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Its a great way to get your degree online and not have to attend classes. Its a faster pace and programs are 9 months to 2 years
The cirriculum is callenging, but extremely rewarding. his semester has pushed me outside of thenormalcy of education, and helped me to develop critica thinking skills, which wll help me to become a excellent nurse.
I loved the hands on experience with pima medical and the training they give you I also loved that everything was included yea I took a loan but I didn't have to deal with any of it they even have study groups and tutoring available free to use!
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Currently a PTA student. It is an Expensive program but very thorough. Same teachers throughout whole program but they take into account a lot of suggestions on changes from students.
What I really loved at Pima Medical Institute was that everyone in that school were very nice and helpful. Including the staff help you a lot and mostly in enrolling for there school and they just help you with everything for your career and success in life.
I will be attending Pima Medical in April 2017 and I will be in the Dental Assisting program. My graduation date will be in November 2017. I hear good things about Pima Medical.
I have loved my time at Pima medical institute. The education is amazing & the professors are even more amazingly ive never heard of a school that gives you so much hands on experience, or a school who offers so much support to its students. Definitely an amazing school!
Pima Medical Institute is the most helpful, welcoming place to get an education. I always thought colleges would have professors that did not care for the students and just taught to earn paycheck. The main thing that stands out to me about PMI is the staff. They are always willing to help in any way. They will stay longer than they probably want to tutor and they truly do care about my education and my understanding of the material. I would recommend PMI to anyone!
Job prospects for a Pima graduate are great. The quality you receive is top notch and thats what hospitals and offices are looking for. Your externship most likeley could end in a job offer. Career services is always open if you need help or have an issue with your externship site.
This school is great. There is so much variety to fit any life style. Several programs to choose from, multiple start times, and freedom to change your schedule, if needed. Everyone is extremely organized and they help you through every step of the process. Class sizes are small, so the teacher knows you by name. All the staff members care about you and check in with you often.
I work full time so I needed a flexible schedule. They had a variety of start dates as well as morning, afternoon, and night classes available.
Yoi have to be self motivated to do online. The workload is heavy, just like on campus classes. Its user friendly and theres a lot of communication with the professor.
You get sent on an externship before you can even graduate, so you get real world experience. They help you every step of the way to find an eternship site that suits you. Career services is very involved in student life.
They have a variety of courses to choose from. The class sizes are small, which means the teachers get to know you as a person and you make friends with you classmates. The material learned is of high value and is stuff you will apply in the real world.
I am in the Medical Assisting program. It's a lot of work, but the teacher makes it interesting and understandable. There's a lot of studying involved, but obviously it's worth it. Their externship programs are great! They help you every step of the way.
Pima is awesome. All the staff members, not just the teachers, really care about the students. They will make you feel like part of their family from the second you walk in. Help is always available if you need it.
I learned a lot but its a hostile learning environment.
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Teachers are informative and know the material. They also talk down to you and treat like you're dirt.
The admission process gave me a false idea of what the school was going to be like.
The computer part of the program is just as great and helps improve your technology skills.
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