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I had a great experience here in the MFT program. They're small, and the new Provost is really pulling the school together. Their academics have always been stellar, but previous administrations were less than organized. Now things are back to normal, and it shows! California Family Counseling Center is very helpful too. Sliding scale, high quality therapists.
My time at Phillips has been so inspiring. Every one of the professors has years of experience in the field. Each one of the programs have small, diverse, and supportive environments. Art Therapy students put in an extraordinary amount of work, but it couldn't be more worth it.
Not really a dominant presence.
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I would recommend this school to people, including their on site counseling center.
As it is a graduate school focused on working professionals or the application with focus in psychology and education, sports are not an issue.
Off campus housing s quiet expensive the Vue apartments is where most students opt to live on 5th St and it is very nice and luxurious yet extremely expensive. You get what you pay for, yet the are accommodating with the comfort of 24/7 security with shorter leases.
There are no frats or Sororities on this campus. But there is the annual Halloween Dance and DJ Dance parties that are alot of fun to attend. Security is strictly enforced and you are unable to bring outside guests.
Campus security is a great resource on campus as well as at the dormitories. They take their job of safety seriously yet, at the same time are very friendly and always converse with the students. Dormitory polices regarding guests and overnights are strict. As well as quiet hours and enforcing policy on partying and alcohol.
The dining halls is great we have chefs that know recipes and some even come from the Getty museum. With a few options such as comfort food, main event, vegetarian, and Expo, and our sandwich, endless salad and fruit bar. The food is delicious and always fresh, what makes this dining experience unique is that produce is always organic and bought locally within a 50 mile radius. Take your meals to go or take a second or third helping at the dine in hall with unlimited trips.The staff is so friendly and accommodating and will always make you smile. The meal plans are awesome you can pick from. Choose how many meals you would like and or if you would like flex cash which can be redeemed for starbucks or energy drinks/ waters and chips or ice cream. The best part about flex is that you are able to purchase additional meals if you ran out of meals for the day.
The financial aid process went smoothly. The administrators are a lot of help and give your statements with your offer letter and any steps that you have concerns with they are more than happy to help walk you through. Since Marymount California University is a private school they do offer their own grants such as the Marymount grant where students have the opportunity to get some aid based off need and GPA. Other scholarships are available such as sports, art, and academic, and twice a year we have scholarships that students can apply for that are specific for Marymount students only. This process is simple and only requires a 1-2 page essay in most cases.
I'm not that impressed with Phillips. It's very disorganized, which makes it very difficult to plan your life while in school. Initial information sessions promise that you can maintain your full-time job while in school; then you hit your second semester, when they start scheduling classes at 3 in the afternoon on weekdays. One professor was so terrible that the entire class went to administration to complain; the professor was removed from the class only to be PROMOTED to the head of Academics! Another professor spent his entire course talking about his own journey as a therapist (rather than the material in the syllabus).

Coursework is ridiculously easy, prepare to be bored often. While this makes my GPA look wonderful, it also means that I am not being challenged. There is little attempt to assist in professional development, aside from a single job fair held on a single Thursday (again, not considering the full-time working students) or the handful of openings at their counseling center. Traineeships, which are required to graduate, are impossible to complete if you work. Prepare to work part-time or not at all for the two years you are here.
Some good and very expensive local housing but PGI doesn't get involved in housing and they don't offer any support.
There are no real scholarships at PGI. They offer a $1500 "President's Scholarship" and a couple of meaningless $500 essay prize scholarships, but these don't begin to make a dent in the $60,000 plus in tuition it will cost you to graduate from this place.
They'll do whatever it takes to keep you in school as they need your money. This is an easy school to get into and to pass through but don't expect to be competitive once you've graduated.
Phillips is one of the worst run institutions I've ever come across. The instructors are well intended but the administration, from the top down, is inane, solipsistic and incompetent. Their only interest revolves around bilking students out of as much money as possible while providing costs and services at records lows. Is it any wonder they have been on probation with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges for the past five years, are teetering on the edge of losing their accreditation and were recently purchased by foreign company in order to avoid bankruptcy. I strongly recommend against attending Phillips Graduate Institute. If you're interested in a graduate degree in Psychology or Counseling go to Pepperdine.
It serves my purpose for why I am attending, teachers are student-centered, easy to speak with. The library is open on Saturdays and during the week. The librarian will assist one with research articles and books to help students with their projects. There are quiet places to study on the campus. There are plenty of eating places within a five minute driving distance or 15 minute walking distance. There is plenty of parking space and security patrols and security inside also.

Phillips is also well known for its counseling center for family and individuals.
There is plenty of free safe parking. Security guards are always available.
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Professional Only – This is a very small campus. Most of the students are already married or in long term relationships. The age range is 50% under 30 and 50% over 30.
Specialty School – Phillips Graduate Institute is for psychology majors only. It is a wonderful school for that purpose. The teachers are engaged and really help you learn. All our lessons are immediately applied to ourselves and our cohorts. We really get to know one another and are well prepared to be psychology professionals upon graduation. Major parks and recreation facilities are within reasonable distances. Disneyland, Magic Mountain, Getty Museum, Hollywood, to name a few.
Specialized Graduate School – This is a small graduate institute that specializes in Pschychology majors only. No distractions from other activities.
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