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A great way to start college. The classes are reasonably small and is cheaper than the university. Pima has a great transfer program so you can get through your Gen Eds then transfer to a university. A few boring professors but every class is survivable.
Community College has offered excellent service of education. The professors care about their students. I felt each semester I leave with knowledge than wasted money.If you care about getting your money worth, i would recommend you to community college. The Experience is unforgettable if you join a club or sport. Community college will always be my number one college. Sorry it won't allow me to mention the first name.
I love pima community college. The small class sizes really allow you to learn in depth and have more one on one attention. So far I have no complaints.
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Pima is good for earining general education credits to apply toward a 4 year degree, or for gaining technical training. The administration isn't always on top of issuses or very helpful, however.
Pima Community College is a fantastic starting point in anyone's education. There is a large verity of class that are available and different types of teachers as well. Pima has an online option which has been extremely helpful for my busy schedule, along with different locations. The prices are not too bad, and they do provide financial aid along with a link to other scholarships. Honestly the only thing I wish they had was more online resources about graduation.
So far Pima has been great , I start classes on April 1st but have taken a tour of the campus and just the experience with enrolling was quick and easy. I plan on transferring to ASU in two years for Interior Design but look forward to what Pima has to offer.
A personal learning environment and smaller class size are the reasons I chose to attend Pima Community College. Hands-on learning merged with knowledgeable teachers have made every day of my college experience memorable and challenging. My teachers in my first semester of college gave me a positive perspective on education further enhancing my love of learning. Both of my English teachers that I have had for my prerequisite courses have given me a deeper love for writing. I have learned how to analyze and write at a college level to prepare me for a University.
When I attended the U of A for my freshman year and half of my sophomore year it was a difficult transition. Pima community college is a more close person to person learning experience.
I give PCC three stars mostly to no fault of their own. Lack of funding has cut programing and degree options.
I like that Pima has a learning center for athletes. I also like that there are tutors for every subject. I would like there to be more programs to help first year students register for classes.
So far, I am pleased with the classes offered, the information I have been given and the prices. I will be able to continue my education for far less than other colleges and return to work with a degree.
It has a wide variety of classes and people to make it feel like a really 4 year. Without all the pressure that kind of college brings. I like it because for both my majors I just need the bare minimum of classes to go out to what I want to do and with the affordable price of classes at PCC that is made possible!
This school was helpful with it's multitude of resources and amazing staff members who truly go above and beyond.
Pima Community College is an extremely economical and quality place to study. Their physics and mathematics departments are particularly beneficial. I encountered some of the best instructors of my academic experience there. They recently were on accreditation probation but they have been working diligently to rectify their issues.
Pima is a wonderful down to earth experience,with tons of floating opportunities knocking on the front door.Lots of students and options to create the best learning experience that best fits your lifestyle
I love this school! The teachers are great, there are amazing tutors out there, there are students of all ages, great advanced technology. Love it!
After being out of school for 30+ yrs. it can be intimidating, but Pima has made me feel fabulous and smart. The students are friendly and welcoming. Make you feel at home. Teachers going the extra mile to help you reach your full potential. Great campuses around town! I love My Pima!
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The staff is very friendly but they have given me some incorrect information which ultimately led to me having to withdraw from my class and I still had to pay for that it. The classes are fairly priced and most of the teachers are very helpful. The advisors are very informative.
Over all my experience at Pima this semester was awesome. My professors were all really good and the people I met were all very nice.
It's a great way to start college. They had small class sizes anda majority of my professors knew me by name and were always willing to help when I needed it.
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