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I love PMI! Amazing staff and the Respiratory program is just what I needed to begin my career in the medical field, I highly recommend this school.
medical field is not for everyone but for those that have the nerves of steal. Medicine can bring many positive learning experiences with a rewarding feeling of endearment that you made an impact in someone's life.
the staff was very knowledgeable and very understanding. The location is very easy to find i had no issues with locating the office. I was able to get in the same day I called and spoke with very knowledgeable staff. Would highly recommend going here.
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Amazing school, fast-pace but great education. Teachers and staff are always available to help. Equipment is provided and they provide as much hands on training as possible. The only thing I would like to see change is more parking spaces that's all.
It is a very good learning environment, the teachers are very helpful and friendly. They take their time to teach you and always offer help to those who need it.
I love the class sizes; it's very personable. The teachers actually worked or are still working in the fields they teach.
Although I have not started classes at PMI-Tucson yet, I am beyond pleased with the institution! Everyone I have talked to has been so friendly and helpful. They were very fast to respond to my interest email and were quick to get me an appointment with an advisor to discuss the program and initiate the testing process for entry into the program.
Small class sizes and easy instructor accessibility has made me more confident in what and how I am learning.
40+ years ago, in the sleepy desert town of Tucson, AZ- my hometown- Pima Medical Institute opened their first campus. 10+ years later, my mom walked through their doors determined to become a college graduate and medical professional....and succeeded. 30 years later my mom is an accomplished Director of Staffing for a recruiting agency, specializing in national healthcare recruiting. In my 21 years, after a couple years in community college prerequisites, fitness sciences, nutrition courses, personal training and customer service occupations,combined with my grandfather's quadruple bypass surgery and health issues of family and clients, I realized my excitement was healthcare. From the minute I walked into the Administration building, the environment, campus and upbeat positive vibe and energy was as welcoming as my mom had described it from 30 years ago! I knew instantly Respiratory Therapy was for me. I am so excited to start classes this fall.
My instructors are all very helpful and intelligent nurses with years of experience. The campus is very secure and clean. I like the student to teacher ratio, because the instructors actually know you by name.
The school has a job placement program and strives for your success. They also help with externship placement
The maximum number of people allowed in the RT program is 30 and then the group is split into different classes, so you are always sure to get one-on-one learning experiences and this also makes it easier for the teachers to address individual student concerns.
The enrollment and interview process was wonderful! All the staff was just as excited as I was about being accepted into the Respiratory Therapy program. The staff makes you feel at home and like the school is one big family that is rooting for your success unlike some of the larger community colleges I've attended where no one knows your name or who you are. I love the personality of this school!
I love Pima Medical Institute Tucson campus! The instructors are amazing they are always willing to help you and the make all lectures and competencies as fun and educating as possible. The one thing that does bother me a little is I am a part time student I also work 6 to 7 days a week and some instructors tell me its "okay, cause I work a lot" when I don't do as well as others in my class on something and its just offensive I still get high grades and do well. But I do have responsibilities outside of school and I just feel as though the instructors forget that sometimes, because there main goal is for us to do well and become the best RT's for a patients. PMI is an amazing school with a lot of amazing people and if you do attend school there school is a main property.
A very convenient experience, they are flexible to pick the hours of the day that you chose to come to school.
Most of the online courses were tests that helped us understand the lectures more. The program's they used very tech friendly and we're very helpful because they had many features that will help any learning style understand and learn
At this school many student return to future their careers in the medical field. The schpolicy is exceptional at helping alumni and that's just why many students choosee to return to this school. They help with job placement for any department in the medical field
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My experience has been great so far. I get a lot of new facts from the course's and have learned greatly. The professor's that I've had so far all teach differently but that let's me see ans know that you can learn in different ways.
It's great with aluminum work, many students come back to this school and also come back to help with job placement. Many employers come straight to the campus to recruit employees. The quality of the career center is great. They are also ready to help with any questions.
Medical assistating is not what I expected. There is a lot of work to do in an office setting but this is a career or major that will help get my foot in the door to advance my career in the medical field. The last 5 weeks of the program are at an externship site and that is where we learn how it will be in the real world, some students even finish the externship and get offered a job! The work load at my school is normal and curriculum gets you in tract to know everything that you're expected to learn
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