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I love the campus here because there are so many resources to help you not only succeed but excel. The staff and professors really care about you and your progress.
just about to start going here so I have no input on the quality so far. I can say that orientation was fast and informal. Took a walk around the campus and was surprise at the size of the campus. school is close to home so no issue with traffic.
PPCC has amazing instructors and small class sizes. I received my AAS from here and am back again to further my education once again.
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I have had an incredible experience at Pikes Peak Community college, I've become personal friends with my professors, who genuinely care about you and want to see you succeed. The campus is beautiful, and its a very safe and clean environment.
This college welcomed me with open arms when I was so unsure of myself and needing a lifeline. If you need some inspiration for your future, start here. It'll be worth it.
I so far am loving being at PPCC, my professors have been wonderful, experienced, and knowledgeable. However, the administration leaves something to be desired. I have called numerous times with questions which they were unable to answer when other students had the answers for me...
Pikes Peak community college has helped me be able to attend college even when working full time or more. Organized, easy to use online and starting two classes inside the classroom soon.
While at PPCC, I experienced issues that left me confused & feeling helpless, many of which were met with faculty responses like, "I have no idea what happened," or, "[t]his shouldn't have been possible." Problems included Financial Aid mix-ups resulting in owed money by me to the institution (when initially the institution had owed me money) & FASFA errors. The staff is not knowledgeable & provided misleading information about its own graduation commencement ceremony, as well as losing & postponing my initial graduation application despite following up several times. The advisors do not provide adequate attention during appointments, & on several occasions failed to inform me of issues with degree planning that would prolong my graduation date despite talking with them to build my plan. Also in my first year of school at PPCC someone hit my car in the overflow lot while I was in class and there are no cameras, or adequate security, to make dealing with this kind of issue possible.
PPCC is a great place that is very diverse. When I first started there was not much help in guidance but by time I grew closer to the end of my time there they had a degree check program and advisers from all different areas of study. Another thing that was also great was they started using book rental service which is great.
The school is great but i had some problems with financial aid and communication. the Teachers however love their jobs and take every individual into consideration.
They offer lots of opportunitiies for work, socializing, grade help, and other useful tools. Staff is friendly and helpful. It takes a while for advisors to contact you so its better to go in during school hours. The campuses are easy to navigate and have pretty views. I'm very glad I decided to attend school here.
I loved the atmosphere. Everyone there was very friendly and willing to help. They accommodated on my situation of being an out of state student, and being in out of home care. I would change the tuition, the tuition is extremely costly for an out of state 17 year old student.
I like the fact there is so many teachers who are willing to sacrifice their time to push you in the right direction.
I haven't started yet, but I've been accepted and my sophmore year were going to help me catch up on credits for high school.
I have visited the website which is easy to navigate and requested information about several of there programs. The requested information arrived in a very timely manner.
This college has some amazing teachers that have experience and want to make sure you succeed! They have helped me be successful and carry very good grades!
The math department is very good. The science courses and weak. Chemistry and physics labs are pointless and do not teach students much. They are busy work and the concepts are not strengthened by them. The humanities are okay. A lot of variation is present in the quality of professors.
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Good college to start your journey to transfer or do certificate programs. Most staff are excellent and willing to work with the students.
Good, cheap education. Most professors are very helpful and have a surplus amount of office hours and addition help for any class.
I liked the flexibility of available class times and days. I was a full time student so it was nice being able to have my schedule full but no overlaps. The chefs who trained me were very knowledgeable and had a passion for cooking. They taught us recipes but also allowed us to be creative in our labs. The college itself was nice and the staff was helpful if ever approached with an issue whether it be scheduling, financial, or counsel with an advisor. I had a few meetings with my advisor and she was very helpful and able to answer all of my questions accurately and point me in the right direction.
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