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I like that the campus is very diverse, I really enjoy the class sizes. Enjoy that there is more one on one activities.
I enjoyed the interactions that the college pushed for. I met a lot of friends from not only classes but from activities that the college organized around campus. The main West campus had more activity overall even with better professors because it is the main campus but it would be nice to see the same student life on other campuses.
Easy to access, and simple to sign up and register for classes. If only i could register for classes before attending new student orientation!
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I love the professors at PCC, they really put in the effort for their students. If I had to change something it would be the information desk staff. I have encountered some of the rudest individuals while trying to get info. I’m an older student and have more experience with difficult people, however students coming into college from high school could get intimidated by this. These interactions could influence a student to not attend college at all and that shouldn’t be acceptable!
I love the teachers and the different tutoring opportunities found in the libraries. As an ASL Interpretation student the East Campus ASL lab is lacking staffing thus hours open but they have been expanding the availability
Pima Community College is affordable and student friendly! There are advisors that will help you with any questions that you have regarding what degree to pursue or how to pay for school. There are volunteer tutors that are more than happy to help you whenever they can. In my experience, Pima Community College is a great school and it was a great stepping stone for me in order to achieve my degree.
First, the school website is a complete mess and I have been told that the website is rarely updated and I always have problems with it. Second, financial aid was a little irritating to receive. Third, a teacher of mine does not know how to teach and makes herself quite distant so communicating with her is hard. Otherwise, I do have nice teachers who are easy to communicate with and the school offers courses that I need.
Something I love about my experience with Pima Community College is that they are constantly working and improving the communication between their students and teachers. Comparing my experience with my friends who go to the University of Arizona, I feel very fortunate to have that opportunity to stay connected with my instructors. I believe it is crucial to help students fully understand the content that is being taught.
Improvements Pima should make is monitoring the way advisors treat students. Among the students who attend to Pima Community College, they are known for their poor service. Also, they should provide a wider variety of healthy foods that can help the performance of not only their athletics but their students attending this college.
Overall, my experience at Pima Community college has been great. I have received quality education from professors who care about their students and subject. Majority of the professors are always willing to help students, explain content further, and willing to answer questions via email or in meetings. the staff as well as the professors are all very nice and helpful whenever needed. The campuses are always kept clean. I have been happy and surprised with the experience I have received here.
I absolutely love attending Pima Community College. It has given me an opportunity to attain an education at not so high a price. The teachers are wonderful and really make it a point to communicate with their students. The campus is surprisingly big for a community college. I have had a wonderful semester and have made many friends.
I can't speak for every campus but I can say that East Campus has such a great vibe to it. Everyone is just doing their own thing existing together, no judgment no hatred just a bunch of people young and old trying to better their life through education.
Pima is a great place to take a wide variety of classes for a wide variety of reasons. I personally am looking to transfer later and am currently take gen-eds for cheaper now, and Pima is perfect for that. I would definitely recommend doing that if you live in town, but if you are moving to Tucson for school, I would advise you to co-enroll at the UofA because I personally have not found very much community at Pima. In my experience, it is a place I go to class, and then I leave, there is not very much stuff happening as far as student life that I have seen. So just be sure to have other social networks.
I love how they are right down the road from me and offer multiple location through Tucson. Pima also has lots of support to be successful. The only thing I wish is that there consistency with time frames would be better.
Pima offers a wide variety of classes and the majority of the teachers I have had have been effective at what they do.
PCC is great, safe school, with many campus located around Tucson, it's great way to get college education without the high cost of Universities. I am currently studying my liberal arts then looking to transfer either in Arizona or another state. PCC offers free tutoring, free gym use and great athletic opportunities.
I just started taking classes in the US, and I have to say that being in PCC has been a great experience! My instructors are the best. They know really well what they are talking about, you just have to put some effort in finding the best ones. Now that I have been one year attending classes in PCC I reliaze that I am good at some subjects that I thought I was not good enough for.
Great learning experience!
This was my first semester here at this college and i have to say it is not bad at all. The teachers are wonderful and amazing with their lectures. The school buildings are confusing to find however, you'll find and get used to the place. The food is alright, not the best but it is great to fill your appetite. One of the best things there are the labs to study at for science. The opportunity to use and be tutored there is amazing. I do wish the office for advising would be more better with their attitudes, which is a huge downside.
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It is very hard to find anything wrong with Pima. PCC is one of the largest community college in the USA. A majority of the professors are retired U of A faculty that are genuinely teaching because it is what they enjoy doing. I would like to see a stop to the tuition increases; it seems every year another $3 here, $5 there gets added to the credit hour price.
The classes were great. There were lots of great professors and lot of help around. Very nice and easy campus.
Very clean and organized school. The staff and students are very kind and helpful. Staff and teachers will go out of their way to help you out as much as possible.
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