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Terrible. They are useless. I haven't had any helpful tips from them on how to pay for the school other than my non existent parents who don't exist in my life because they have disowned me for religious persons
Overall, the school is great. I would recommend this to my friends, make sure you have all your ducks in a row financially before attending... You don't want to be stressing out about it like I am
I love the school environment so far. I would definitely recommend this to my friends looking into the medical field
Review Pima Medical Institute - Renton
I am overall, really satisfied with the school. I do have to pay a lot of money for this fast-paced course, but hopefully, outside of the useless financial aid officers, I can get help through scholarships.
I am only attending school 8am till Noon.

it has been very flexible.
The staff was VERY friendly. I know they deal with a lot of students, but the information about how to get financial help was very minimal.

I don't have any parents around willing to help me with payment of school, but since I am only 18, I am legally declared "dependent".... Even though my parents are addicts and crazy, unless the state can confirm it, I cannot get any more legal assistance. I have lived on my own since I was 16 years old because I was kicked out. Financial aid has been a nightmare and I have no idea how I am going to pay for school
I'm learning A LOT. I really enjoy the textbooks and how organized the information is. It is easy to study
I did a few online courses about what the internet is and how to use Microsoft office programs, which I already knew how to use.... Waste of my time. Especially since most people in this generation know how to use these items already without any teaching.
Career services have really supplied me with all the information and successful resources I would need to get a job and an externship
So far, I have found that there we're some unexpected fees that they were not included in the tuition, tuition agreement... Nothing.

The work is easy, I am learning though. There are select people I would not want to socialize with, but there are always going to be people like that in the world. I am excited to graduate from here because I have had multiple friends attend here and that is why I am going to PIMA.
Teachers are super helpful, always have access to the computers labs, online library, and after class tutoring and study time.
There is A LOT of diversity at Pima, which is great but everyone kinda seems to keep to themselves or sticks to a small group of people.
Depending on if your parents are included on your FAFSA or not, I found it very difficult to get enough money for college since my parents were required on my application. I have to pay for 100% of my education so the fact that Washington state requires my parents on the FAFSA is extremely frustrating. My disappointment came mostly from WA laws and regulations vs. Pima itself.
All programs require an externship to advance so that students get a real-life experience in their chosen profession. A lot of the time if you excel in your externship, they will hire you and you get a job straight out of college.
I have not yet taken a lengthy online class through PMI but, the short online sessions we did within Career Prep was easy to navigate, the instructor was always available, and submitting assignments was very easy.
So far, I have only completed the first 6 week Career Prep class of the VTA program at PMI - Renton, but I love the variety of what is taught and the things we covered within the class. Everything is very hands on and involved and the teachers truly care that you learn the information. I am very excited to start the next sequence of classes!
All the teachers I have met are great and sincerely care about their students. There are many different career options within the medical field that you can choose from so there is something for everyone. The 6 week Career Prep classes are challenging but fun and really help you adjust to college expectations. There is a significant amount of homework but it is manageable and there is a lot of study time offered after your scheduled class is over.
Review Pima Medical Institute - Renton
So far, I am extremely happy with choosing to attend PMI. I have learned so much and the classes are great! Financial Aid is difficult but it's mostly concerning laws and state regulations vs. the actual school. I would definitely recommend this school to others looking into some kind of medical profession!
Everyone there is in similar areas of study so you can ask help from anyone.
I have heard that they are more hands on, so you learn by experience not just by books.
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