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Pinnacle Career Institute - Kansas City Reviews

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They were able to be flexible with my full time work schedule as a Certified Nursing Assistant.
Only took a few online classes and they were all a great experience.
Career Services at PCI are the reason the school is still running because if PCI students weren't getting hired for jobs they would go out of business because no one wants to go to a school that can't help them get a job.
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Class sizes at PCI are between 5-8 people because they want the one on one
The overall experience of PCI is great, because they actually want you to be there and be great at everything you do whether it be at the school or in the work place. PCI prepares you for everything you will see and do in the work place.
My major in school is Medical Assisting. At PCI the program is 10 times better than most programs because almost everything you do is hands on, but yes of course there is always the non-hands on part of class that is not as much fun as the hands on things. The workload, curriculum, and facilities are all outstanding and there is not a single thing that I can think of that would make it better.
PCI- Kansas City has changed my life in many ways and I can not believe the things I will be able to achieve in my time as a student.
Online is not as exciting in the CLASSroom set. It's also not as hands on.
I think that they are really good people they are always open for discussion. They have always been open and there for me. They make me feel comfortable.
Student resource center and the librarian are helpful.
Classes are flexible ;Deadlines are not. Everything seems to work out as long as you make time for it.
I enjoy the pharmacy tech program.
My professors work hard to make sure that I understand the material when I ask questions.
I only interact with my class mates. I rarely meet people unless I am on campus.
I am still able to receive the help that I need even though I am not in a class room.
My financial aid counselor and my admissions advisor are still very helpful and assist me in my school needs.
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The student body is very diverse. They range from visionally impaired to different types of learning disabilities. They also offer a fast track to success class to help you get started.
My school works perfectly around my home schedule and if anything comes up they understand and give me time to make up work.
They have student ambassadors that you can get help from. Also, clubs and organizations that we can join in our field of study.
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