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Philander Smith College is the best thing that every happened to me. The staff is amazing, including the cafe workers. They joke around with you about little stuff,they try to make you feel better if they see you don't look like yourself. The professors really engage with us. If we need there help we can call or text them about the work. Philander is good school in general, I love attending the school.
Philander Smith is small home filling school. If you want to be away from home but still have a homey filling this is a great school for you.
i love my HBC, from the teachers to the friends i've made around campus. its so many opportunities for individual students if they just strive to suceed. Philander Smith College makes you feel home in everyway.
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I really enjoyed this school. The staff are dedicated to you getting what you need and the classes are comfortable and clean all the time. I love the campus vibe and all my Instructors are so awesome!!>>i'm gonna miss Philander Smith College. I wist they had a Master;s program.
I like the environment that the campus brings. It has a nice way of saying this is an HBCU other than the just looking on the website. The staff and students are nice. The teachers are really involved with helping you if you're stuck on work or just needing extra help with the subject.
I love it here at Philander Smith College , much love for the president here to also he's the best !
I absolutely love Philander. The staff are very supportive and wants you to become successful. The students are friendly and I guarantee you will be know. I'm an athlete at Philander and most schools they show favoritism towards athletes,PSC doesn't. Which I'm not upset about. At Philander you aren't given anything,you work for them. Just like real life,jobs not going to be handed out to you. I love my HBCU and wouldn't trade it for any other!
I like how the housing is set up. I would like to see change on the food menu. Overall, Philander is an good HBCU to attend if you're trying to get away to an different scenery.
What I like about Philander is that the professors truly do care, they will try to help you as much as they can and so will the advisers. Honestly all of the staff there is very friendly and helpful, I love my HBCU. But what I would like to see change is more diversity and more job opportunities for students who really want to go to college but seriously can not afford to take out any loans and weren't fortunate enough to get any scholarships.
I like philander because they gave me an opportunity that no one would. What I would change there is probably the sports and more freedom for freshman.
Philander Smith Collegiate Choir came long ways, although the loss of former choir director Dr. Parker was unfortunate the school choir still managed to keep flowing. New Director Mr. Chapel has continued a new path, increasing the choirs Collegiate understanding of music.  Recently Philander Smith Collegiate Choir had travelled down to Fort Worth, Texas to perform collegiate songs for Alumnus, in which, they were given donations for the showcase. Philander Smith's  Choir was also apart of panel discussion for the Presidency inauguration performance, if however, Hilary Clinton won the race. Despite the news of Trump taking the Presidency, Philander Smith Collegiate choir still have a substantial amount of Performances coming
I like how all my professors know me by name ans that i have that one on one with them. i would change the student involvement level.
The quality of the alumni network has a value of a degree from this school.
My experience with the professors and courses at this school is that most courses are fair just have to listen and most professors here can teach.
I feel safe on campus when I'm in a group.
Living on campus was not the best nor worse option.
The Greek life here at Philander Smith College affects the social atmosphere of campus because it hypes the school spirit. Greek students are viewed the same as everyone else by non-Greeks and everything.
Review Philander Smith College
The athletics at our school is fair. Students show great support & teams perform well. Fan support & school spirit is also excellent!
My overall experience at this school so far is that everyone here get along very well, I also think that this is a great HBCU. I love the library here, one of the top best 5% black historical libraries in Arkansas. Which makes this school very unique. I would choose Philander Smith College over again because everyone is like one big family here and there are many different opportunities here.
Philander Smith has some of the better sounds for HBCU's. They're very spacious and do not have communal bathrooms.
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