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Pima Medical Institute - Las Vegas Reviews

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So far nothing but amazing everyone is nice and very informative!!! They make you going back to school more exciting and just all around a great experience!!
The staff quickly learns your name and embrace you as if you had been attending school for months. It is a very friendly atmosphere. They have created a diverse team/staff that are equipped to assist you every single step of the way! I am enjoying my choice in enrolling in PIMA!
RADIOLOGY: BEWARE! They don't even deserve one star.
The radiology program instructors are immensely unprofessional. They are very disrespectful and degrading to the students that are paying their salary. Lets be honest. The teachers are spiteful and choose favorites. If you are not someone that sucks up to people, you will have a hard 2 years in the Radiography Program at PMI Las Vegas. DO NOT waste your time, money, energy on this program at this location!
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With most colleges you have to wait weeks until you can talk to a counselor or anyone if the office, unlike Pima. With Pima they make time for you, your questions, and your needs. They are very focused on getting you to the place you desire to be. I love the community here, older students helping the newer students. It is like a family, they treat touch well and give you tips on how to pass classes and study tips. They aslo do not waste your time with unneeded courses that you would waste your time on in a regular community college.
The teachers are very kind and willing to help you if you have any questions. The material is challenging, but it definitely prepares you for what's to come at externship.
For the program I want to going into i have to get two student loans. Im going to have to get a job and go to school to at the same time to pay my loans.
This school grades on a much higher standard than most. I like that. This school offers retake on some courses, for no additional charges, that is AWESOME!
I know they will work with you to help you achieve your next degree, or land a job that you are interested in.
I enjoy the tutoring offered here at PIMA, it is wonderful to have that option included in your tutition.
There are a lot of hands on teaching, which is the best way for me to learn.
I love PIMA. My experience with the teachers I have had, are fabulous, they answer all you ques, give you ample time to prepare for tests, and give quick responses to grades.
I have noticed that there is a great diversity in students at PIMA. I see many ages, ranging from 18 yrs old, to 40's, however the typical student seems to be early 20's. I see all different ethnics, sexual preferences, and religious views. I have not witnessed and discrimination, which is wonderful.
I haven't needed to switch my classes or transfer credits, however, i have been told, and have seen how easy it is. I feel that if I am ever in need of changing my class times or need to transfer credits, it would be an easy task and the staff at PIMA would be willing and ready to help. I am confident they will work with their students.
The campus always clean and vibrant. The computer rooms are always stocked with paper and they are many computers, so you are not waiting to have a turn. The break room is well lit & clean, and has access to outside, which i really enjoy. There is a microwave, so students can reheat or cook their food. There are vending machines, however, I would personally prefer healthier options. Overall i am pleased.
I believe there is an online library. The lab is a great resource for practicing respiratory care. The computer lab is also great. The school is small so there is not much aesthetic but what is there is very nice.
I have been able to access internet & print whenever I needed it. The connection speed is fast. You do need a personal computer for this program.
The tuition is very expensive but it is worth it. You are basically guaranteed to make a great salary once you are done with school. The classes are very small, so there is much individual attention from the instructors. I have had no difficulties with the financial aid office.
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My favorite experience has overall been the accomplishment I feel when I understand something that seemed to be in a foreign language the day before. Looking back at the knowledge I have attained, I am very proud and grateful. I am excited and grateful for the opportunities given to me by my school.
Your schedule cannot every change. The class hours are fixed. But there are wide varieties for study and tutoring time.
The typical respiratory therapy student seems to be a higher caliber than the other students at the school. Many of the programs offered are short, 10-month courses. The students in those programs do not seem to be as driven as those in our program or the radiology technician program. It is ethnically very diverse. There is never anything inappropriate.
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