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Overall, i think Piedmont College is a great school. The small classes make it very easy to make friends and be comfortable talking with your professors.
Piedmont College is a small college with so many opportunities to grow. Professors and advisors are always available to help. There is no appointment necessary.
The school always puts you first. You are not a number.
I like that is small, we are community here and the professors truly care. The campus is small but we are mighty. WE have one of the best nursing programs in the state and we send people to med school law school and even to study a broad. We get free torturing sessions, and not just by other students by professors too. IT is a gorgeous campus with really good dorms with RA's that care.
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excellent small private college with friendly helpful staff excellent food and nice dorms plus new friends made this fall
I like how small it is. The professors know you by name and they are always available to discuss things during office hours. I hate how expensive it is, but they do offer many financial aid options.
As a Move On When Ready student, I see Piedmont College from a much different lens than a normal college student. I can't speak much to the financial soundness nor campus life of Piedmont, but my professors have been quirky and honest, and my advisor was both patient and proactive when addressing my concerns.
I liked everything about Piedmont everyone is so kind and caring and they make sure you're doing ok and start a conversation they connect quickly with families.
Piedmont College is an outstanding school. Their push for students to really learn is the most important thing at Piedmont. Teachers are amazing and always I mean always willing to work with the students despite the circumstances. This school is not a big school, but it is large enough for one to get their fitbit steps in!
Its a small campus with a true family feel where the professors and staff know you by name and know all about your plans and goals- and want to help. Great atmosphere and resources.
This college is small and terrible. The classes are not challenging and they are extremely boring. I feel like I'm throwing away money by going here. Please do not go here! You will regret it. I've only been here for one semester and I already want to transfer!
I am currently a new student and I really enjoy the Athens Campus atmosphere. The staff and professors really make it fun and easy to learn.
So far as a Freshman I've enjoyed dealing with the staff especially on a one to one basis, living on Campus make me feel like a responsible adult, the Track & Field here is so different than high school, more advanced but that's what I like, Challenge.
I do feel safe on campus.
the admissions office did a wonderful job.
I do not live on campus
I am not part of the Greek life.
the size of the gym is nice.
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I would do it all over again and choose this school. I would have went to this school before I went to a technical school.
I don't know much about the quality of the degree or how easy it is to get a job with a degree from my school.
I love my school and think I'll stay until I graduate. I would even consider the Masters programs my school offers.
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