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I've had the most amazing experience at Pepperdine. From the relationships made with students and professors to my amazing year abroad... I love this school. One thing that is a little off-putting is how expensive it is to take summer classes on campus and how inflexible they are at allowing classes from other schools to count.
This school has a lot going for it. The views, professors, and academics are top-notch. I've met great friends here, and I've always felt that the classes and professors have benefited me personally and academically. However, beneath the surface level, there is a lot to not be happy about. The school's oppressive alcohol and drug policy seems to come from an administration that refuses to believe that students will ever have a desire to go out drink, smoke, and party. As a result, students who could be in life-endangering circumstances regarding substances are left out in the cold because other students are too afraid to get proper help lest they risk punishment from the university. And if you're non-Christian, LGBT+, etc., you won't find many resources. Pepperdine wants to be a 21st-century school, and a bastion for diversity, but their repressive donors and high-up administrators prevent any actual meaningful progress. But the newest classes of students give me hope!
Great!! I spent many great time here. Students and professors are friendly and nice. Environment is awesome!!!
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I love that although the school has its clear religious beliefs and requirements, nobody imposes their thoughts on you and everyone (including staff) is accepting of all students.
Pepperdine is definitely not a party school. The location is amazing however, about 20 min from party scene of Beverly Hills and the rest of West LA if you'd like. The professors, academic rigor, spiritual community and alumni network are all great. I am currently a junior pursuing a BA Natural Science and BS Mechanical Engineering. Pepperdine's 3-2 Engineering program is very rigorous and competitive. Pepperdine has the best study abroad program in the nation- about 80% of students study abroad.
i like pepperdine because i really see myself growing here. there are many opportunities to network and find a career path here on campus. the professors are great, they really want students to succeed.
Pepperdine is a very nice college and since it is near the beach it feels very Californian. The people that work there are nice and the classes are challenging.
I am so glad I chose Pepperdine. The people you meet are truly incredible. There is a great community at Pepperdine, people truly care and there are so many fun things to do in the area. Malibu is the dream, in every sense of the word. Then 2/3's of the sophomore class goes abroad, which will be the best year of your life! Pepperdine's abroad program is the best in the country. You live/travel in a country for a semester/year with your best friends. Pepperdine is making a big effort to create healthy dialogue about racial, sexual, and religious diversity, and gender equality. Pepperdine will really equip you well for the real world because you'll learn so much about yourself, how to be well-rounded, and how to make great connections post-grad.
I have loved all of my professors and experiences, however, sometimes it is hard to find answers to questions through the university’s One Stop system.
Pepperdine is a really great school for the right person. It has a very relaxed atmosphere but people still care about academics. Some programs are challenging while others are really easy. Your experience will really depend on your personality and how you fit in with the Malibu culture.
Pepperdine had always been my dream school, so I'm probably a little biased. Academics are definitely rigorous but professors are incredibly invested in their students (personally and academically). Very expensive degree, but lots of financial aid is awarded, which can make it affordable. The campus is beautiful and very well maintained. Athletic teams are pretty good but not many students regularly attend games. Dry campus = not a lot of party scene. Malibu is a great, quiet little town, but you do have to drive 15+ minutes to get anywhere "exciting."
I was a transfer student. I love it here!!! Small-class size, people are so nice, professors are willing to help instead of just doing their research in state school. The only complain would be the transfer credits may be tricky and you have to take 3 religion classes and 3 humanities classes. But still I love it here, there is international program that you can go abroad and the tuition is the same. Also there is a lot of scholarships available
need many more food options; loved the safety and scenery; needs air conditioners; need more teachers, its difficult to get specific classes
I have absolutely loved my time at Pepperdine. My favorite things to participate in have been Songfest and the Great Books Colloquium. I also loved residence life as a Resident Advisor. I would strongly recommend Pepperdine to any student looking for a small Christian school in a beautiful place!
Pepperdine University has been a great experience. I love the small classroom setting and the availability of my professors. They are all caring and genuine and all want to see their students succeed. I am currently on my year abroad where I did a semester in Shanghai and another in Buenos Aires and my experience has been incredible. I would never have been able to experience any of this if it weren't for Pepperdine University.
I really like the school's dedication on students' success. They are really helpful in helping the students get through issues to become successful in the future. However, I would like to see tuition decrease in the near future so that the school is more affordable to students.
Overall, Pepperdine is a great school. There are certainly issues with the school such as petty professors, lack of funding/attendance to athletic events, corrupt and stupid parking rules, over-strictness and others.
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It is a well established university with a lot of options, great professors, diverse students and good facilities. I majored in Art Psychology and found it to be one of the best programs.
Pepperdine University is a unique faith-based institution dedicated to academic excellence and Christian values. Located in the heart of Malibu, California, the campus is breathtakingly beautiful and spiritual. The on campus and online faculty are very supportive and experts in their fields. The faculty and university as a whole aims to strengthen students "for a life of purpose, service, and leadership."
I have really been enjoying my time at Pepperdine!
The campus is the most beautiful I have ever seen. That being said, it is built into the side of the Santa Monica mountains, so getting around campus can be annoying and tiring, but free shuttles do circle the campus.
I love the classes and professors! It is a smaller school, which is perfect for me. My largest class right now has about 30 students and my smallest has 4. The professors are very professional and personable.
There are a lot of international students, but besides that, not much racial/ethnic diversity.
Although the school is affiliated with the Church of Christ, there is some religious diversity. However, of you are atheist or find it difficult to coexist with Christians, I don't recommend it.
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