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I love the teachers and the opportunity to meet new and different people.I had the chance to be outspoken and learn different learning skills. I would like to see myself graduate and become successful. I love the administrator offices and the people are very helpful when it comes to resources to help be great.
I returned to Philander to complete my degree. I previously took a break due to very unfortunate circumstances. The staff and teachers were very friendly and helpful.
Philander Smith College is very welcoming and very student orientated. Greek life is very top notch on this campus and they basically run the school. The professors do their job very well and help you comprehend what they are teaching. For the campus to be small it is very spread apart.
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There are major areas that need improvement such as the safety of students'wellbeing, need more clubs and organizations for students to get involved in, and more majors.
This is my first year at Philander Smith College. With it being a small institution they are very helpful to all of their students. Philander really works with their students on classes, flexibility, and Financial Aid. I have had the pleasure of encountering some very wonderful people. Tamara Bates, Lakiesha Hart, Ms. Donna Collins, Mr. Lloyd Sain etc. are all awesome people. I love Philander Smith College.
Philander Smith is an HBCU which I like, there’s a lot of people from Louisiana , Chicago, even New York. The Classes are very much small so it’s an easy learning environment a lot of one on one time with your professors. Professors are very friendly if your stuggling with understanding office hours are reasonable. My friend all have a different back ground but we’re all similar in a way.
Philander is the very first college I attended in 1995, although I took a break to start a family I have returned to finish my degree. Philander is a great college with great professors I wouldn't change anything about the college.
My college experience at Philander was great they treat you like family and you would feel so welcomed, as far as my classes and courses that I'm taking are pretty good
My overall experience at Philander Smith College has been very good. Since the first day I arrived the spirit has always been high and the campus is very family oriented.
Philander Smith college is a HBCU that makes every student feel comfortable and confident. Their academics are amazing, entertainment is fun, safe and friendly, and their staff strives to make sure every student gets the most of their education. I would recommend this school to any upcoming student looking for an environment where they can grow, learn, and understand the value of their education.
My experience with Philander Smith College has been great. I really like it because it is a small college and everyone is like family. They really have a lot of things in place to make sure someone like me who has ADD is successful. I struggled academically in high school and so my GPA was not that great. Philander Smith still gave me a chance in spite of. And with the help of the staff an my fellow peers I have learned more and have been able to maintain better GPA here at Philander and I am approaching my junior year when people said I would never make it this far. I am forever great full for My family at Philander Smith College and this wonderful experience
My experience at Philander Smith College so far has been good. One reason is because over my first two years I've met some new people from all over the world and it's amazing. Also, my professors are wonderful because I'm learning new things every time I'm in the classroom. I love how it's an HBCU and it has a little diversity and everyone on campus is friendly and like a family.
Philander has alot to give back to the community. This Social Justice College has given students the opportunity to fulfill dreams and even make wishes come true. Organizations like The Philander Smith Collegiate Choir, still gives the school enough recognition to be on top of most private HBCUs. The choir is one of the most popular organizations at the school, bringing in funds and notoriety. Academics are great as we all can tell by the Annual Honors Convocation. Greek Life is expanding and Campus Royalty seems to never disappoint their subjects. Philander has taught many people the importance of friendship and loyalty and even about how to live in our best days. Philander Smith College prepares its students to go out into the world to be the best them and to not have to be scared of whatever challenges that come their way. I love my HBCU!
When i first got to philander i was so excited because for the first time i can say I’m officially a college student ,those words were very touching all these my younger days i would say college is too expensive i want be going but here i am still at philander it’s such a great school the teachers are helpful and kind they will do anything in this world to help you past their class even if you are failing . sometimes i wanted to give up but those teachers push me until i gave in , i will recommend philander to anyone such a great school
The very first day I visited Philander Smith College I knew without a doubt in mind that this was the perfect college for me. My experience at Philander has been great. Philander is a HBCU that is all about helping you move forward in life. Professors are very hands on and willing to help you with any and everything.
The reason why I love this college is because, they all about us and our education. They won’t let anybody give up on they self. The staff and President is wonderful here. It’s like a big family.
It’s an alright school
I’m only an freshman but so far it’s good I say if they better the food as in stop giving us small portions and treating us like kids this school would really be a 5 star school
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I honestly love how Philander Smith College is so family oriented. Everyone is so willing to help out , no matter the circumstances or background you come from. I do feel like there should be more activities that allowed students and professors should interact more outside of the classroom.
Down to earth atmosphere is what I like about Philander. Faculty and staff make sure people at this school are comfortable. If there could be a change in the school it would be a better since of direction with incoming freshman. We know the mission but the progress isnt shown.
I enjoy myself. It was nothing like i expected. Philander Smith College is one happy family we all stick together and make sure no student is left behind. Even the dorm supersivisors and staff came together when help was needed . I plan on finishing all 4of my years at Philander Smith College . I strictly advise everyone to attend Philander !!!!!
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