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Pinellas Technical College - St. Petersburg Reviews

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Learning about the program that I was interested in, financial aid, and registration was a very easy process at Pinellas Technical College. The staff was very nice and guided me right through the whole thing. I am now enrolled in the Automotive Service Technician program. The staff and instructors couldn’t be any better. The campus is beautiful and has quite a bit of parking, although it fills fast so getting there earlier helps a little bit. You have to go through locked doors to gain access into the school and there is always security, which makes me feel very safe while attending classes. The area surrounding the school can be a little intimidating at times. The cafe at the school has some great food. The culinary students attending the college are the ones who run it and the prices are pretty decent. All in all, so far through my program, I would definitely recommend checking Pinellas Technical College out of you are planning on continuing your education.
They will help you with getting started and even help you with financial things they have tons of programs as well
Clean campus, amazing instructors, desirable degrees and certifications available. Every person at PTECH strives to help you succeed. Instructors, financial aid, administrators, and fellow students. "You can do it" is the attitude in the air.
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The counselors are sparse. The school Has nutritious meals for sale each day, the landscaping is beautiful. the programs all help and provide little events for the school. Landscaping does plant sales. Cosmetology does haircuts and things. Dental assistants help local people at a dental clinic on campus. I would still choose this school because of the price for the value of education.
The teachers. The teachers get down to the nitty-gritty!!! They challenge you and prepare you for your career. The students have the hook-up on everything!!! The school is hood yet very professional!
This school offers everything and is conveniently located next door to a career one-stop center. You can't beat that!!!
Everything is at your convenience and hardly has any shutdowns.
It is convenient, inexpensive, and pro-student. The teachers and faculty treat you as if you are their children and I appreciate this. This is my first year in college and the experience has been awesome!!!
The teachers and staff are amazing. They are always super helpful!
I have not personally used the computers on campus but I have use the internet service and it works very well. I was connected the whole time and did not have any trouble with it. The internet was fast, which is always a great thing!
There are student centers you can go to and areas in the administration building where you can go to study with a group.
The staff at pTEC are amazing. They go above and beyond.
All of my courses are online because I work full time and I am also a full time mom of an Eight month old. I have to say it is very convenient to have all of my classes online so I do not have to miss work, and I can complete everything in the comfort of my own home!
I think the staff at my school is very knowledgeable. They were able to answer my questions thoroughly and were also very polite. I would recommend this school to anyone that is looking for a new school.
Computer Networking – The computer network never usually has any problems. Printing on campus is great because there is no limit to what you print. The reliability and speed have improved since I first started going here. I have never had a problem logging on from my laptop neither. The things I could suggest would be color ink for the printer and not such harsh site security. If I'm researching something, sometimes I won't be able to reach the site with the information because of security blocks.
The education I'm getting, for the most part, is worth the finances I'm paying. Financial aid helped me out tremendously! Between the Pell Grant and Youth Connect, they are paying all of the expenses I needed. The only thing I believe could be worked on is the teacher's involvement.
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