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Most beautiful campus in America. Great school with a great education. The campus is located right across the street from the ocean. They have small class sizes so you are more engaged with your fellow classmates and professors. Safe campus.
I'm an incoming senior and I have to say the past three years at Pepperdine have been incredible. I have gotten to know professors personally and it is apparent that they truly care about their students. As a whole, Pepperdine has a vision for its student body: that they develop lives for purpose, service and leadership. I have to say, they have molded me into these three categories exceptionally well during my short tenure at the university. I can't recommend this place enough, and to put the cherry on top, the campus is virtually paradise.
I love the community of Pepperdine. As a freshman, upperclassmen are more than willing to give you advice and share their experiences with you. The drawback is that each class only gets one year together since Pepperdine sends most of their sophomores abroad. Each year there is an entirely new Pepperdine, which is sad because that awesome community can't grow together.
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I have love experience thus far. Class is great and the community is even better. They really care about you and your well being.
I am a freshmen at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. This school is everything I dreamed it to be and I couldn't be more happy that I chose this college to attend for four years. The academics are amazing and the faculty are always there to support you and help you in anything you need. Living in Malibu and on a mountain is also a huge positive because you get to enjoy the nice warm weather year round and have a beautiful Pacific ocean view. The people here are very nice and always have a smile on their face, everyone here is friendly. I would recommend this school to anyone because it is a one of a kind school, and it includes an ocean view and warm weather all year long.
Pepperdine has given me the best four years I could have ever asked for. With small class sizes (avg 15-30), attentive professors and cozy campus, it's the perfect institution for students that prefer a tight-knit community. Most people you meet at Pepperdine are genuine, kind and want to create positive impact in the world.

Academically, it is at times not challenging enough for high-caliber students, but that really depends on the major you choose. Many professors were industry professionals before Professors are usually flexible with due dates and very understanding of students' needs.

The best part of my Pepperdine education was being able to study abroad in Argentina for one academic year. The special thing about Pepperdine's study abroad program is that they have their own campuses instead of placing students in local universities, which has its pros and cons.

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Pepperdine and am really sad to be graduating soon!
I had a great time at Pepperdine University. You meet great people, engage in great classes and really discover your most-inner self. It is a true vocational institution. My only problem with the university is the price. It is really expensive, but thankfully they do give out a lot of scholarship money.
My time at Pepperdine University has been very interesting. I am currently a freshmen completing my second semester. Needless to say, I learned a lot from my first semester about not only myself, but how to be successful here at Pepperdine. It is important to build relationships with professors and learn from them. They are great resources and almost always willing to help. I rated safety a 5 because the safety precautions here at Pepperdine are amazing. Not once during my time here have I felt unsafe or threatened even with a mountain lion roaming campus. Safety officers on campus provide transportation if needed and are constantly strolling the campus. All in all, I'm enjoying my time here and would definitely recommend it for prospective students seeking to be actively involved in campus life and who love beaches. #Malibu #blessed
Pepperdine University has truly provided me with an amazing home. The people here are genuine and the academics are just the right amount of "tough". The campus is beautiful but small, so it is necessary to get off-campus every once in awhile, especially since there is so much to explore just half-an-hour away in L.A.! But the best part about Pepperdine is the incredibly genuine community. The people are welcoming and loving. It is small school so the community is very tight knit.
Amazing school with super friendly people. The atmosphere is fun and people are so kind (they literally open doors for each other). However there's no party scene and campus is usually dead over the weekends! But it's a good time to study.
The campus is gorgeous with a constant ocean view and the professors are really nice and always ready to help. Study abroad is really big at Pepperdine and everyone's I've met whose studied abroad absolutely loves it!
Pepperdine seriously feels like a home. I have met so many incredible people, the learning environment is spectacular, and the abundance of opportunities available to me and my peers is unreal. Not to mention the ocean view out my window is pretty great as well!
I love how small some of the classes are because we have more of an opportunity to go into depth in our discussions. The professors provide a variety of office hours to talk to them if we have any questions or need help with any of the material. The weather here is really great since we're are right next to the Pacific Ocean. There isn't much to do on campus or in Malibu during the weekend except for maybe some sports games. There isn't a whole lot of diversity if I'm being totally honest.
I have been at Pepperdine for three months now and it has been a great experience so far. It is somewhat difficult to get used to the unique environment on campus. However, once that is done, one can find a great, caring, involved, community of students and faculty. The only negative is that is difficult to get off campus. But that can be solved by finding rides or using ride apps. The academics are fantastic. Every Professor engages students well. They all care deeply about their students as well. I would recommend to anyone looking to further their education in a Liberal Arts Environment. Plus it is beautiful here.
Pepperdine has been one of the best experiences of my life. It's expensive, but I believe that it's completely worth it.
As a freshman, I have felt so welcomed although I'm out of state. I am a Kappa Alpha Theta, and Greek life is under estimated by those who are not involved. The food is alright but expensive. Malibu is cute and pretty. Profs are amazing and academics are top notch. Acceptance to med school is 89%.
The courses you take your first 2 years are a mix of GE's but also ones that you would need for your major. The division heads actually make your first year schedule for you so you don't have to stress about it until the next semester! The professors here are so down to earth and really just want to get to know you as a person. Class sizes here are 12:1 which is amazing because you get the one-on-one attention if you need it at times.
I have yet to get a job on campus but the career center here takes the time to make sure your resume is top notch before you submit it to any job! They're very friendly people and will email you whenever you need help.
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Our health center here on campus is in the Rho parking lot but the ladies are very sweet there. There's AC in there so the wait to get called next isn't bad.
If you want space, get the double but it's an extra grand more - $5,000. Triples are less but you get an ocean view and an extra roommate is always a cool idea! Each suite has 4 rooms - 2 triples and 2 doubles. One bathroom with 2 showers, 2 sinks, and 2 toilets and a living room as well. Housekeeping comes twice a week so it's really clean here.
We have 8 sororities but only 2 fraternities. They do volunteer a lot though and rush was fun!
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