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When i first got to philander i was so excited because for the first time i can say I’m officially a college student ,those words were very touching all these my younger days i would say college is too expensive i want be going but here i am still at philander it’s such a great school the teachers are helpful and kind they will do anything in this world to help you past their class even if you are failing . sometimes i wanted to give up but those teachers push me until i gave in , i will recommend philander to anyone such a great school
The very first day I visited Philander Smith College I knew without a doubt in mind that this was the perfect college for me. My experience at Philander has been great. Philander is a HBCU that is all about helping you move forward in life. Professors are very hands on and willing to help you with any and everything.
The reason why I love this college is because, they all about us and our education. They won’t let anybody give up on they self. The staff and President is wonderful here. It’s like a big family.
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It’s an alright school
I’m only an freshman but so far it’s good I say if they better the food as in stop giving us small portions and treating us like kids this school would really be a 5 star school
I honestly love how Philander Smith College is so family oriented. Everyone is so willing to help out , no matter the circumstances or background you come from. I do feel like there should be more activities that allowed students and professors should interact more outside of the classroom.
Down to earth atmosphere is what I like about Philander. Faculty and staff make sure people at this school are comfortable. If there could be a change in the school it would be a better since of direction with incoming freshman. We know the mission but the progress isnt shown.
I enjoy myself. It was nothing like i expected. Philander Smith College is one happy family we all stick together and make sure no student is left behind. Even the dorm supersivisors and staff came together when help was needed . I plan on finishing all 4of my years at Philander Smith College . I strictly advise everyone to attend Philander !!!!!
I have been at Philander Smith 💚💛 college for the past 3 1/2 years and I have experience nothing but greatness
It's not so great, especially for international students. I've met great professors though. I wouldn't recommend it for international students.
I love that it’s a small college, and you get that family environment. I also love that I can get one on one time with my teacher due to the small classroom size. My favorite experience with Philander Smith College is that they have a summer bridge program call START. The program allow students that SAT’s or ACT’s scores wasn’t high enough to attend philander in June for six weeks and get a semester out the way. Another good thing about it is it’s free. That’s a few positive ways why I love my school
When I️ got to Philander Smith College I️ immediately realized how small the campus was. This campus doesn’t have any diversity nor accept people who look like them. I️ have been pointed at , laughed at , and even verbally bullied. The dorms are filthy and disgusting. One night I️ say a mouse running down the hallway of the dormitory. Philander advertise 2 to a room when in reality it’s really 3. They do not accept the LGBT community at all I️ tried out for a modeling team and I️ was rejected because they wanted a male or female and NOTHING IN BETWEEN. The cafe food is atrocious and they serve the same food everyday. The cafe has no fresh fruit. Last but not least they don’t have anywhere for students to workout. My friends and I️ ran off campus but that ended once the weather changed. I️ will be transferring from this school next semester because I️ can’t go to this HBCU that doesn’t meet the standards of other colleges. Do better Philander!
It shouldn't hurt the teachers to put in a little college encouragement for the students. One of my teachers belittle me cause she knows that I'm not good at her class. That doesn't feel like classroom spirit. And they may want to bring up funds for music. Knowing now a days half of the campus is music savy
I love Philander Smith College. I am enrolling now for the spring semester and the staff has been great. The cafeteria has friendly servers and a clean environment. I would definitely recommend this college to anybody willing to work for a successful future in education.
My name is Noel Lyons and I am a Freshman majoring in Criminal Justice at Philander Smith College the overall campus like here at Philander is comfortable. But like all HBCU’S we have our flaws. When I arrived at Philander I emidetiatly felt safe due to the campus security who greeted me so kindly. I look at this campus as a beautiful living organism and a family. I love my HBCU.
I really liked the school when i first got here in 2016. Enjoyed my freshman year a lot, next school year came and it all failed. There acceptation rates are %100 so basically they'll accept anybody.
I believe that this HBCU is an excellent University where students are guided into productive citizens. I am pleased with the relationships students have with peers as well as the overall culture of the campus. It was an outstanding experience to witness a university that provided opportunities for engaging topics that are relevant to the changing world we live in.
Philander Smith College Is a great opportunity for any person out there . we pride ourselves to excel in our studies and keep forth to our goals . The first thing about college is meeting new friends and you really find more about yourself in college. the second would be learning and the Independence you have for your own grades. The third would be joining clubs here at PSC for more interaction . Coming To PSC everything will be alright , there are plenty chances and acces to get around however connect with people for what you want to do .
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I. Won't to do thangs better in my life for kids and grandkids shoe theam it's never to late to do something for yourself in lifff
What I like about Philander Smith College is the family atmosphere. It's very small so everyone is a familiar face. The fact that it's small, gives us the chance to develop relationships with our professors.
Philander Smith College is the best thing that every happened to me. The staff is amazing, including the cafe workers. They joke around with you about little stuff,they try to make you feel better if they see you don't look like yourself. The professors really engage with us. If we need there help we can call or text them about the work. Philander is good school in general, I love attending the school.
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