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Professors are extremely helpful and very understanding. The campus is easy to navigate and the cost of classes are really reasonable.
Phoenix College prepared me for the University experience, but also helped me make the transition from high school less of a shock. The teachers were truly interested in every student, and were not overbooked. Working toward and receiving my Associates was challenging but also rewarding and, yes, fun! This was 1979-81, mind you, but I believe they still have the focus of any good junior college...a good value and a great preparation for University.
Phoenix College, like most Maricopa Colleges, is full of helpful and knowledgeable faculty and staff. Before taking an online class with them, I attended a forum they hosted on women in STEM. Their staff was extremely passionate then and I can tell that even now through my online class my professor really cares for every student whether he's met them or not.
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I like phoenix college because it brings a lot of people together from different countries. I wouldn't say the sports are bad but they could be better. I like the face that you can make your own club
The one thing that caught my eye about Phoenix College was the assistance I'm able to receive when I go to the Hanelly Center to meet with financial aid. Financial aid is remarkable at assisting as well when it came to figuring out my FASFA questions.
I have enjoyed my time at Phoenix College thus far. There is a large amount of diversity among the student body and a number of useful resources for students (i.e. tutoring, transfer specialists, job fairs etc.). The staff is also generally friendly and helpful. Additionally, there are a lot of opportunities for student involvement with clubs and varying events. Something that can be challenging about this school, however, is the need to continually make sure the school is doing its part with paper work to make sure things get done.
The classes were small and I really feel like the teachers have a handle on what they are doing. The only thing is is that the class times don't line up.
I liked the professors & the work load. I never felt super stressed out & always felt I could handle school & even take on more. As for the atmosphere, it was kind of boring. Nothing seemed to catch my eye to get involved in. Having this kind of atmosphere made school hard to want to go to sometimes.
I have been going to PCC for one semester and being that this is my first year of college, I have started off pretty good. So far I have had really good teachers. One thing that they could improve on his the communication between the counselors and students. I kind of feel like, I was being bugged before I started school now its just a lack of communication.
Phoenix provide programs that many schools do not. The administration was great and very helpful. But the teachers are a different story. The only Chemistry teacher for chm138 told students she was too busy with her phd so she cut the course. She would not provide tutoring, she cut class time in half, and cut out mandatory labs. I had two older teachers that were nice but would spend more time just talking about personal stories than teaching. Also is forced to use an online format that caused many issues with course work.
Phoenix College has may programs to offer students. It is centrally located for easy access to transportation. If your looking for a great education but not sure if your ready for a University, Phoenix College is the place for you. Although if your undecided on your major they will instruct you to go to the Career Center , but I didn't find the staff helpful or friendly.
Phoenix College is an amazing college full of diversity and friendship. Teachers are willing to be there for you when you need it as well as friends.
It's an average workload, it's a mix between hard and convenient , they give you challenging yet easy.
I havent graduated yet so i woudnt know yet but from friends that have graduated i have heard great things about it.
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This campus is perfect, its an oasis close to home that provides a huge portal towards your future.
The experience i have had at this college so far is amazing and woukdnt change it for anythig in the world.
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The academic experience at Phoenix college is amazing and very effective the teachers a re patient and they really want you to learn, they will not give up on you and make sure you get your moneys worth. The college offers free resources and , free tutoring for students that need it, so there really is no reason to fail at all.
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I love the fact that when I first came to the school I had zero friends and I thought I had a zero chance of survival in the classes. Nut then I figured out that the classes were easy as long as you do your work and that making friends was a snap. I recommend Phoenix College to all future students, the staff are friendly as well as the environment.
very flexible classes and transfer credits.
I love how Canvas integrates with my in-person class.
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