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I am only in my first semester at Pepperdine as a freshman and so far I love it. I love the campus, the diversity of people, the atmosphere and the location. I also love the idea of small class sizes. As a new student, I don't think there's much I would change at this time.
The community at Pepperdine is so strong and inclusive, literally anyone that comes here can find their own unique group of friends or people to hang out with. The teachers are amazing and the campus is beautiful, with a great view of the Pacific Ocean wherever you go on campus.
As an international student from South Africa, Pepperdine University seems like a loving school who welcomes every student despite their background. With its medium sized population of undergraduates, I know I will feel comfortable to be educated in that environment.
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Pepperdine is a great school full of opportunity and a vast wealth of knowledge. Tuition can be pricey but the education is worth it.
It was alright, I am transferring now after 2 years there. Their abroad program isn't as good as it's put up to be, and also with a lot of very republican upper class pseudo christians it becomes an uncomfortable and fake environment to be in. Im sure if you fit the stereotype you will have a great time here, but as an international student or just average individual you probably wouldn't enjoy it or get very much out of this rigid average education.
This is an excellent University with a solid reputation nationwide. Having a degree from Pepperdine will open doors of opportunity that you would not otherwise have opened because of the reputation at this school.
Campus- One of the best campuses I've ever seen. Being able to have the beach and mountains as study views gave me the best of both worlds.
Professors- The professors are very involved. Very understanding and super available.
Financial Aid- The counselors were very understanding and helped me apply for scholarships.
Culture- One of the best factors about this school is its culture. Although I went to business school, rather than feeling that competitive pressure, it felt more like a family oriented culture that pushed you and every other student to your limit to get the best potential out of you.
Wonderful professors who want to see their students succeed. Not very much diversity socioeconomically wise, but altogether beautiful campus and friendly environment. Dorms are very outdated and overpriced, its a dry campus so not much of a party scene, but has lots of events and clubs.
when I was in 8th grade I remember going to Pepperdine it was the most beautiful collage I've ever seen .The school was huge and it had everything, even a beach near it. They had curiosities the campus was never dirty, they even had there own church.
I'm a freshman at Pepperdine University. When I heard that this was a Christian school, I lot of assumptions ran through my mind. Now that I'm here, I realize that my assumptions were wrong. The school isn't super religious. The only religious thing about it is that we have a convocation requirement. There are also optional worship service that I very much enjoy. The people here are super nice and will not hesitate to help you. The classes can be difficult but the professors are really nice and always willing to help. The view is great and the area outside the school is pretty great, but expensive. I will be studying abroad next year. One thing that I would change about their international program is the locations. I feel that France is a very key study abroad place. However, the IP program does not have a location in France. They do however have a location in Switzerland but I feel that they should have a location in France.
I enjoy mostly the community at Pepperdine. The majority of people here are very genuine and kind. I would like to see the diversity continue to grow and expand. Pepperdine is a big advocate for diversity and inclusion yet, the campus and community could definitely improve in this area. The professors here are mostly very professional and encourage students to come to their own conclusions about things. The greek life at Pepperdine is much more relaxed and enjoyable here than at other schools that may take it more seriously. Rushing is very chill and not everyone does it, so it's not a big deal for those who decide not to do it.
Pepperdine is great for a very small subset of people. I had some wonderful experiences there, but I transferred halfway through my sophomore years due to a sizable list of cons that outweighed the pros. Looking back now while at my new school, I am able to appreciate some things about it, but had you asked me to rate it at the end of my freshman year it would have been a 2 at absolute best. Please, dig into what the atmosphere is truly like there, beyond the picture perfect image they portray.
I think that Pepperdine has offered me opportunities in life that I would never be able to do otherwise. This campus is beautiful, the people are kind. I have been able to meet people from all over the world. Even though this is a majority white campus I am happy to see how this campus brings people from different walks of life together. Amazing abroad program.
I am currently a Freshman at Pepperdine University! I have really enjoyed my experience so far. The professors are very involved, and the academics are quite challenging. The weather is always nice, and the beach is a short drive down PCH!
My experience with Pepperdine University has been fantastic! I am currently a Doctoral Student in the Graduate School of Education and Psychology and feel I am receiving a world class education. My course work is compelling and impactful, and my professors are brilliant and approachable. I believe I fit into the diverse cultural environment. I value the holistic approach to the curriculum and the charge to cultivate the future leaders who can impact the world.
Pepperdine University not only offers a prestigious view from its Malibu campus, but it also provides students with a high-end education as well. Although the grading and work is often rigorous at this university, the learning derived from top-rated doctoral professors is well worth it. Overall, Pepperdine fosters a culture based on good-will, hard work, and appreciation.
Pepperdine University is a challenging, yet very easy-going university. Everyone is friendly and encouraging each other to be the best versions of themselves and work towards their vocation. People are accepting and understanding, and the staff want to do everything that they can to see you succeed in every aspect of life. It is a great school, and a great place to call home!
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Pepperdine's got a great view, which makes studying there awesome (if you can focus). The campus life is ok, they've got events going on almost every weekend which is nice. The location is both positive and negative. Positive: 5-15 minutes away from the beach, close to Santa Monica! However if you want to go into LA that'll take at least 45min to an hour. Not possible to get around without a car/friend who has a car. From my experience as a science major, the school offers challenging but interesting courses.
One of the biggest reasons why I chose to attend Pepperdine is because of the International Programs they offer. And let me tell you, studying abroad was probably one of the best decisions i've ever made. Living in Europe has broadened my horizons in so many ways and I've made friendships that will last a life time.
My experience at Pepperdine University was a mixed bag. The school's isolated location makes it safe to walk about at night and due to being situated on a hilltop, boasts some impressive scenery.

The students and faculty are friendly and very welcoming to newcomers. The upper division classes are small and thus, the professors are better able to help students who need help on a class topic.

The campus's isolated location and hillside placement also happens to be its biggest drawback ironically. Getting anywhere can be a pain for people who do not drive and it often takes a good half hour or more to get to someplace as near as Santa Monica. There are also only two ATMs- Bank of America and a general ATM that isn't tailored to any bank. The 2nd one charges a $2 fee every time a person uses them.

The quality, difficulty, and challenge of the GE classes vary wildly by professor.

Overall, Pepperdine is a mixed bag. Friendly students and competent professors but difficult to get around.
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