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My experience at Philadelphia University has been really pleasant. From the moment, I considered this school until now I have been given great customer service from everyone in the facility. The one thing I really like about this university is how they have advisors checking on students all throughout the semester to ensure they are okay. Philadelphia University has many programs to offer students along with the perfect amount of help.
Ive only been at Philadelphia University for one semester but I can already tell it is the right place for me. I love the campus and the small school feel.
The campus is beautiful, although a little too spread out for those who choose to walk. It’s important to get involved in campus activities. There are opportunities to meet people you just have to explore a bit to find your group. I do wish it was a smoke-free campus though. It can get a bit annoying when walking out of class.
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It's great and the graphic design program is amazing. I love the small class sizes and the relationships you are able to build with professors.
I liked that Philadelphia University was not in a major part of the city, and that the dorm room I was in was spacious.
I love the design program I'm in and everyone is very connected from it being a fairly smaller campus.
Philadelphia University is a very welcoming diverse school. I feel at home and the atmosphere is the best.
Philadelphia University is extremely diverse and very interactive. You are so close to the city and there is so much to do on campus that you are never bored. The faculty and staff on campus are extremely friendly and will help you with whatever you need. There are a wide range of activities and clubs on campus to get involved in. The students are just as friendly and very active among campus life.
Faculty at this university are counterproductive. Anything you need done at this university you must fight hard for. I originally wanted to attend for the 5 year PA program, my application did not get processed fast enough so I missed the deadline, so I had a meeting and the advisor told me that they would be able to get me in once I attended and was doing well, which I did attend and did do well. When I went to go see if I could get placed in, they told me that the university does not allow internal transfers into the PA program. fast forward a few months, they let in two students internally transfer into the program. THIS PLACE IS TERRIBLE!
This university is quaint and diverse. I love the suburban setting. Also, living in Philly means I get access to the city!
I have learned so much about the fashion industry since I've been a student here. Some of things I've gotten to do so far include creating a product for the school pop-up shop, volunteering at fashion shows, visiting showrooms in NYC, and meeting entrepreneurs, designers, bloggers and others who work in the industry. You also get to work on projects with companies in some of your classes, which is what I am doing right now. The classes are small so it's easy to get to know your professors and my professors have always been willing to help when needed. As far as social life, it is a small campus and parties aren't really a big thing. Neither are sporting events. However, there are other things to do and other places you can go if that's what you are into.
I go to Philadelphia University Online and I enjoy how flexible the schedule is and how I ma in control of my work load. Even though it is an online class they still have a variety of classes to pick from and their professors are very attentive and hands on.
This school truly is amzing. I would recommend.You get the best of both worlds by being near major city known around the world but having the most beautiful historical campus in PA. The schools total amount is definitely more like 60,000 a year but scholarships help but this school is so great it's worth it. They are very accommodating and so welcoming. I came from a place about 6 hours away and I felt so comftorable and I walked in knowing nobody. I would recommend this school cause you get an amazing education, name recognition (they have merged in with Thomas Jefferson University so now they are called Jefferson) and so much more. It's like the all around school with amazing medical, great sports as it is a somewhat athletic school, amazing buisness programs, design programs, architecture, and so much. Also there are great study abroad programs. Not just for seniors and juniors they have a 3 week program that freshman can do and take classes abroad.
I loved the interaction between students and teachers. I liked that the program worked with my schedule. I only wish they had more programs.
As an adult student who is also a commuter, I would love to see more of the events scheduled at a time which can be more inclusive of everyone. Same applies to the cafes, food services on campus who seem to primarily cater to day students only. Besides that, I have loved my experience at Phila U, having connected with a lot of my professors who seem as understanding as they are knowledgable.
Academically, it's great, I love my program and professors. Very career driven school. Socially, it's a ghost town, there are on campus events, but very few are popular, and a lot of people go home on the weekends. I love the location on the outskirts of the city, everything you need is right there.
I will be attending PhilaU in the fall, and the campus is a tight knit community and I absolutey love it.
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Love philau. Great school and all my professors care about what they are teach. Not exactly a big party school but you can find fun if you look.
I love everything about PhilaU. The location, the environment, and the professors. The only thing I would change is the food, but that's with any college.
Interactive is the keyword which sums up my entire college experience at Philadelphia University. Everything from the uniquely styled classrooms, beautiful campus, to the supportive faculty and staff, it is a great way to get the most out of a university experience. However, communication between faculty and students still needs improvement, it makes up for in surveys, students can fill out to provide feedback which the university actually follows through! Overall, Philadelphia University is a beautiful school which will provide students with real-world experiences by having them interact with people from various industries.
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