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Registration was very easy and so far, all of my teachers are very friendly. The staff is very eager to help and is there for very flexible times.
Well, since attending PPCC in spring’18 I have not had any issues with administration, teachers, and or students. So far this school have been great.
Something that I like about this College is it have what I am going to study and is in the state that I live in and I start learning some information about this college since when I was freshman, I hope if I study to this College I will succeed. And else this college is not too much expensive and i can learn from many others student from different places
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I loves the same campus sizes and the teachers were all very knowledgeable. The staff was usually all very helpful and accommodating.
PPCC is a good school for high school students seeking dual enrollment credits, adults going back to school to work for a degree, or your high school graduate trying to figure out what career/degree they hope to have or any student trying to save money. I've enjoyed my time here for sure. The facility has been great and nothing but kind for me, even though I'm still in high school and attending a 4 year university next year. I would recommend trying to get classes at the Rampart campus (it's newer with overall nicer facilities) if possible. There also isn't a whole lot of campus related activities (there are a few throughout the year, but student life really isn't a thing at PPCC). Overall, it's a great community/junior college!
I received an amazing scholarship to PPCC, which allowed me to connect with other students and helped with the financial side of college. Even without a scholarship, PPCC is a very cost-effective option. Since it is a commuter community college however, it can be hard to connect with a community of other students.
I enjoy the atmosphere at PPCC. The teachers are knowledgeable and want to to see the students succeed.
It is an excellent two year college with a very large amount of degree choices. The staff are very invested in the student's success.
Would love to see more specialized degree options and certifications. Great 2yr college that will prepare you for transfer to a 4yr school with a culture of student independence and self reliance.
I think some things are very good and other can improve. I would recommend better parking and perhaps having more helpful academic advisors. I don't want to be told to look something up, I want to be recommended to someone who will answer question I have.
I like how local the community is. I wish that some courses would be offered through all campuses. The teachers are great because the classes are relitively small so it is easier to connect. I like the idea of using the student id as a bus pass.
I was only there for a few campus tours, but based on the little bit of the campus I saw, I'd recommend it. The students and staff are very helpful, the students get free bus rides (there's a bus stop at the school), and there is a large selection of classes. If you are planning to attend a two-year college and transfer to another college or university afterward, PPCC provides a nice, easy transition from high school to college, so you will be much more prepared for life at whatever school you plan to go to next.
it has great help and when you are having problems they will always hep you solve them. when i first applied i was having problems login in to my account and when i called and asked for help they helped me and i am now able to get into my account so i can fill out my to-dos to become a student.
The overall feel of Pikes Peak Community College is like a hospital. No one really wants to be there, but we're all there because it's important. I learned very little from Pikes Peak and I definitely wouldn't say I'm prepared for the "real world". The classes are pretty easy. The instructors are amazing, however the staff are terrible.
This is my first year taking classes at PPCC. I am attending classes on the Rampart Range campus. My professors are excellent, the buildings are very nice and clean, and my experience there has been great. I am a dual enrollment student (still enrolled in high school) - I was worried that my professors might treat me differently, but they have not. I have made friends and feel like I fit in.
Awesome college! Staff is great to work with and truely care. There’s lots of resources to take advantage of as well. I highly recommend PPCC!
I have enjoyed the time that I have been at pikes peak community college. They have great teachers and I have learned a lot. One thing that I would like to see changed is how you are able to see the counselors. As of right now they have a walk in system where you sign in there and have to wait. It is extremely unfortunate that you are not able to make an appointment, because I am a single mom of little children and go to school I don’t have a lot of free time.
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They work great with VET'S, and very understandable. i plan on getting a few degrees here. the transpertation is alright. colorado is beautiful and I cant think of being anywhere else.
I was recruited as a Work Study and have many options to achieve success here. The staff and teachers are great and very helpful towards all students.
I am a disable Army Veteran, and Pikes Peak community college not only care about my education, but my needs. My professors set deadlines, but are flexible depending on needs. I really do love this school and I wish that it had a four year program!
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