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I have had the privilege of being taught by amazing, helpful instructors while at PCC. All of the staff are eager to help students achieve their goals and take advantage of invaluable opportunities. It's a great leaning environment, and everyone is friendly and down-to-earth. I wouldn't want to be earning my Associates Degree anywhere else.
Piedmont Community College is a excellent college and the staff try their best to help with your major and setting up with classes and answer any answers you have for major too.
I like that the campus is local and convient. The teachers are really helpful and will help in any way that they can. The campus has plenty of resources to help you succeed, you just have to be willing to do you research and find the resources. Overall, I love the college and enjoy being about of the alumni.
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This is my first time taking college courses. I like the fact that the faculty at Piedmont Community College are very helpful and they want you to succeed. They even have tutors to help you make it through school classes. My experience has been wonderful.
Piedmont Community College is a welcoming environment to new students and returning students. Professors are usually helpful, all you have to do is ask. Nowhere else I’d rather be.
What I like the most about Piedmont Community College is the environment, and the chance for academic growth. Being here over these past 4 years has helped me grow both as a student and as a man. If there was change that I would love to see it would be the increase in student participation. Extracurricular activities planned by faculty and students is lacking the support that it deserves.
My son has had a good experience with PCC Caswell campus, it's close to home and I would love to see it grow and offer more classes on the Caswell County campus.
I enjoyed the campus atmosphere. There are wonderful students & staff that always seem to go the extra mile to make sure you are OK. The campus is constantly changing to keep up with the times.
It is a great environment and offers a lot of academics for everyone, with helpful staff. They stay on top of new information and alerting students.
I had a pretty good experience on campus. The instructors were great. Always encouraged you to study, study, study. My only problem is access to more tutors for nursing classes. Yes you have scrubs, but they have studying and other things going in as well so you can’t really tie them down with your issues. Overall, I really enjoy going there and will continue in spring to pursue my nursing degree despite a minor setback.
I'm a new first-time student...n/a until after 1st year of completion.
Small classes that help with the peer-to-peer interaction and team building. Helps to make new friends and network with local businesses and professors.
Plan to transfer in two years to UNC Chapel Hill to earn a BA degree in dental hygiene.
Friendly professors that want to help you achieve for personal goals. Class size to small compared to universities. Helps with one on one interaction.
Works with local businesses to train students to get the advanced training skills to have a rewarding career.
Offer college transfer courses that will allow me to move to a 4 year college in the near future without a large school debt loan.
Local community college with friendly staff. Provides the tools I need to complete my goals to make a career.
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I love my career path! It's a great hands on Learning experience!
I will be building on my degree and so that I can help the elderly with food and nutrition.
The Culinary Prgram a CPCC is extremely extensive. They cover all realms of the restaurant environment. The professors not only teach you the required material but also teach real world scenarios that you can only get from a person who has been in the industry. Teachings that have been passed down from chef to chef over the years. Things you just can't get from a book. You are given the opportunity to to explore with in the segment that is require while still staying with in the curriculum. Learning from mistakes and how to quickly fix them which would be apart of your daily work environment in the real world. Also learning that daily duties to make your environment a better place to work by being a team player.
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