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I felt like they helped me with what I needed to do. They guided me in the right direction. Also showed me what my recommendations are to go towards the right decision. I would recommend this college to my peers and for those whom are not in college. I believe that going to this school is a great idea. The staff in the office is very helpful, very friendly, and very well respected. I can go to school and go to work. They are flexible with my work schedule. The degree I am going for is Early Childhood Education. The degree would give me credit hours at my job at the Hillside Daycare Center and possible full-time position.
It's an extremely refreshing school experience especially for my first college experience. The campus is nice, the people are nice, the academics, studies, and resources are all superb. Honestly I really like coming back to school here, it makes me look forward to school daily compared to my High School life.
Great rates per credit hour. Lots of choices for degrees and career paths. Online options as well as on campus available.
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This college has been so beneficial for me so far!
I transferred from Evergreen College to here, and they were so understanding throughout the process.
I'm currently in online classes right now, and I'm really having a blast with them!
Pierce college has been nothing but great with me, and I'm glad I'm going here.
Pierce College is overall an excellent choice for a community college. Its proximity to Ft. Steilacoom park and the nearby town of Steilacoom makes it a great location. The professors work with students to help them understand the material using whatever methods work best for that student. Student life constantly hosts events around campus during the daytime and sometimes evening hours. The cafeteria food is excellent, although it can sometimes be expensive.
I love this campus! It's easy to find your way around, you're always a short walk away from coffee and snacks. There is a wide variety of classes that are available to take. All the professors are more than willing to help you out and work with you as needed - as long as you put in an ample amount of effort.
Pierce college is a great school. Everyone is willing to help and they have great programs to help you in order to help you be as successful as possible.
Most of the science teachers are good and engaging. The school itself tends to be rather laid back. However, parking at this school is horrendous.
The professors at Pierce College care about your future and are willing to help you achieve your goals. They have an excellent support network of people to guide you through the college process and answer any questions or concerns that may be stopping you from getting your degree. The courses I have taken offered a rigorous and challenging curriculum but were also very doable. The class sizes are small and personable, making it a warm and inviting atmosphere.
Pierce college is an amazing college with a great faculty and student body. The campus is beautiful and there is a variety of courses to choose from.
I like their advisors and their professors. They are so nice and campus security is great. The classes and academics are amazing.
Pierce College at Fort Steilecoom is an amazing option for people who want and need to save a little money before heading to an expensive 4-year university. There are so many options for different types of classes, taught by great professors. The campus is beautiful, and the buildings feature state-of-the-art technology, and eco-friendly materials.
Pierce has been great! The advisors really work with you to get you to the classes you need and the instructors take their time with the students to make sure they're understanding the materials of the course.
Great place to experience new things. Most of the attendances are military personnel so it's not party scene instead a great place to study.
I started as an active duty service member and now I'm a veteran. On both sides the staff/professors have been understanding and nice. I've had no problems with this school and would recommend to friends/family.
I am currently attending this college right now to get my RN so I can become a nurse. The people at this school are all very friendly, professors are very knowledgeable, and it is a beautiful campus.
I'm in the bachelors dental hygiene program and it's tough, but I'm pulling through. It's a rigorous program so we can withstand anything when we are done here. They have other bachelors programs too.
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I really enjoy going to this community college because not only is the staff friendly and knowledgeable, it had the green of a large University which is something that suits me.
This school is a great school at first glance but don't be fooled. The professors lose your work, make their own grading systems, and will mess with your grades. My geography teacher told me I had a 93% in the class and it even said it on canvas but the grade he put on my transcript was a 78%. Totally messed my grade up and there was not much I could do to fix it. I just want to see more professors that like teaching and grade realistically.
Students didn't participate in class discussions, teachers were either crazy dedicated or were too laid back. A lot of teachers gave busy work or excessive work that didn't seem to benefit the student or the class. It was hard to make friends because people didn't talk outside of the class. The tutors were nice, but it was always crowded and asking for help was hard since they didn't have enough staff. It was a nice campus I just only really liked Professor Simpson he was the only one who seemed to care and be passionate about his classes and students without overwhelming us and he was very reasonable and thought of the students best interest. He even would stand for the students against colleagues that were being unfair, especially the Dean. The Advisor Adrianna was a doll! She was so approachable, kind, and always made sure I was informed. Otherwise, the staff was hard to talk to and some were even passive aggressive for no apparent reason.
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