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All of the teachers are awesome and want you to succeed. Many of them were students there themselves and have been where you are.
Professors are very helpful and friendly. There are a lot of resources to help you to exceed! Small campus so you can't get lost.
I am taking classes at PPCC to prepare for a Mechanical Engineering degree, and it has been going very well for me. I am especially pleased with the mathematics and science divisions. Almost all of my science credits have had great teachers. Also I really appropriate the math lab. PPCC has a math lab with full time tutors, and often the teachers will be in there willing to answer any questions from the students.
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Give me a chance to get back into it. Other then that. The school is fine. The campus food is ok. They need to offer more healthy food choices. They also need more cameras for the parking lot.
Pikes Peak Community College is Convenient and affordable which fits my needs. By taking day, night, or online classes I will be able to complete my degree in a few years while continuing to work full-time at the same time.
I think Pikes Peak is an excellent stepping stone into life. The education is equal to that at a university and less expensive. I love the small class sizes and the professors. There are many opportunities to excel in the school and there is so many helpful outlets for students
I have nothing to compare Pikes Peak Community College to, but my first semester has been really good. I did really struggle with some of my classes but thankfully passed them all. I have learning accomodations too and the school and its services, staff, and professors have been great about it and really helped me be successful in class. The atmosphere is nice, the Centennial Campus that I attend is large and nice, class sizes are comfortable, if not small. I am looking forward to next semester.
Pikes Peak Community College is an ideal institution for earning a profitable degree for a fair price. The educators are caring and have extensive backgrounds in their fields. Students of all ages, races, and ethnicities feel welcome at the many campuses. The degree options PPCC provides are endless and lead to countless promising opportunities for graduates.
Pikes Community College is a great place to start your educational career. They have caring advisors who are willing to go the extra mile to help you ensure your success in college. They have three locations making it easy to find a location close to you.
As a dual enrollment student, they have given me the opportunity to earn transferable credit while still in high school. This has saved me thousands of dollars.
As a previous student at Pikes Peak Community college I would have to say my experience there was excellent. The Teachers Were very nice and understanding and I enjoyed the chance of getting to know new people my first year of college. They were even helpful and nice about everything.
Pikes Peak Is amazing! I don't think I would change anything! The staff are great. They are really supportive and help you get through all the paperwork and registration.
The teachers at Pikes Peak are great they really make sure to help the students understand what they are learning. Only downside is how expensive the online classes are.
PPCC's excellent teachers and low tuition costs allowed me to pay for college myself and graduate debt free. Very much a worth while investment.
Its easy to move around and very military friendly. Have a new tutoring session called the Learning common where its first come first serve but they give you more then enough help .
It's a nice school to start at. The faculty are good and most informative. There could be more campus activities and they could offer more classes at different times and campuses.
I have recently enrolled with PPCC and have already had a great experience with the staff. They are friendly and extremely helpful. They go out of their way to try to find ways to help you succeed.
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I love it here at Pikes Peak Community College. The class sizes are really small and are very personalized. All of the staff is really helpful, and have made the college experience easy for me.
What i liked about it was the amount of help they offer to make college affortable . And what i would like to see change is the variety of clubs.
The people there are lovely and very helpful. It seems to be a great school with a lot of opportunities.
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