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Pierce College at Fort Steilacoom Reviews

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This school has been so helpful to me with my schooling. Even during this pandemic they have been more than supportive to all student. Making sure every student has what they need to succeed and helping keep everyone safe.
Honestly being forced to do all schooling online due to the pandemic was a scary thought for me. Though through all the madness it has been quite a pleasant experience. The teachers and staff have all been readily available and helpful with any and all issues that have come up. They are always ready to support all the students.
Pierce college is a very welcoming school. It’s very diverse, and has amazing resources for their students. There’s also a lot of clubs and groups you can participate in that can help expand your education and/or make you feel included. Everyone I’ve encountered is very nice and helpful, I’ve never faced a problem that couldn’t be fix without the help of someone in administration, financial aid, cashiering etc.
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Due to COVID-19 the ending of winter quarter was switched to online. I’d never taken an online course before, so it was a drastic change for me. Spring quarter was online as well, and it was much simpler than winter. I had a better understanding of my schools canvas, my professors started to develop a better understanding on how to teach their traditional in-person classes online. There were struggles at times with understanding the work, but my professors were good at responding to emails and helping in a timely manner. I also discovered resources and services that Pierce College provides for their students, as in tutoring, counseling, study groups etc. For not having a lot of time to prepare for online classes, professors, students, and administrators did an amazing job at converting over and keeping in contact with all the members of the school. Overall it was an astronomical learning experience for myself, my peers and my professors and now, I will always expect the unexpected!
Very welcoming environment, they use a lot of horseshoe style classrooms which makes the class experience feel more cooperative. I enjoyed a majority of my classes there and would go again.
My time with online classes was quite nice, all the professors were prepared except for when the Covid pandemic hit, but even then the professors I had were very forgiving with any issues that occurred.
As a student from a different university, I applied to Pierce College to participate in one of their certificate programs. Their financial aid and advisors were not the most helpful to work it. You have to constantly go out of your way to figure out what is happening with your schedule, program, and financial aid. I've contacted them multiple times and they are not very efficient nor helpful in any way.
There is no help from advisors in regards to scheduling and signing up for classes. This college is very much a you-figure-it-out-on-your-own type of college.
My experience with Pierce College was better than I expected. I attended Pierce for two years right before transferring to a different school. I originally planned on joining the Dental Hygiene program but ultimately decided to go into a different field, thankfully all of my credits were transferrable! Some things I loved about Pierce college were the student and staff diversity and the beautiful on-campus lake you can walk around to soak up some nature. The cheap cafeteria food wasn't bad when you're on a budget and they also offer a free food pantry for students in need of a meal. They also offer free scantrons and lots of opportunities for donating blood and joining very diverse clubs. The biggest positive of Pierce College is that they offer a program for adults to receive their diploma if they're a few credits shy of their diploma. It only cost $25.00. I wouldn't be as far into college career if it wasn't for Pierce College.
I did not take any online classes while I attended Pierce College. If I needed to though, it seemed like it would be an easy enough process to complete.
I loved getting to work with my classmates and being able to interact with people of all ages and backgrounds. I have had some great professors there that have truly cared about my success not just as a student but as a person.
Online can be a challenge for anyone! Thankfully, professors at Pierce have made it easy to manage. I like being able to email my professors and get a response back quickly. I do wish we would have online classes where we would attend over Zoom or some other platform like that.
The price of tuition is very good for the quality of education you receive. There are many career paths to choose from and the staff make it very easy for you to manage your time and money. I've had a good experience with every professor I've had.
My experience at Pierce College in Fort Steilacoom, is that I have went there through the Upward Bound program that is held in the summer, for high school students. What I liked from the college is their campus and the classes they offer there.
I like the atmosphere, since I have went in they are always nice, and extremely helpful. I have never ran into a mean professor or staff worker. They are always very welcoming and warm to anyone who comes in and is in need of help.
I went here as a running start student, and I just have to say that this school is amazing. All my professors are very friendly and teach the content and at a pretty sophisticated level while at the same time making sure the students understand. The cost here is more affordable than other college that offer the same classes. Overall, this college is a great choice if you want to get your AA and then transfer to another college if you wish.
I love how diverse it is! They have a commitment to students few see anywhere else! The campus is amazing, people are so friendly and eager to help. They have many integrated programs to aid students in all areas of their academic careers. They also have many resources for those needing employment pre, during and post education.
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Pierce College Fort Steilacoom is where you ought to be. The campus is beautiful and surrounded by walking trails, and is close to a lake. The best teachers for physics and math seem to end up at this campus, so if you are going in to a field where you need these classes, look for your teachers at Fort Steilacoom. I wish I had spent all of my two years on this Pierce College campus. It's a wonderful, wonderful place.
This is definitely an amazing school with even better resources!! I have never had a bad teacher there before, as they actually care about your well being. Something else that really stands out about Pierce College Fort Steilacoom is that your teachers genuinely want you to succeed by getting a good education. Even when I had family emergencies, my teachers were there despite their busy lives to make sure I was staying caught up and really helped work with me.
As a Service Member, the staff has gone above and beyond to ensure I'm successful. With flexible scheduling to a resource center in JBLM, they are attentive and caring.
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