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Pima Medical Institute - Albuquerque Reviews

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I love pima medical institute! I love the hands-on learning. The awesome friendly-knowledgeable instructors are amazing in their own unique ways. They provide you with all the knowledge you need to obtain for the career you’re trying to pursue. One thing I wish to see change would be the tuition. Less would be nice.
The school schedules my classes and provides me with my books. I do not have to take additional time to find/buy books.
There is a career center at the campus who will help with job placement.
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So far, so good. The staff are amazing and the students show respect to each other.
There is a career center at Pima. They will help students search for jobs.
The student needs to be motivated to take his/her success into their own hands. This is a fast paced program with a lot of reading and hands on skills.
The school is passionate for student success. A lot of hands on learning with amazing Instructors.
I have no comments, everything seemed easy
There is no flexibility with the classes.
The online courses are manageable but not quite organized.
Career services at PMI are extremely dependable and happy to help
All the teachers and mentors are very professional, I go to school knowing I'll be comfortable.
So far my experience has been great, I have gained tons of knowledge with much more to come.
Registering at PMI was a great experience. At the beginning of the process they require testing with grade expectations which provided me with a over all idea as to what will be expected of me throughout school. The teachers and advisors are all very nice and helpful.
I have transfer to many different school during my freshman year, because I have always been bullied by other kids in school. It just seem like I could never get away from them. My first year I went to "Pine Hill High" it wasn't that great, so I left and transfer to "Wingate high". I love it there now so much, I started fresh and it felt like things were really going good. Now today I stand as a senior class of 2016. I would say, start over, because during my freshman year it wasn't so well. I would like to start my freshman year out in Wingate high. I came here in my junior year, had fun meet so many different friends. The one class I love now, is "CCTE" , because I'm a college studied, taking college cores. I'm earning up to 12 credit which is so awesome. I'm a As and Bs student now. Before at my other school I couldn't even get at less a B or C, I was always the student standing at a D or F due to being bulled. So Wingate high is the school for me.
lot of work lots of studying
I will be able to sit for the registry and have experience when I exit school
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good professors, classes and course work are strenuous
I enjoy this school because its a lot of knowledge and hands on, where I would not get at a standard college. I am excited to be a graduate from Pima. And I am proud to have the training I will obtain from the course.
Once you have qualified to enroll they sign you up right away. They don't really give you an option other than to take out loans, which I didn't like too much, but I had no other way to pay for it.
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