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Pima Community College Reviews

1,948 reviews
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I like that Pima has a learning center for athletes. I also like that there are tutors for every subject. I would like there to be more programs to help first year students register for classes.
So far, I am pleased with the classes offered, the information I have been given and the prices. I will be able to continue my education for far less than other colleges and return to work with a degree.
It has a wide variety of classes and people to make it feel like a really 4 year. Without all the pressure that kind of college brings. I like it because for both my majors I just need the bare minimum of classes to go out to what I want to do and with the affordable price of classes at PCC that is made possible!
This school was helpful with it's multitude of resources and amazing staff members who truly go above and beyond.
Pima Community College is an extremely economical and quality place to study. Their physics and mathematics departments are particularly beneficial. I encountered some of the best instructors of my academic experience there. They recently were on accreditation probation but they have been working diligently to rectify their issues.
Pima is a wonderful down to earth experience,with tons of floating opportunities knocking on the front door.Lots of students and options to create the best learning experience that best fits your lifestyle
I love this school! The teachers are great, there are amazing tutors out there, there are students of all ages, great advanced technology. Love it!
After being out of school for 30+ yrs. it can be intimidating, but Pima has made me feel fabulous and smart. The students are friendly and welcoming. Make you feel at home. Teachers going the extra mile to help you reach your full potential. Great campuses around town! I love My Pima!
The staff is very friendly but they have given me some incorrect information which ultimately led to me having to withdraw from my class and I still had to pay for that it. The classes are fairly priced and most of the teachers are very helpful. The advisors are very informative.
Over all my experience at Pima this semester was awesome. My professors were all really good and the people I met were all very nice.
It's a great way to start college. They had small class sizes anda majority of my professors knew me by name and were always willing to help when I needed it.
The teachers are understanding to you circumstances and are will to help. I would love to see more people helping in the main office to help the lines go fast.
I like that it is a small college. There are a few colleges in all different parts of the city which makes it easier for me to go to a college close to home. I wish that all campuses offered all the same programs.
I absolutely enjoy Pima! The class sizes are perfect and their resources are plentiful. The professors are very professional and make it evident that they love to teach and want you to learn. I do not feel like I am missing out on the college experience because I'm not at a University. I am proud to be a Pima Community College student!
The campuses are clean and up to date. Staff including teachers and tutors care about students and their success.
Pima is easy to apply to, offers a wide range of classes for many different majors. They are a feeder college for the University of Arizona so attendees will graduate with a 4 year degree if they pursue it. They also offer Associates degrees to people that do not want to complete the full course.
I really like the location . I would really like more students involved in furthering their education
Pima Community College is a great way to get credits to transfer to a university. the price is reasonable compared to other colleges, class sizes are small, and it's a great way to get used to college without the stress of going straight to a university.
People are always avalaible and happy to help, questions are always answered and never left in the dark or confused.
Different way of learning going from class rooms to online, but it is very convientent and easier for students like myself who go to school and work.
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