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the people who work at the college are very helpful and nice. You will never feel embarrassed of asking questions and asking for help because of their warm attitude toward students. My experience with the college has been very good.
Smaller class sizes means more involvement between professors and students. Some of the campuses are kind of small, and thus scheduling can be somewhat difficult. This CC is affordable, which is a plus.
From my experience I believe this is a well around college. I went right out of high school and wanted to get the basic classes out of the way. Now that I know what I want to get a career in, I'm excited to go back and finish my associates. Its a great college if you know what your going for or just getting the general classes done!
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Pima is really good with their advisers and answering any question you have. Everyone working there is really invested in you and your experience there.
Pima Community College is a wonderful school to attend, with great staff and such a welcoming environment. It is affordable and courses are manageable to fit with my schedule. I have had the privilege of taking courses with professors who take their time to help us understand the material and in one way shaped who I am today. Some things should change like having better staff/instructors who actually can instruct a class with great knowledge so that students can get a better insight of the material. It's been a great experience attending Pima Community College and I'm proud to say it.
It is well rounded community college. They help you find your calling and help you take your first steps. Plus there are a lot of resources for stuents to use to be able to reach their goals.
I like that there are many times available for each class. There are almost always tutors available to help. The smaller class sizes help for more one-on-one help from the teachers, and you get to know the people in your classes.
i have been really pleased attending pima i feel safe and the teacher are always there to help and really do helo you out
It was a nice experience at Pima, but it also depends upon the campus. West Campus has poor student services since some of the advisors and staff are rude and provide very little information. The best Campus would have to be the Desert Vista Campus. The staff and advisors are friendly and are always willing to help you out any way they can. The classes can be quite helpful, depending on the teachers you get. It's been a good experience overall academically. The locations are fairly accessible .
I really enjoyed completing my Associate's Degree at Pima Community College. I am currently transferring to University of Arizona and I feel that Pima was the perfect starting point for my college career. Most of the staff are very knowledgeable in their subject and I feel that my money was put to work very efficiently for my grades. I received great grades from great professors and I would absolutely recommend Pima Community College to anyone wanting a 2-year degree or for someone like me looking to expand their horizons and continue their learning career.
My experience with Pima Community College has been overall very well. They are a tight knit college and the people are very kind and encouraging to help succeed. They offer multiple programs and clubs to assist students in any way possible.
Pima has been an incredible school. The proffesirs and advisors were very helpful in helping me prepare for a university.
Unlike most major universities, classroom sizes are fairly small with some of my classes only having 25 seats. This makes getting to know your professors and your peers much easier and makes you get more involved altogether. All teachers I have had have been nothing but nice and more than willing to spend whatever length of time you believe you need for you to understand material, inside or outside of the classroom.
I loved Pima College. It really helped me transfer over from high school to college. The class sizes are very small, so all of my teachers know me by name. They are always available by email or in office hours and encourage questions and involvement in the class room. The teachers really want to see us succeed.
Pima is an institude that welcome every body . they try their best to make sure students got what they want. No matter the level of your education pima is away the base. The will equip you with knowledge.
Pima Community College does a wonderful job in helping students not feel overwhelmed by class sizes and have more face-to-face communication with their professors. However, a small portion of the college professors that are hired are not very effective and at times under qualified so it makes the experience seem like a bad investment.
Pima is a great college to go to. No matter where in Tucson you live in, there's a campus nearby. There's always help whenever you need it and everyone is pretty friendly.
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I am currently talking the prerequisites needed to apply to the University of Arizona pharmacy school at Pima Community College. I love how there are several different campuses around Tucson and how they have a lot of different options for the classes because it really helps me to be able to take my classes around my work schedule.
The school offers a great environment for learning, and a great environment to help achieve one's personal goals. Instructors are there to assist with the learning, and they are very supportive and always there to help if the student has a question. Pima Community college is a great first step in the right direction, and a great place to go to help a student move up to the next level. Whether that be higher education, or the work force, after attending Pima one can be confident is which ever path he or she decides to take.
Refuse to offer me financial aid, despite my situation that I have no control over. Classes have been paid for, attended, passed, and I have yet to receive credit. Facility has been bouncing emails between themselves for 6 months with no solution. Just a disorganized mess. Professors are for of hit or miss. I have had amazing ones, but they are like a needle in a haystack. When students are coming up to me for help instead of the teacher that is sitting 5 feet from me, that should tell you the level of care.
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