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Students didn't participate in class discussions, teachers were either crazy dedicated or were too laid back. A lot of teachers gave busy work or excessive work that didn't seem to benefit the student or the class. It was hard to make friends because people didn't talk outside of the class. The tutors were nice, but it was always crowded and asking for help was hard since they didn't have enough staff. It was a nice campus I just only really liked Professor Simpson he was the only one who seemed to care and be passionate about his classes and students without overwhelming us and he was very reasonable and thought of the students best interest. He even would stand for the students against colleagues that were being unfair, especially the Dean. The Advisor Adrianna was a doll! She was so approachable, kind, and always made sure I was informed. Otherwise, the staff was hard to talk to and some were even passive aggressive for no apparent reason.
I love Pierce college! AMAZING Professors who actually about their students. It's a school I would definitly recommend.
I like the campus and out of the 3 professors I have had, two of them were great! The other was just okay but that might just be because it was a required class with information I already knew.
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im currently still taking the basic classes i need for my associates, therefore at the moment I interact with people who might go to the same field as Iam or similar to mine. From what ive noticed with others is that they become close with a lot of students because they have a smililar study field. i think this is a great way to become closer and interact with people to help improve your experiences and knowledge.
This school has such a wide variety of students with different backgrounds. They give students a great opportunity to make friends by providing in school activities and also out school activities. One of the things the school should work on is creating parking that are closer to the main buildings that students have classes in.
There are a lot of opportunities for internships on campus. Sonetimes i'll get emails on student job opportunities on campus.
I'm a freshman almost a sophomore so I haven't had that much experience in my major but as of now my classes are great. The subjects i'm taking keep things interesting and make my learning so much more exciting. I'm truly learning about stuff I actually care about. Theres a lot of resources and an abundance of intriguing classes for my major, Criminal Justice. The possibilities are endless on where you can take that degree. The path i'm on is for Transfer. As much as Pierce does have to offer I want more for myself & unfortunately they don't offer Law School. Pierce is a great start to get my career going.
I'm more motivated to get good grades & take advantage of all the resources & opportunities Pierce has to offer. I have a new found faith in myself as a student, which I didn't have throughout high school. I feel like I can do anything I set my mind to, & that is mainly because my professors instilled that confidence in me. They are really there to help you along your journey all you have to do is take that first step and show them that you are serious about your educational endeavors.
Pierce College has been very beneficial to my education. I am 17 years old, and a senior in high school. Because of Pierce College's running start program, I will be graduated from high school and have received my AA degree all by 17 years old. Pierce has provided the opportunity for me to get a taste of higher education before my peers in high school, this allows me to take classes in fields I might be interested in my future. Pierce College has also provided the opportunity for me to build relationships with people from many diverse groups, help out within my community, and also receive cheap deals on fun things to do (movie tickets, ice-skating, trips to Seattle, plays, community service events, concerts, etc). Pierce College has also given me the opportunity to be well educated on cultural and societal issues, and has given me an outlet and a voice to help within those problems that are within our society. I would definitely recommend Pierce College to high schooler's wanting to get a head start on higher education, and anybody else looking for an inexpensive, creditable, college. My experiences with Pierce College will stick with me and benefit me for the rest of my life.
Courses offered all day until 10 at night!
Easier to work alone but remaining in contact with people
They do good with getting you out the door
There are so many opportunities and people to help
Professors are beyond helpful with life and school
This college sets you up to transfer successfully
The school is not too big but not too small either
I haven't used this resource
Review Pierce College at Fort Steilacoom
I am using Pierce as a platform to transfer to a 4 year
Professors want you to succeed
It's just great. Teacher gives us the tools we need and the freedom to use them.
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