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I love Pima Community College. It is small enough so that I get the attention I need to succeed in my future endeavors. I enjoy attending this school and am excited to continue my education here.
Pima Community College is a great starting place for an incoming freshman, its easy to get used to and the campus is beautiful and easy to find yourself around.
Instructors at Pima all seem to be passionate in what they're teaching. the Nursing program is outstanding and everyone wants to see you succeed
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Going to Pima Community College is a great experience, everyone is welcoming and the atmosphere is great too. They have many choices for classes and majors you want to major in. They also have a great sports selection for those who who like to participate. There isn't really that good of a food selection but you can always driver around town to find something to eat. There are 3 campuses and each of them are great and safe to attend.
Pima has a great staff and awesome locations, but as a returning student, I had to pay for my summer course out of pocket. Now, I have to pay for my fall semester even though I’ve done all that I could to receive financial aid (and fafsa is willing to give me a grant, but Pima won’t honor it because I’m returning). I truly wish there was a way for individuals to return to school without having to pay for courses out of pocket.
I have enjoyed most of the professors at Pima of which who have many years of experience and the subjects they teach. I have learned a lot from them and gained many positive traits from them. On the other hand, it is very difficult to deal with support staff and faculty when it comes to registering, academic counseling and guiding. It seems as if there is no training for some office positions because you constantly have to speak to at least four people to get your questions answered and I s a bit frustrating.
It has great programs and professors who are dedicated to get their students to 4 year universities. It has many degrees to choose from and allow their students so many opportunities to improve themselves intellectually and personally.
there's plenty of courses that fit your schedule. There is plenty of FREE tutoring, and help. Instructors are flexible.
I'm currently a student at Pima Community College and I'm absolutely thankful for all the staff working there. I recommend Pima college and then transferring to a 4-year college if needed.
I love going to school here, I love the small classroom sizes. I love how close everyone is and how awesome the professors are. The campus has a good vibe and awesome staff!
Great campuses and great enviroment. I have never felt left out, everytime I have questions or concerns and go to staff faculty they help with the issue immediately.
I like the environment and how you can join a club and feel accepted and yourself and not feel like you are being judged and the professors are always energetic and not afraid to speak their minds
The staff is helpful and competent. Getting information about a program is easy and through. They work with you and stay in touch throughout.
While this is the only college I have truly experienced, I think it is the best. I have sat in on a few classes at U of A and it is just so huge. I feel that you get the help and care one needs a Pima. Also, I think the students at Pima are there to get an education and move on in their careers. Pima doe just that at a cheaper and higher quality level.
The professors are your cheerleaders. They truly want to see you succeed and graduate. They always check on you to make sure you understand the material and that is vital when you are an online student. I never felt like I couldn't come to my professors even if personal life spilled over into college life. They were understanding and they are the true reasons why I graduated because without them I don't think I could have made. Especially going back to college so much later in my career.
I would love to see more of a back to school life happen on the first day, such as keeping the excitement going with games and things like that. But overall, I love how resourceful this school is. They want us to succeed, and there's no excuse to not pass or get through your days here.
Generally speaking, most teachers I've had have been great, with a few glaring exceptions. The issue with the school, knocking the couple stars off, is the administration. Most campuses are worthless if you attempt to seek an advisor or help of any kind, you'll get rude, incompetent and uncaring people who don't seem to have any kind of qualification for their job, or any interest in doing it. Classes are offerent inconsistantly and often dropped due to low enrollment, sometimes adding semesters onto your planned graduation.
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Most of the instructors are very knowledgable and caring. Ability to take accelerated classes and CLEP helps to graduate faster.
The advisers I have worked with were great and the classes offered help we work toward transferring for my 4 year degree.
I have been attending Pima Community College for a few years. The flexibility in class schedules is awesome for parents and people with jobs. The instructors, counselors, and staff are very helpful with the needs of new and returning students. I am in the Nursing program currently, and it's great, just needs a more flexible schedule. The lab and supplies are up to date. The simulation lab is very helpful and informative. The food is limited and the current selection is not very healthy.
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