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I haven't started but I hear that it's great.
The school wants you to be set up with a job when you complete the course. They will help you find a job.
I haven't actually started yet but from what I hear the class will be like 18 people.
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Most people when they finish already have a job lined up. This is all thanks to the staff.
It's one class at a time so you're not overwhelmed.
Everyone is so helpful and makes you feel welcome.
I have a busy schedule and was offered to start off with online classes to accommodate my schedule.
I have the opportunity to discuss topics and interact with other students as well as the professor during my online experience.
On average almost every student who completes the program gets placed with a job with the help of our career services there.
The professors are awesome. They care about our education greatly. There's many programs offered here and everyone is so close and friendly.
The program I'm in gives me the opportunity to do an extern ship at a possible future job and that's amazing.
It is very helpful. There's many other students studying what I'm studying. I have so much support here.
I just started school here, its been amazing so far. Everyone is super nice and helpful I absolutely love it. I wake up excited yo go back.
I wish the classes where more at night.
Onlline courses are great because you can just wake up and do your work in your pj's. I'm sure the if I have a question they would be answered even if I have to wait a few to get that answer.
I like how we get to work in that field for an internship and the school can help with getting a job there.
I haven't had any experience just yet but I am looking forward to getting that experience.
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I was told that the internships help you get comfortable with how they do things. I am looking forward to doing so.
Everyone has teeth fake or real. It is our job to make sure that their teeth are in good shape and remind them to brush and floss which is a good key to keep those chompers pearly white and strong.
I like how it is a small school. Small school means everyone is close like a family. It makes it easier to ask questions and you wont feel ignored. I have had classes of small people smallest class was 1 on 1. It makes you feel comfortable with any situation.
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