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it was alright. didn't do much. i personally didn't like the schools environment it wasn't my style and i didn't feel welcomed. i feel like i didn't get the right resources that i needed for this semester.
Phoenix College is pretty good place to get your first two years of college education. It's very culturally diverse for those of you who thrive on that. The professors are really cool, and the campus actually has some phenomenal views. If you can find them! My experience at Phoenix College has been average. It really does lack an active student body, but for some it might be just the kind of solitude they're looking for.
my experience.... well to start the nerves of starting college straight from high school was overwhelming, however, thanks to the Hanney Center it was super easy.from there the bookstore was nice and helpful with books the teachers were nice and overall a very friendly environment. during this semester I joined the theater workshop to volunteer for Baskerville the play in the production and I gained so many friend and experiences in there daily and it encourages me to continue my work and schooling. so for #betterthanhighschool #PClife
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Phoenix college is a great campus thats close to downtown but far enough to avoid major traffic. teachers are always helpful. there a lot of classes to choice from and several transfer paths to universities
As a freshman at Phoenix College, I can say that it was a successful semester for me. I ended the course with an A, and I am honored to say that I had the best instructor! Having Eng101 in the mornings, my Professor always made the class fun! Phoenix College also has excellent student resources for students to take advantage. Overall, it was a marvelous experience as a freshman.
Phoenix College has been a great experience for me. The curriculum is structured so that learn and retain what you learn from your studies and in class. The instructors and administration adress you concerns promptly and care very encouraging. The test are real challenge but you learn more in the end. Phoenix College staff is available for tutoring from 7am until 10pm. The school provides sns secure learning environment. Phoenix offers students scholarships throughout the year. Students have resources available to them including personal counseling, educational opportunities availble in the present and after graduation.
The professors are great at what they do! I know that I can go for them for help whenever and I never have to be nervous to ask for help.
They are very organized and get you in front of a person to help you very quickly. The queue is never very long. Phoenix College has a very nice, clean, open buildings and atmosphere.
What I love about Phoenix College is the fact that it is a place that I feel welcomed. The staff, teachers, administrators are there to help you succseed. They tell you to come by to chat or if you are struggling. As a Community College, it is a great way to start. One thing that Phoenix College can do better is organizing more things to bring all its students together. The school spirit is very lacking.
Phoenix College so far has been a delight, the staff up in the Hanley Center really do their best to help you with anything and everything you may need. The campus is very welcoming and it is easy to get around. Bikes and maps are even provided for easier transportation. The online classes are amazing as well, they're very accessible and self-explanatory to use.
Phoenix College has a vast variety of classes available in one location. I would like to see better and more assistance for student advicement.
I had some problems getting accurate information from the advisers in the Hannely center, but upon reaching out to the director for my program all my questions were answered. She was quick to respond to e-mails and even arranged a phone meeting to help me get everything set up for the program application.
Phoenix College is a very welcoming campus that has many different types of activities set for the students. There are sports and different types of events that help bring all students together. Phoenix College is also part of a dual enrollment school that gives the same types of opportunities to the high school students that the college students have. There is different types of food and hang out areas. Going to Phoenix College has shown me the college experience that I wanted to experience.
I like that phoenix college is centrally located and close to many transportation and restaurant options. I like that they teach in a understandable way and that the classes are not as big. The teachers are nice and easy to talk to. They have many resources available on campus and have many services to help students such as finding a job or getting help with transfer. Phoenix college is great as long as you're willing to work hard and stay focused.
phoenix college is pretty good with the small class sizes also the professors that teach there know what they are doing. the professors go out of their way to teach you and help you if you are struggling. they don't let you fail. the campus is pretty nice and the baseball program is pretty successful
I like some of the professors and the classes are fun and the teachers relate the class content to real life situations.
I have been taking classes at Phoenix College since 2014, and I have enjoyed every class I've had there. Most of the professors will work with you but you really need to speak up; other professors expect more of you and do not accept any excuses. The campus is nice and easy to get around, it is a very friendly place.
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The staff is amazing including the professors, Honors program members and the main office staff. The campus is awfully nice and helpful events- like career/job fairs- are always being held.
A peaceful campus, friendly community and safe environment. This is what I expected in high school, now I'm living my expectations.
Phoenix college is a great community college. I had a wonderful experience there! It is the best community college to go to in the valley.
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