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I love Peru State College. There is a huge sense of community here and there is nothing better than that on a college campus in my opinion. It is super easy to get involved in clubs on campus, and easy to connect with teachers and students in the class room. I would like to see more activities on the weekends besides football or basketball games, but those are still always fun.
The people on and around campus seem to really care for the student and the college's well being. They all seem to want to better the school and make sure that they continue to get the funding it deserves even though it is a small school.
Peru State College offers many majors and no matter what major you choose you will be satisfied with the education that you are receiving. I am currently majoring in Kinesiology. My professors are very professional and teach very well. One of my professors is an ex Navy SEAL. This means that Peru State hires professors that know what it takes to be successful and that they know what are talking about and will work hard to make sure that the students get the best out of their education. I am also a college football player here at Peru State. The coaches here are fun and energetic and know what it takes to be successful on the field, classroom, and on the field. My experience here at Peru State has been absolutely awesome and fun. I highly recommend taking your education to the next level here at Peru State.
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I am a commuter so it was difficult to make friend. I do wish I lived on campus. Other than that, the teachers are so nice and sociable. They help with anything you need, and they know their stuff.
If you are looking for a small college then Peru is for you. The campus appears just like it does on the college's website and it looks beautiful in person. Most of the classes are good sized with an average of 15-25 students depending on your major. The student life on campus can seem to be a little dead but if you just look into clubs that interest you then you are sure to have a great time.
I love the campus. It's beautiful and the people are nice.I would like to see there be more sport options like girls track.
I have been here two years, and I become less and less impressed with the school. Academically the school is awesome. Locally, it sucks. On campus food options are terrible, housing is okay... I play volleyball here and out team is all right, but not worth being so isolated from everything else in the state. I'm transferring as soon as possible.
The atmosphere is great, the professors truly care. It's also very affordable for a state college. I've made many friends while here, and have learned so much.
So far Peru State has been amazing. from the classes to the campus activities. I like how the college look, it is kind of like a gothic style. I love this college because it is far enough from the city, but at the same time is really close to the city.
This is a campus you have to experience to understand. I know so many students that scheduled a visit as a joke and ended up falling in love with the school before they left. If you want an affordable and quality education I strongly suggest you schedule a visit.
I love Peru State College; it truly has become a second home to me. The faculty and staff take the time to get to know you and genuinely care about you. The college is very in touch with the surrounding communities, providing students with many ways to build their portfolios and gain experience. If there was one thing I could change about the campus, it would be the food.
I loved that my instructors knew me by name and were always willing to assist you to do your best. Both faculty and staff seemed to have a genuine interest in my success.
I love attending Peru State College. It is a very small campus, which allows for more of a community feel and that is one of the many reasons I really enjoy the school. The smallness of the school is a good fit for me because not only is it more of a community feel, but all of the professors know who you are personally. For example, my major is Vocal Music Education. My class has three students in it, including myself. It gives the professor a greater knowledge about each of us and that makes me feel very comfortable.
I am a very big fan of my dorm. Eliza Morgan Hall was just renovated in 2012, so the rooms are very new and modern and that makes it feel a lot more like home.
If there was one thing I could change about Peru, it would probably be the safety of the dorms. There is only an RA in the office two hours a day (7pm-9pm) but there are many people who do not live there, men mostly, that are constantly walking in and out without an escort. It concerns me a little.
Small school. very friendly staff and professors. small class size means teachers get to know you and truly care about your advancement in college.
We are a very diverse campus and try to appreciate everyone for their own beliefs and background.
Drugs are only available at parties as far as I know. I am not a big party person, but I have noticed on the website that there is a fine for any student(s) caught for smuggling drugs or alcohol into the dorms or on campus, so drug safety is pretty high.
I have had class sizes that are as big as 20 to 30 students to a professor and then classes as small as 7 or 8 students to a professor, but the class size makes giving presentations a lot easier. Classes always have a lot of substance and therefore they have great quality to each student's academic program. Students are responsible for choosing and organizing their four-year plan for their academic program and they can choose to take their classes online, hybrid, or face-to-face but they must be aware of the class rotation as well as financial aid.
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The cost of housing is the most expensive payment for students living on campus, but meal plans are added in so they cost about as much. The dorms are up to date as much as possible except for the boy's dorm Delzell which is looking at being remodeled this August, so that's exciting.
We have a variety of athletic activities, but school spirit and facilities are just as top-notch as our teams!
Campus Security is always willing to give students rides and tips on how to stay safe around campus. I personally do not walk alone at night, but during the day I do, and I always try to use the buddy system when I can!
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