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Pima offers a wide variety of classes and the majority of the teachers I have had have been effective at what they do.
PCC is great, safe school, with many campus located around Tucson, it's great way to get college education without the high cost of Universities. I am currently studying my liberal arts then looking to transfer either in Arizona or another state. PCC offers free tutoring, free gym use and great athletic opportunities.
I just started taking classes in the US, and I have to say that being in PCC has been a great experience! My instructors are the best. They know really well what they are talking about, you just have to put some effort in finding the best ones. Now that I have been one year attending classes in PCC I reliaze that I am good at some subjects that I thought I was not good enough for.
Great learning experience!
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This was my first semester here at this college and i have to say it is not bad at all. The teachers are wonderful and amazing with their lectures. The school buildings are confusing to find however, you'll find and get used to the place. The food is alright, not the best but it is great to fill your appetite. One of the best things there are the labs to study at for science. The opportunity to use and be tutored there is amazing. I do wish the office for advising would be more better with their attitudes, which is a huge downside.
It is very hard to find anything wrong with Pima. PCC is one of the largest community college in the USA. A majority of the professors are retired U of A faculty that are genuinely teaching because it is what they enjoy doing. I would like to see a stop to the tuition increases; it seems every year another $3 here, $5 there gets added to the credit hour price.
The classes were great. There were lots of great professors and lot of help around. Very nice and easy campus.
Very clean and organized school. The staff and students are very kind and helpful. Staff and teachers will go out of their way to help you out as much as possible.
Pima is a very diverse college and it is a great place to start your college experience! Pima has a great student Life with so many clubs and teams to join you can make lots of friends! The professors are all really great and heloful!
Pima Community College has multiple campus, making it easier for students to attend. The students are able to choose the campus closest to them, so it isn't such an inconvenience to travel to class. The professors are very good, and they work with you if you go to them for help. Overall, I had a great experience at this college.
This is my personal experience in this college. Good teachers with small classrooms. Easy to get a hold of professors if you have any questions. Everyone on campus is willing to help. I think that is a big plus.
Pima was one of the best and efficient schools that I have ever attended. I was not fully prepared to tackle the university so I began my college journey at Pima. The teachers there are extremely helpful. The classes are also small, which provides students with more one on one attention compared to the taking general eds at the University. The tuition is also affordable especially if one gets FAFSA, which most people do. All in all, Pima offers students at cheaper and more efficient means to obtain their associates or to transfer. The credits at Pima for general eds are the same at the University of Arizona, for example.
The attentiveness of the staff at Pima is excellent. They answer questions very quickly when in need yet I think the only downfall in their school is their patience with incoming freshmen. Yes, they do answer your questions but their tone is very sharp and you can tell that they're frustrated as if you're suppose to know anything and everything that their years there has taught them.
It is difficult to get a clear answer from the student advisers and financial aid representatives. I Often had to go back and forth between the two for questions that would come up. I had to wait around an hour each time to see someone.
I like that the advisors are very helpful and caring about your education and will help you set up your schedule and what classes you need for your major. This campus includes U of A advisor also for transferring. I wish that the school was more resourceful on clubs and sending out emails to students about opportunities that are available for the students interests.
The classes are small, so you have the opportunity to talk to the teacher or the rest of your classmates. I really appreciate the free tutoring. I would recommend downtown campus for Math tutoring. The tutors there are more personable. West Campus tutors on the other hand seem rushed and I get the feeling that I am wasting their time. Concerning the instructors, so far all of them have been willing to help if I had questions. The students as well are also friendly for the most part. It is up to the person to ask for help.
All of my classes were at the Pima community college West campus. I had a very safe and positive experience while I earned my Associates degree in Archaeology. The classes are usually 20 to 40 students that makes it a more pleasant learning experience. They had really awesome Tutor center that could help you with any class or homework assignments your stuck on. The school also has many different student resources for clubs, disabled students, financial aid, support departments and an amazing advising center for transferring to a University. They also have a organized and well maintained campus that was kept safe by the on-campus police.
I really like the programs that help students succeed not just while they attend Pima, but help them succeed after they have graduated as well. There are many resources that Pima offers that can be utilized to ready yourself to transfer to a four-year university.
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My experience at Pima Community College has been nothing less than great. I feel myself growing into the man I knew I could become. Pima allows me to feel free. I'm human so worry's are always gonna be there but I feel as if pima lifts a lot of weight off my shoulder by the help they give me.
One of the best community colleges to go to if you're unsure about what you want to do in life. The councilor so are always super helpful and finding your classes are easy peasy.
Pima Community College is great for anyone who wants an intimate, small-scale learning experience. Class sizes are small and campuses are fairly easy to navigate. Faculty and staff are very knowledgeable and willing to help wherever possible.
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