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Pierce College at Fort Steilacoom Reviews

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Amazing and diverse community college that is constantly expanding areas of study! The volume of curriculum allows a student to carry a number of classes each quarter, and assistance from staff and professors is amazing. The college works hard to promote the students to take multiple fields of study, and earn several degrees and certificates through the course of their education. The library is amazing with knowledgeable staff that can find or get anything to assist you in your academic research studies. The digital lab allows you to create without stress, and staff that has a full knowledge of available software and tools. Student life is very supported and highly diverse in international studies ranging from other languages to cultural activities. The stem staff is there to help with organizing and cleaning up your computer issues and assisting with math and sciences homework as well as a full range of tutoring services available to all students for free.
I absolutely adore Pierce College (at both campuses but for these purposes, Fort Steilacoom). The professors want to see you learn and succeed and are very knowledgeable in the subjects they teach. Support for students from counselors isn't something I have experience with but is something that is needed. Sports, clubs, work-study opportunities and cultural support is fantastic.
Great for military personnel. The classes are easily navigated and the professors are accessible. They are very helpful and are willing to help whenever possible.
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I think that Pierce College is great for military students. I am able to take classes at my pace and the professors are very understanding.
I like the campus here and the decent sized classes. Faculty and staff are great with availability and communication. I would like to see more availability of classes though.
I've only had good things happen at Pierce. When I was finding no place to go after a previous institution ended my program before graduation, Pierce accepted my credits and I was able to obtain my first degree! I am now pursuing a second this year. For improvements, I believe they need more hands in the Financial Aid department for faster processing.
I recently switched campuses due to scheduling conflicts to the Ft Steilacoom Campus from the Puyallup Campus. I believe the Ft Steilacoom Campus appears larger. There Campus is older but there is a larger amount of classes to choose from in comparison to the Puyallup Campus. Overall I am extremely pleased with both Campuses. I used to live and Lakewood near the Campus. It’s close to a beautiful park, grocery stores, shopping and about ten minutes drive from highways. The professors are very knowledgeable and the tutoring center is very helpful. Love this college. Go Raiders!!!
I enjoy attending Pierce it's a great atmosphere, the teachers and peers are helpful. Knowledge is power and thats what I gain by attending Pierce the power to make changes I want to see in this world.
I liked that the class canvas was easy to work with. The professors were also very helpful and knowledgeable about the subject they were teaching.
Pierce college is an amazing community college with really caring staff and great diversity within the student body and staff. They offer a large range of opportunities and classes. The students are all very open and there's such a large range of age, class, and culture at Pierce.
Pierce is an excellent choice for both local running start and international student.

First of all, it's affordable tuition and wide range of classes attracted me and my parents to apply for. I was originally a Biology major student and decided to change into environmental engineering, and Pierce's courses supported that.

Also, another thing to mention about Pierce is their excellent devotion to student success. From arrays of sports activities and also student government involvement, students can choose to become who they wanted to be on campus. For example, I was interested to see how policies in America is established as an international student, so I joined as a Legislative Senator in 2017. The position is very helpful in my professional development

Overall, Pierce is a good school for both local and international students who are active and have affordability.
This college gives a lot of opportunity for students. However, it needs to give more educational sources for students. I think Pierce College at Fort Steilacoom gives chances for Nursing and Science major students. Sometimes, other major students feel college does not support them than Nursing and Science major students. Staffs of college are very nice and kind. They try to help students in their abilities. I think local and campus atmosphere is so good for studying. I like library, but library does not have enough spaces for students. It is too small because college has a lots of students. Also, parking lot space too small, so students feel uncomfortable to find parking spaces.
I love my school for so many reasons. I would say the top three things about Pierce that make it an amazing school to attend is first and foremost the teachers! Every professor I have had so far has genuinely cared about me as a student. Many of my professors have gone above and beyond to make sure I completely understand the curriculum so I can pass with flying colors. I would not be an A student without the help from my teachers, as well as my peers. The students at Pierce have all been super nice and easy to get along with. It's very easy to make friends at this school . Last but not least, the activities. Student life puts on events throughout the year. A lot of them are so much fun and there's always free food and drink. Can you say "baked potato bar" !? Yes please ! Overall, I am proud to be a student at Pierce College.
The school isn't super expensive and it's a good educational experience plus the campus is pretty nice. The people tend to be friendly and the professors are always willing to help if needed.
I felt like they helped me with what I needed to do. They guided me in the right direction. Also showed me what my recommendations are to go towards the right decision. I would recommend this college to my peers and for those whom are not in college. I believe that going to this school is a great idea. The staff in the office is very helpful, very friendly, and very well respected. I can go to school and go to work. They are flexible with my work schedule. The degree I am going for is Early Childhood Education. The degree would give me credit hours at my job at the Hillside Daycare Center and possible full-time position.
It's an extremely refreshing school experience especially for my first college experience. The campus is nice, the people are nice, the academics, studies, and resources are all superb. Honestly I really like coming back to school here, it makes me look forward to school daily compared to my High School life.
Great rates per credit hour. Lots of choices for degrees and career paths. Online options as well as on campus available.
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This college has been so beneficial for me so far!
I transferred from Evergreen College to here, and they were so understanding throughout the process.
I'm currently in online classes right now, and I'm really having a blast with them!
Pierce college has been nothing but great with me, and I'm glad I'm going here.
Pierce College is overall an excellent choice for a community college. Its proximity to Ft. Steilacoom park and the nearby town of Steilacoom makes it a great location. The professors work with students to help them understand the material using whatever methods work best for that student. Student life constantly hosts events around campus during the daytime and sometimes evening hours. The cafeteria food is excellent, although it can sometimes be expensive.
I love this campus! It's easy to find your way around, you're always a short walk away from coffee and snacks. There is a wide variety of classes that are available to take. All the professors are more than willing to help you out and work with you as needed - as long as you put in an ample amount of effort.
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