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Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas Reviews

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Phillips Community College was a great experience. It helped me to learn how to time manage myself and what a little college life feels like.
Phillips Community College in Stuttgart, AR is a two year college. This college has programs that offer Associate of Science degree to give you the skills you need to straight in the workforce. Phillips also Associate of Arts programs you can major in & helps you into a four year univeristy. The instructors are friendly and it when you go you feel like family.
I rate Phillips Community College with 5 stars because it is indeed a good school. The advisors are nice! Well, mine is. She pretty much helped me stay motivated and encourage when I felt like giving up. She taught me more than the basics of school. She taught me how to carry on even after college. My teachers are very understanding and helpful as well. If you do not understand something, they are their willing and eager to help you. The campus is really clean, they have good food! I do not know if that matter or not, but it is. I love how they have resources to everything as well. I have a hard time with math and their are tutors ready for you at any given moment. I have had problems with teachers and tutors before but here is different. A hand is out to help you.
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There are such well educated professors who teaches well and makes sure you understand. There are so many resources offered through the campus. The assignments reflect the lessons. There are challenges that are easily to overcome due to the helpful tools and the skills you were taught. There are a small amount of students in the classes which is always helpful. You get to ask questions and you get to know other students.
My experience there was really great. the professors taught me a lot and helped as much as possible. The college had vey friendly people that can help you with anything. I would recommend incoming fresh mans to go here for there 2 years to experience nothing but the best an they wont regret it.
During my first semester in Phillips Community College, it was quite stressful. The teachers are helpful and willing to communicate with the students. However, when comes to financial aid and admissions, the students were lacking in that regard and seem less caring towards your needs. Besides the somewhat aloof treatment from some of the student resource staff members, the students there range from friendly to just being rude to other students and even the teachers.
I didn't take online classes
I love how they go the extra mile to get where you need
I feel that the class sizes are fairly small and easy to attend
In the nursing department I don't see any difference
there is little to no flexability in the nursing program
I took my first on-line class this past semester and I thought it was good not to have to sit in a class room
I feel that a few of the students futher their education but, most after finishing school have to get a job
I feel that my school gives you good chances to learn the skills that are needed to be successful in your field of choice.
I feel that our local community college is great it gives people to gain an education that they could not get if they did not have it. I feel that our local staff is great and is very helpful to their students and wants all of them to have success.
It's great to do your schedule around your time
I've never did online courses
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My professors are cool and great! don't mind helping at all.
The degree here your trying to accomplish is awesome. they help in any kind of way
it started off ok once I got my basics out of the way. the teachers don't try and make your work hard at all.
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