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Pima Medical Institute - Chula Vista Reviews

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I liked about the conformity of classes and accessibility to many resources. I'd like to see the campus grow a bit more and connections to other great universities.
I went to this school for respiratory therapy. The instructors for this program were awesome and really prepared their students with all the adequate tools necessary to succeed. It can be an intense program, but it was well worth it at the end! I'm glad I went to this school for respiratory care. Can't really speak for the other programs they offer, but for the RT program it was worth it.
I love the fast pace classes and the fact that they offer almost every level of expertise (i.e. Certificate, Associate's Degree, and Bachelor's Degree). The only down fall I see at Pima Medical is the fact that it is so fast pace it is easy to fall behind. This really is a school for people determined to get a proper, high-in education in the medical field.
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It is a great experience being here on my first year and first semester. The teachers are always here for us and wants everyone to succeed.
PIMA offers morning, afternoon, and night classes. This allows you to have a part time job or spend time with your kids.
I haven't used career services yet, but I hear good things.
I love that the classes are small, the teacher pays attention to you and guides you in the right direction. You are only learning subjects that are applicable to your work field. You will be doing a lot of hands on projects.
As long as you are an Alumni of PIMA, they will always help you find a job. Even 10 years after you graduate. They are always looking out for you.
PIMA requires you to complete a 6 week internship before you graduate. This is great because it opens the door for possibly getting hired after your internship. Either way you will leave with actual work experience as opposed to other vocational/Trade schools.
The teachers are helpful and funny. They care about goals and want you to succeed.
My school offers morning, afternoon, and evening classes so it has been convenient to me and for all their other students who may work a certain schedule. They have different schedules to allow the busiest people to be able to attend school.
My experience at Pima has been the best I could ever ask for. The students and staff are all great and create a positive atmosphere to be in. I have learned a lot in such a short amount of time and will continue to further my education after I complete this program. They encourage their students to keep furthering their education and I will continue to do so by completing another program at the same school after I complete the one I am currently in.
The courses I have taken have been very helpful and my instructors have made the class fun to be in. They clearly described their lessons and would help any student with any questions they had. These have been some of the best instructors that I have ever had. They have helped me a lot and helped me get the great grades I have today.
All the departments at my school have been very helpful in helping me and letting me know what would be beat for myself and future goals. Departments like financial aid, career services, and others have worked with me individually and have taught me about where I would like to be in the medical field and how to get there.
The online courses have helped me a lot and taught me new things that I did not know about. A large part of my training has come from a computer and I have been able to successfully complete any of the things we had to do online like tests, homework, and other materials. This has helped me prioritize my time between studying, online homework, and other homework that was not online.
There is a great amount of diversity throughout my campus and everyone is there to work towards getting a career. This is the type of atmosphere that I like because everyone is working hard to achieve their goals. There are many study groups seen at the school and others who work together after school to study for tests or just to finish their homework.
The value of my education isdefinitely worth the tuition I am paying. Financial aid was also able to help me with loans and free money. I got to talk one on one with a financial aid advisor and discussed what payment options would best suit me. They listened to the type of payments I wanted to make and the type of loans I wanted to get and customized my plan to fit my needs.
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My school helps students find a job after graduating and tried to fit them in the place that would benefit the students the most. Pima is always helping their students in any way they possibly can and I believe this is why they have become so successful because they really do put their students first.
There are various programs offered at my school. Each program has a professor that specializes in that area and that has worked hands on in the field. They share their experiences with us and give us a picture of what it will be like after we graduate.
I am currently in the Medical Assistant program and the teachers and staff have been extremely helpful. It's a lot of work but with hard work and asking questions I have been able to get through the different sequences with honors. The teachers clearly explain what you need to know and answer any questions someone may have.
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