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I have enjoyed the time that I have been at pikes peak community college. They have great teachers and I have learned a lot. One thing that I would like to see changed is how you are able to see the counselors. As of right now they have a walk in system where you sign in there and have to wait. It is extremely unfortunate that you are not able to make an appointment, because I am a single mom of little children and go to school I don’t have a lot of free time.
They work great with VET'S, and very understandable. i plan on getting a few degrees here. the transpertation is alright. colorado is beautiful and I cant think of being anywhere else.
I was recruited as a Work Study and have many options to achieve success here. The staff and teachers are great and very helpful towards all students.
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I am a disable Army Veteran, and Pikes Peak community college not only care about my education, but my needs. My professors set deadlines, but are flexible depending on needs. I really do love this school and I wish that it had a four year program!
Very helpful and friendly staff! 3 campuses with a good variety of classes offered. Easy to navigate campuses and online portal.
Easy to get to, Centennial campus is easier to park at, love those one way streets, and very easy to get between classes.
Today is my first day but so far enrollment was easy and classes were didn't fill up too quickly. The veterans program is excellent here.
Very diverse and affordable. Most teachers are able to help you and accommodate needs. Small student to teacher ratios!
It is very helpful In keeping you on the right track and maintaining your course classes that need to follow and getting your degree
Pike Peak Community College is a great school to go to whether you plan to earn your degree here or transfer to a 4-year university. PPCC offers many different programs to suite anyone preferences.
PPCC has been instrumental in my academic success thus far, and I look forward to the continuation of my career.
Pikes Peak Community College is a great school for figuring out what path you'd like to go down. The college shares many of it's professors with Colorado College and University of Colorado Colorado Springs. The two biggest issues is the constant construction projects that the school has at their downtown and centennial locations and then the professors are extremely hit and miss. Otherwise it's a great starting point for students who are uncertain of their career path or looking to save money!
I enjoy how diverse the school is. You can get an affordable education from wonderful teachers. Different locations through out the town to for different schedules.
One of the top nursing programs in the country! Tons of support services, including tutors, writing center, math center, and support for those with learning disabilities. The perfect school for adults returning to college.
They are welcoming and helpful . They want to see you succeed and are hard working at helping you reach your goal
PPCC is comprised of three campus which are clean and nice looking, with beautiful views of the surrounding area. There are many resources available to students including the computer lab, free tutoring services, clubs, and student organizations. My experience with the faculty has been positive. Overall, they have been knowledgeable, kind, and helpful. I would recommend PPCC to anyone interested in advance continuing education.
I love the atmosphere. The professors there are patient and willing to work with you. The staff are friendly and helpful.
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The professors I've had are stellar and excellent at knowing and explaining their fields. More importantly, they teach students to think for themselves.
I love the campus here because there are so many resources to help you not only succeed but excel. The staff and professors really care about you and your progress.
just about to start going here so I have no input on the quality so far. I can say that orientation was fast and informal. Took a walk around the campus and was surprise at the size of the campus. school is close to home so no issue with traffic.
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