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I loved my time at Pfeiffer. Had the opportunity to earn my BS and MBA in a five year program while being very active in the campus community. While there isn't much in the immediate area Charlotte isn't very far, and as a cross country runner I enjoyed how light traffic was in the area.
All of the professors at Pfeiffer are so nice and willing to help in any way. I am really glad I transferred my credits from Central Piedmont Community College to Pfeiffer.
What I love most about Pfeiffer is the close knit community, everyone there is like family. I love the student teacher ratio, if i need any type of help I know my professor will provide as much help as they are able. The diversity is amazing, being friends with people from all over the world is amazing, what better way to get cultured than by your peers. One thing I think I would change is our culture credit system, I understand the University's perspective of them but sixty credits is a lot. You have to factor each individual student and what they do in their personal life that sometimes creates scheduling conflict for students to attend the culture credit opportunities. My overall opinion on Pfeiffer is I love it. I honestly could not see my self anywhere else and I knew this from when I toured Pfeiffer because I looked at my mom and said, I feel like I belong here. Now two years later I am a sophomore and willfully continuing my journey through Pfeiffer.
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Pfeiffer University is like a family away from home. Teachers help students in every way possible to make sure they have all the needs to be successful.
Pfeiffer University is a student first school, you might think this is an advertisement or reading off a brochure but I can claim I have felt welcome as an out of state resident. As a small campus you can get to class in 5 minutes tops. As an accountant major, I feel confident in all my classes, where the professors really attempt to make a relationship with you so that you can have connections after you graduate try to reach for jobs. I will say that great dorms is something to wish for here, as they seem like they have not had maintenance since the 90's and the food gets plain 2 weeks into the year. Pfeiffer is located in the middle of the woods and in the rural areas of North Carolina, but Charlotte is located about 45 minutes away if you want leisure time. The cops in the Misenheimer area are without a doubt the best as they go the distance to makes sure the students are safe first before taking disciplinary action.
Most dorm rooms are spacious.
We don't have greek life.
The atmosphere at games are amazing!
The professors give their best effort to ensure students' success.
I genually enjoy Pfeiffer University. I love being part of such a great school. The classes are small enough for one on one interactions with the faculty and staff. Pfeiffer is a family. Everyone I meet here is so welcoming and they enjoy education just as well as myself!
Pfeiffer University has helped me a lot. I am an international student and I can tell how much the staff at Pfeiffer want all of us to feel like we are family. We are only around 800 people on campus and 75% of the students are athletes, which make us feel like we are all on the same focus. Since the school is not really big, it is better to participate in classes and the teachers help us a lot.
Pfeiffer is one of the best colleges to attend. The people make you feel like you are a part of a family.
I have not started classes yet, but we were mandated by my last instructor at my community college to attend this school two times to tour it and speak to instructors and present students. The way in which they interacted together as well as answered any questions regarding finances, scheduling, classes, amount of work, ect. were answered clearly. I really enjoyed both times I visited and knew after the second time that this is where I wanted to attend for my bachelors.
It depends on who you are and if you choose to pay an extra nine thousand a year or not, but the first year is surely worth it.
There is always something to do no matter what you enjoy doing.
There are not a lot of options after you step off campus.
The strictness is very prevalent at Pfeiffer University.
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The food is great for the price and there is such a multitude of choices, you can always get something new.
There was a lot of paperwork and it took weeks to go through and completely understand, but in the end it was clear and that is all that mattered. About seventy precent of my four year stay was paid for though financial aid.
The campus life is like a family and there is a wide array of thing to do all the time -there is a great social atmosphere, which is an upside. The only downside may be the price, but if you have time for a loan is it worth both the education and the social aspects.
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