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Being a new student to such a diverise college was outstanding! Everything about PPCC was just wonderful. I was completely lost and the student life center was great when it came to directing me to the right area. Everyone in advising was very helpful and friendly. The professors are to die for at least the ones I've had! I wish all staff could be how PPCC professors are. Very clean environment, great resources, and overall great. They've prepared me for the next step in my life as far as getting one step closer to my degree. Other than the classrooms I've spent a lot of time in the computer lab and the students that work there are very helpful and friendly. If they couldn't help me they were very eager to get someone who could assist me on my matters. I enjoyed them most of all because I've spent many hours in the computer lab. PPCC will forever be a great deal in my life when it comes to my education which is very important to me!
PPCC has an intimate feeling with smaller class sizes. Most professors are very friendly and will help you if you require help. They have 3 main campuses, and each campus has a different focus, but you can take almost every class needed to get an AA at any campus.
Pikes Peak Community College has several convenient locations throughout the Colorado Springs area. It offers a wide variety of majors and classes. There is a robust online selection of classes, as well as a large selection of traditional and hybrid classes. It is very affordable.
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After relocating to Colorado Springs in order to pursue furthering my education PPCC has been the perfect choice for me while I transitioned into my new community. The advisors, financial aid and professors have been readily available to help and I look forward to earning my Associates in Science Nursing through PPCC.
Pikes peak community college was a great college to attend. It help me complete my associates in general studies and get me a good job in the hospital. The teachers are great and it is a very easy going campus and inexpensive.
I went to this school or two years. One was while I was in high school and thy offered a program to help jump start you degree while another was after high school. They had great teachers and were all very hands on.
Extremely helpful with me so far. They've helped me through every step of applying and setting up classes. Genuinely nice people.
Great class sizes, dedicated and thoughtful teachers, and plenty of campuses. This school has been a great step with low tuition costs and plenty of resources to help with transferring to a 4 year college.
Pikes Peak Community College is a great school to complete gen ed classes. It is very inexpensive. This is not a school to take major classes in though because the class sizes are too big for major classes and they consistent of people with many different majors.
Great college with excellent teachers and staff. Only once in my 3 years of attending did I ever have a teacher I didn't like. The Multimedia Graphic Design Program was especially good-every teacher felt like they wanted me to succeed and I didn't feel left out of any events.
Coming with a 4.0 and 45 credits from a community college in Minnesota, I enrolled in 1 class because I work full time. My professor refused to work with my learning disability for tests and quizzes so I had to drop the class. When I spoke with financial aid they said it wouldn't be a problem and I wouldn't be charged, then I got a collections notice in the mail 2 months later for the semesters worth of tuition. I've never been late on a payment for anything in my life and now my credit score dropped over 100 points. The attitude that I got from the higher ups while trying to work this out is that they couldn't care less about me, my grades, my life, my hopes for a degree, nothing. This is a community college. They can be as awful as they want and people will still go here because it's cheap and they have no other options. I cannot say that I have spoken with a single helpful person since enrolling here.
A good option for people who want to get basic coursework or remedial coursework completed. But know what you want to get out of this or you can spend a lot of time and money with classes that will not help you in any way.
Every professor I've had is extremely friendly, helpful, and understand. There are great events for those interested in creative writing.
PPCC has been a great college when it comes to learning the skills of the trade and getting into the workforce as soon as possible and as fully equipped as possible.
Pikes Peak Community College is a great place to start education. I've been going there for about a year and I am very happy with the students and staff that all love what they are doing. All of th professors I have had so far are so passionate about the subject they teach and they make you want to love it too.
Pikes Peak Community College is a great place to start college life. The overall experience is rewarding and educational. However, there are few activities outside the academic realm.
I've really enjoyed attending school here. There's been a few crummy teachers but overall they seem really interested in your success. I took the phlebotomy course in two semesters and got a job that month because Ms. Davis is so well known and respected in the phlebotomy world. Pretty awesome school!
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I recently completed my first semester at Pikes Peak Community College, and I enjoyed my classes and teachers. Very friendly staff. The computer lab is pretty awesome and they help you with anything you need. I feel like American lunches are generally unhealthy and school lunches follow that trend unfortunately. School food is usually not healthy and fairly expensive. The layout of the school is a bit strange but I don't have any complaints. I am just thankful that there is a school in Colorado that offers my degree on Zoo tech. where I can interactively work with the school's animals.
I would like admissions to be better at planning out schedules that make sense. I would like more straight forward answers on the phone and for it be easier to talk to the correct person from the record's department
I previously attended PPCC when I was younger and I have returned to work on my Digital Media A.A. PPCC has been very accommodating with advising and ease of access to everything offered on campus. The only thing I have an issue with is the system for online classes. Sometimes my classes would not show up or the system itself would be down thus not allowing me to complete assignments.
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