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I have learned so much at Pierpont in the Culinary Arts Program. I was able to do a double major with Hotel Management to work toward a two plus two program at WVU. The staff is amazing and very caring. I would highly recommend this college for the financial benefit of a reasonable associates.
Pierpont Community & Technical College is a great campus for those who have a family and work. The have a great atmosphere for learning. They understand appreciate that their students are adult learners who are seeking to further their education with flexible programs.
I love how the teachers help and try their best to teach us the easiest way. The teachers go out of their way to help us succeed in life. I want to see more teachers interact woth the kids.
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It's a great school, the class sizes are small and manageable and the tuition is low for the great education you recieve.
Very well taught curriculum. Instructors are very dedicated to make sure you succeed. I am majoring in Petroleum Technology, and love it. The learning experiences whether hands on, in the field, and lectures are very informative. Each class something new was taught and straight to the point. The overall campus is very well structured. Would highly recommend others to look into Pierpont Community & Technical College to pursue their careers.
The facility members and teachers at Pierpont are extremely helpful, kind, friendly, and understand your academic needs. They work well with personal schedules and help out as much as they can to upcoming, current and future students. They truly are here for the students and making their futures bright. I am proud to be a student at Pierpont Community and Technical College .
The courses and instructors seem very robust. Of course there are some professors that don't work as much with students, but you'll get those everywhere you go. Most of them, especially the professors in major-specific programs, seem to genuinely care about the success of the students. As far as the sizes of the classrooms, the largest class is a lecture class of 30 students. I have a class this semester of 8 students, and it really makes class enjoyable as we all get to know each other. There are a lot of different courses offered as well, and they are constantly looking for more things to add to the table.
As an Information Systems Technology major, my new professor is constantly on the lookout for new grants and new things he can bring to the classroom. We have plenty of current equipment to work with, plenty of experienced people to help us along with them, and it's all made possible due to how much my adviser cares. We have in-class time to work on the equipment, and he even offers open lab times that work for all of his students. He genuinely wants us to succeed, and the program even pays for our certification exams, which we study extensively for. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Online classes are great, however it depends on the professor. Some professors with online classes are not very responsive to emails or Blackboard messages unfortunately.
As I've said before, the professors and advisers really do work with us. The only complaint I would have would be class scheduling. A lot of the classes are only offered during certain times, and there's no way around that.
Pierpont is a great choice for me. It is a smaller campus that has smaller classroom environments, which I believe reflects in how much one-on-one time you can actually get with your professor. The staff is a bit disorganized, but the majority of them genuinely care. They offer many on-campus events including job fairs, and the services offer to students are very nice for the cheaper rates we are paying. It's a very nice transition from a rural area due to the smaller campus, and the staff have worked with me through everything. The food is very nice as well, although Aladdin food services have been very reluctant to cater to Celiac's Disease. Students who live on-campus are required to purchase a meal plan, however my girlfriend recently got diagnosed with Celiac's Disease. Therefore, she was forced to pay for a meal plan she couldn't use, and that forced us to try and get exempt from the housing contract to get our own apartment so she could actually eat food without getting sick. Other than that though, I have absolutely no complaints.
Always has answers for everything
Professors are easy going, laid back and are always helpful
Lots of new material that I am learning.
Its so great, so helpful with anything you need
Still trying to agree on some math classes that I took back in the 80's. But, learned a great deal during first semester.
You usually can do these at your own pace and whenever you have time, unlike going into class.
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I think they should post jobs, but they tell you to look online. Did that with my first degree & didn't get a job. Very poor Career Services
Depending on the major, and whether you have experience
Cisco courses were good, professor who taught them back from 2011-2014 wasn't that great.
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