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Pima Medical Institute - Seattle Reviews

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Looking for a faster way to get your foot into the medical field? This is one of the best schools to attend. They are a very prestigious school and well known the alumni is very recognized . The school is a great place to grow and learn in your subject area to become successful . In the big city and with professors who are knowledgable in their profession
Pima gives you the best tools for successful career into the radiological sciences. From day one you are learning from people in the industry and gaining experience. The graduation rates for students is very high because of the dedicating staff. You will learn the value of team building in simulation to prepare for externship. Each class will have great opportunities to work with some of the best hospitals in the state. Level 1 trauma center to Seattle children’s hospitals. Working and learning how to efficiently give the best patient care possible. The education is amazing and challenging all in a positive setting.

good qua;lity of teachers and students. feels very safe and have good resoursed to food and other surrounding areas.
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From the moment I walked into the door I have had an extremely pleasant experience. It all begins with the first faces you encounter and those of the front desk staff and program directors are extremely friendly. Their demeanor was outgoing and they seemed to want to genuinely get to know the person I am and help with the person I want to become. That did not stop with my first visit and has continued with my financial aid process. Even after working with those in the front office I had my orientation and found out my teacher won "Dental Hygiene teacher of the year" for the entire region. The way this school helps students get on their feet is phenomenal. The rest is history and I am a huge advocate for people going into this school.
I am a former returning student to Pima Medical Institute. Back in 2015 I enrolled at this campus to become a medical assistant. I was going through depression and at the time I wasn't stable. 2 years later (which is now) I went to Pima to see the financial aid officer and he asked "Are you ever thinking about coming back?" It was funny because I just had told my mom that I wish I never left Pima. In fact, I didn't even know I was eligible to come back and finish medical assisting at Pima. Fortunately, I am now in a place where I'm stable in life and ready to get myself going for a career. I was lucky enough to get a second chance by Pima to go back to school and pick up where I left off.
I loved that I could go to school in the evenings and get the exact same courses they offered during the day. Evening classes were a better option for me so I could continue to work and study during the day.
I haven't taken advantage of them, but if they are like the schooling, then I imagine it will be only the best.
Class times were such that I could fit them easily in with my work schedule.
Because it's a private school, they are very invested in seeing people launch careers. This helps them to keep their certification. So whatever helps them, helps me!
Instructors were so helpful and tutors were readily available.
They treated me as a person, not a commodity. That made me feel like they were extremely interested in my success and wanted me to succeed.
I love pima! I love how straight forward it is and how hands on it is!
The application process was very easy. The staff and faculty are very friendly and helpful.
We have career counselors to help us personalize our resumes and help us find careers right out of school
They have a computer lab constantly open to students with staff and tutors available for help.
There is only one graduating class at a time, your class stays together the entire 2 years, same classes, same time. You have no say in when classes are.
It is very expensive for a 2 year course, but it is a trade school so it makes sense.
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The class sizes are small which creates strong relationships between the student body.
The workload is a lot but the teachers make it very manageable.
There are only a few career choices with PIMA medical but if your career or degree is applicable, its great.
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