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Come on in taking classes up Pentecostal Theological Seminary in Hamlet, NC fun school awesome teacher, and great activities. You can finish early or you can take your time.
The school is unique because of what you learned in class can be applied to you as a person and to the family. I enjoying learning new things about how other people think and act, and this school demonstrated this in the class actives, conversations, and interaction with the professors
Still working thru the process but they are great!
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If you can, find a place close to the college.
There are many places you can find in Cleveland.
lots of room to park and close proximity to the buildings and the library
the professors really care about the studets personally and work with you to ensure you are successful without just "giving you" grades. they are fair, approachable and personal. it's a small school and they become part of your family :)
People from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds
Nightlife can be amazing if you like spiritual expereince and church rather than the bar/club scene! Lots of amazing churches and people getting "drunk in the Spirit" and having a true natural high :)
there's only two buildings for classes - one is old and needs rennovating; the other is newer and nice, but not many class rooms. They need better technology. Shared library with Lee University is really good and has a lot to offer. parking is good and convenient. campus housing needs totally redone tho!
Awesome insights and instructors who are well-known in their respective fields. Learning from the best of the best!
I'm living in Kissimmee temporary and I don't have a School near to finish my grade. I begin the grade in Puerto Rico, If the Seminary has more Seminary near Is more accessible.
Its a great Program, very interactive, and Im learning a lot with the high qualify teachers that i have.
Its Amazing, they have plenty of parking spots and they are in great condition
Easier Than Most – i decided last minute to fill out a FAFSA and listed PTS as a school I was interested in. within 3 days the registrar called me and we started the process. the application process was lengthy, but reasonable. the hardest part was waiting on reference letters from my pastor. The staff at the school are real people and they did everything in their power to help me and to keep things moving along. They still do.
Not Allowed on Campus – drugs and alcohol are not allowed on campus for any reason. i've never known or heard of anyone violating that rule.
Completely Safe – being a Christian seminary located in the middle of a Christian college, in a town that is the headquarters for the Church of God denomination, there is very little concern for safety at any time of the day or night. I would feel totally and completely safe walking around on campus at night by myself (an middle-aged woman) or even sleeping outside in the grass. I've seen a campus police car a time or two, but only driving past.
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No Hassle Computer Lab – Most students bring personal laptops for the purpose of note-taking. Ample outlets are available at the work tables. Wireless Internet is available. The computer lab is somewhat small but is adequate for the size of the school. Most students only use the lab for printing. Paper is provided by the school and is readily available.
A Caring Community of Extreme Intellects – The Church of God Theological Seminary, now known as the Pentecostal Theological Seminary, offers excellent academics in a truly caring environment. The professors at the Seminary genuinely desire to see each student succeed. They not only care about our academic lives, but our personal and spiritual lives as well. The academics are amazing. Each course provides a wealth of information. Many of the professors have published multiple books. Yet, they are all humble and give God the glory for their achievements. We have students from around the world. Online classes are available. For anyone who is searching for a graduate school with excellent academics that is truly God-centered, PTS is the place!
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