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People compare the looks of a community college to the local university, but rarely compare the prices for the same classes. Pima Community College is the best path to an affordable education. The experience is all up to how the student wants it to be.
Small class sizes, Flexible class schedules and lots of online classes available. Pima has campuses all over Tucson so the commute isn't bad either.
Great school with a lot of great resources. The instructors are always helpful and offer extra tutoring time
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I think Pima is an a great college for students planning to transfer to a university. It’s tuition rate is very low and being able to use a payment plan is great. Pima also has an incredibly respected nursing program I. The community, and I am very proud to be part of it.
The teachers have always been so understanding and always willing to work with me no matter what the issue is.
Pima has a lot to offer. The teachers are very respectful in all aspects and care about each individuals education. They truly want to see you succeed in life. The campus is beautiful and you will see different people around different campuses.
So far as a 2nd-year student at Pima Community College I've had a very pleasant and successful experience. I've had the opportunity to take courses at 3 of the 5 campuses available around Tucson, AZ and each one is clean and unique in their own way. The staff and professors are awesome and truly care about your success and future as a progressing college student. Definitely a great school to start with out of high school.
As a transfer student, I was skeptical about how my experience would go at my school. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the helpfulness of the Pima community. Teachers are excellent at addressing the content of the course in a construction way. Students understand struggles and are willing to help, whether it be directions to a class or even help with some homework. While the course work itself can be challenging and more time may need to be spent outside of class hours on finishing, it is never too hard to get help when needed. This is something that is very important in continuing to learn. Teachers never want their students to feel helpless on the material and I believe this is shown in the analytics.
I toured the school and everyone was nice, counselor was informative and school seemed put together. Felt Like I belonged there.
Overall experience at Pima Community College was amazing. Some instructors care about your education, and some others do not.
Most all of the staff at Pima are very helpful and want only the best for the students, looking for the best, safest, and easiest way to achieve your goals.
I think that pima community college is a good school and i learn a lot from the classes that i have taken there. They have very good staff that will help u if needed
When I first moved to Tucson in 2015 I was scared to attend a community college. But pima has become the best thing that has ever happened to me. I could not be more pleased with my choice to attend here instead of UA
I have attended pima for about one semester i really like the teachers they are very hands on and I also like the staff so far no complaints I also like the online classes they are very helpfull
Pima is a wonderful community college they really care about the students and always wanna help. I'm so thankful to the staff for guiding me through college.
I am a freshman at Pima community college and so far I really like my experience. It is a small college and the faculty seems to help and engage with the students a lot.
Pima Community College teachers do everything in their power for students to understand the material. Pima has many programs and different routes to help students with homework or to for pay school.
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It is a great experience I have had nothing but great experices when dealing with the instructors! The common faculty is when you start to deal with complacency.
Absolutely love Pima, very welcoming and easy learning environment. The only negative is sometimes the advisors don’t know what they are doing
I really liked how a lot of the staff actually really cared about the students education.The teachers actually take the time to sit down one on one with you in the case that you don't understand something.
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