well as student organizations. Also gives great opportunities for on-campus jobs, off-campus jobs, and internships.
I really enjoy how much the campus feels like a home away from home, and it is absolutely beautiful. The professors are all very friendly and willing to help you with any questions about school work or even about life. The dining hall is very nice for a college campus. I have never felt unsafe on campus, and there is always something fun going on.
Pittsburg state is an amazing college with all the tools necessary to help its students succeed. The teachers are amazing when helping students in need. The class sizes are overall small making it easier for students to have 1 on 1 access with their teachers.
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Pittsburg State is the epitome of the great American melting pot. With students from all over the world, the campus has a great amount of culture and diversity. As it is placed in the middle of a comfortable sized town, it welcomes students coming from different states and areas. There are many organizations for students, with more being created every year. With knowledgeable professors in all departments, each student is able to receive an education that will better their future. I have been interested in Pittsburg State for my entire life, and although I have only been there for a year, I am full of pride when telling others about my school. I feel confident in the skills I am being taught, and I am being rewarded for my hard work. I look forward to graduating and becoming a proud Pittsburg State alumni in a few years.
Pittsburg State University has a small campus that is both beautiful and easy to navigate. The class sizes are much smaller compared to other state schools, which is a big plus. This allows for more interaction between the professor and student.
Pittstate is the best school for all kind of students. It offers a variety of on-campus activities, great academic programs, and a friendly environment for the community. I felt in love with the classes, profesors, cultures, and opportunities I found here. I'll never regret the decision I made to become a gorilla. ONCE A GORILLA, ALWAYS A GORILLA!
Love the college, great campus, swell food; however, internet is lacking, parking can be a hastle, charged for every little thing. Overall, very superb university.
The campus is gorgeous, the staff is friendly, students are warm and inviting, and professors want to help you.
It's a great school with phenomenal professors & staff that truly want to help you succeed. It's amazingly affordable with tuition & fees, the fees include so much, in one flat rate which is so helpful in today's economy. The campus is truly stunning and has so much to offer along with so many degree programs & student activities/groups to help you get involved at the university! I recommend this to anyone who wants a quality education and an affordable cost!
I love PSU campus. The advisors are great and really work with you. The community is great too. The RAs in the dorms really work to get everyone involved in the activities on campus and in the dorms. I like that they are the only university in the country offering a 4 year degree in Wood Technology!
I have visited Pitt State many times, and have been in shock and awe that after each time it just gets better and better. The amount of student involvement is astounding, it really makes you want to jump in and get involved in as many clubs as possible. They have a great campus, with an out-of-this-world indoor track facility. 10/10
The professors in my major are awesome. They are always willing to answer dumb questions and point me in the right direction.
The safety is pretty good.
The resident assistants aren't great & like to enforce too harsh of rules. They sometimes put their ears to our doors (as if people normally do that) to make sure we aren't being "too loud" I also think I pay too much for housing.
Greek life isn't great. The young men and women who participate are usually snobby and don't care as much about academics than partying and going out.
Pitt State has been amazing so far. The financial process has been super stressful & it takes Pitt State a while to get financial aid to go through and what not, but it is a beautiful place, with many professors who pour into their students & want to see them succeed in the future. That is the university I've been looking for.
I'm not in Greek life so I can't really review them.
Review Pittsburg State University
The classes are engaging. The people are friendly and the teachers are the best!
I know for a fact that several Pittsburg State graduates go on to work for some of the top organizations in the country. I feel confident about my ability to find a wonderful job shortly after I graduate.
The professor's on campus are absolutely amazing. They truly want the best for every student and typically aren't afraid to show their enthusiasm for the job. As long as you work hard and ask questions, you will excel her in Pittsburg.
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