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The college is small and easy to find classes. Some of the instructors are very friendly and care about their students. They will make open availability in their busy schedules to help you out. The instructors communicates with their students. However, the college doesn’t do a good job with communication like in the financial aid, advising, and etc. You must be on your own when it comes to having questions answered and finding out what steps you need to do. Advisors are always busy and it's hard to contact them when they have a ton of other students. It is difficult to understand what is going on or what you must do when the school doesn't communicate with you. They make you take unnecessary classes before you can take the classes you really need. This makes you have to pay more money and stay in school even longer. The tuition has increased due to a lot of reconstruction on campus. It's not worth the price for the way you are treated and the lack of communication.
If you are looking for a technical school with a small teacher student ratio,Piedmont Technical School is the way to go. You get the one on one student /teacher interaction and hands on training.The faulty genuinely trys to help you with any needs that arise.

I feel safe in the community that the college is in and student life thrives here.
Piedmont technical college is an affordable and the teachers work their hardest to help the students understand the material that is being taught.
One thing that I would like see change at Piedmont is the lack of in-class discussions and debates.
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Horrible staff and procedures. would never recommend this school to anyone. Professors belittle you constantly, and pick on you if you are slower at learning the materials.
From what others would say about the school, i was surprised! Piedmont tech has a wonderful and helpful staff, even over the phone!
As long as you plan your schedule ahead of time before the semester starts, you will have ample flexibility.
The online courses experienced at this school are well -managed.
I have not yet experienced post-grad services at this school.
I take an interesting class called a pen class, in which the professor is projected onto a screen to many campuses.
This school is very content with getting its students where they need to be to graduate.
In some classes the work is very easy going, but some class work is extensive and tedious.
The college I attend is not bad. I should have had more preparation before attending.
So far it's easy to plan around work and life.
Making working full time and having kids a little easier to manage.
There are many programs to help find jobs after graduation.
This is a Tech school, you come you learn you get to work.
Professors make learning as easy and interactive as possible.
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Makes it comfortable to go back as an adult without feeling out of place.
I am starting the Nursing ADN program and I feel like this is perfect for a full time employeewith cchildren going back to school after 13yrs
My major is veterinary technology and it is a great handsome eperience! The instructors really help to make you feel like what the real job will be like in the field.
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