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Phagans School of Hair Design - Portland Reviews

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I like the instructors and students, I don't like the clientele or equipment we are given, the stations are so close together and the school is overcrowded. We are always having to share stations. There's rarely one on one instruction.
This school has changed so much about my life; I've gained so much knowledge, I've gained friendships that will last, and most importantly, I've regained my confidence in myself and my ability to perform my craft. The teachers are great, They all have something different to bring to the table.
There isn't really much I would change about my school. The one thing that comes to mind is just overall communication amongst staff and students alike. It seems minute, but you would be surprised how hard it is. If we all just took a few minutes to help each other instead of criticize or judge, we could all accomplish so much more.
Mostly my school seems to have people there because its something they love and are serious about obtaining a career
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Everything was very straight forward and laid out well so that I could understand everything that I would owe and that I can receive
I am full coarse cosmetologist student at my school. So far I have been through a majority of my Freshman Back Class coarse's and I absolutely love it. The curriculum isn't to heavy but its in depth enough for me to feel as if I am prepared for whatever clients I may receive on the clinic floor. As a freshman I am only on the floor on Saturday's and the rest of the workload and hands on instructions I receive are in a class atmosphere. The facility is amazing in my book and is actually in the middle of some remodeling and improvements which I am excited to see. There is a point in your Senior term that they do a specific career training coarse and the staff also continuously posts job postings and job shadow opportunities.
no printing have to bring all own paper and pencil and any other supplys you want or need.
there is 3 classrooms and a lil small square room they consider a study area or computer lab( they are both the same room) then a tiny lunch/breakroom
could be a lot better, prices for school raise ever week or so when I went there, it was 20,000 when I started and now kids are paying 25,000- 30,000 for the same equipment and milady book that I got
There Is little to no help from them when it comes to helping u pay for school. I also wish they would explain more about there loans and the hidden fees you'll have to pay while u spend the time attending their school.
For 20,000 I felt like I should have gotten a lot better education (instead of 1 book, and 3 little exam books, that didn't even help me pass the state board exam tests) and equipment, (that you'll have to buy all new once your out of school because what they give you is the cheap of the cheap and it doesn't take long for it to go faulty on you or the client your doing the service on.) They don't help you to find a job either they just help u make a resume (which we all learned how to do in high school) and then send you on your way... I think for how much this school makes off of the students ALONE,(not including the services
(you will do as a student for free, under their cost to customer which they have tripled what they make since moving locations.) and prices/products they sale to the local community in their store, and the student service fees they will charge you while attending!)
they should be providing a much better level of education,equipment and Cosmo skills to their students especially if we are paying such a high amount just to better their business and school. their is so much more I could say but I hope you get the gist of what I am trying to tell you, if not ill put it more bluntly for you, do not go to Phagans they are money hungry animals that will provide you little to no education for the big bucks you'll have to pay!
You don't need a computer to do the work, but the provide several to research topics during down time, to prep for tests, and they post sites students might be interested in depending on course studies
Library information is okay but it is the real life experience of the instructiors, some of whom own their own salons as well as teach, that really makes the learning applicable to real life situations.
Computer library readily available, instructors personable and eager to help.
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