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I've visited PCC before and been on campus, its only a community college but its a good school. There programs are really good, I plan on going there and study criminal justice. I've been told that there construction programs are really good too and automotive classes too.
The staff is really nice and they make learning really easy. It's also very hands-on. The campus is easy to get around and they have lots of activities throughout the week.
I enjoy the small class sizes and the attention each student gets from their teacher. In a way a community college is like a high school on steroids, you still get that community vibe you got in high school but you know it is more challenging than high school was. I would like to see a bigger library since it is where I will be spending a lot of my time at.
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Pitt has a user friendly structure to their online courses. All of the professors I have had want you to succeed and will do their best to make sure that happens.
The teachers and educational value are excellent. It is filled with staff that are willing to go above and beyond for your success and address particular challenges to your education. The campus, however, needs a better library (it is outdated with staff that are apathetic about students), and does not have central A/C, good lighting, or comfortable seating. Additionally, it would be nice if there were more outdoor vendors on campus that you do not have to drive to apart from the school cafeteria.
I had a real good experience at Pitt Community College. The teachers were great. The staff at Pitt Community College were very helpful. They also made sure that the student safety came first. Pitt Community College also has a great academic program.
It is easy to get around campus. The admittance process is good. Each department will keep you informed to make the process simple. There is plenty to do on campus. It's almost like a mini University.
I have had the best teachers that genuinely care about their students. All of my classes have either been online or hybrid classes, but the teachers are just as helpful as if I was on campus. Going to PCC has been a blessing and has really prepared me well to continue my education.
Great atmosphere for young and older students! Small class size for better one on one attention. Wide variety of educational paths!
I was lucky enough to be placed in a program with great advisors. My department chair (in the paralegal program) is so informative, patient, professional, and helpful. I could not have asked for better professors in this program. I have 3 different ones and honestly feel as though I could ask them for help with any of my school related problems. From my experience with my teachers and my students success navigators, Pitt really does try to make it easy to succeed in their school.
I have attended Pitt Community College for 4 years completing basic college courses. The faculty have been craving and helpful while also being very professional. Although it is a community college, when compared to others PCC rises above the competition. They offer several extracurricular clubs and honor societies which are not available at other institutions. Many of the teachers also teach at East Carolina University, so you are receiving the same education as that at a large university. As I leave Pitt Community to attend a four year institution, I believe it has served as a great merger between high school and college and has prepared me greatly for the university campus.
The teachers and the staff at PittCC are nice, understanding, and help you thoroughly through any problems that you may have, school related or not.
I am currently a dual-enrollment high school student taking online classes at Pitt Community College. I don't have much to say about this community college. Seems alright so far.
I really love(d) PCC! It was a great environment and the instructors where kind and caring, for the most part. I feel like I'm ready for the work force. (:
I visited Pitt Community College and I love the campus.I can see myself here in the fall of 2018.I plan to attend to major in Construction Management.I will grow on working with others in groups to complete a task.Pitt seems so cool because the teacher staff looks like they care about your education.Also coming here will help me from going from high school to college easy.After going to Pitt Community College I then want to transfer to East Carolina University to major in the same thing.I would love to have this scholarship because I come from a low income family.This would be a happy start.
Pitt Community College offered me a chance to continue my education while deciding on my major. While I did not enjoy the student atmosphere for the most part, the professors were smart and personable. I was able to get connected through clubs which helped build my college resume. While it is a relatively safe campus, there were a few incidents while I was a student that were a little unsettling.
I like the teachers. Very nice! The buildings are close together. We can talk from building to building. Staff is helpful when I sign for classes. Also it is next to sam s club. I can go shopping after class. I know that might sound but it my favorite part. I love shopping in sam s club.
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Pitt Community College would nbe a great school if they would help students with employment. I graduated as a female minority and was not acknowledged for it.
My experience with this school has been amazing. I love how the area has been very convenient. The teachers and staff members are very welcoming and they give you an experience that you can not forget.
The Faculty are absolutely wonderful, and are 100% eager to help students better prepare themselves for the future
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