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I took a summer art class at Pensacola State for college credit. The experience was very good and allowed for me to explore my creativity and to expand on my abilities. the environment was very welcoming and constructive.
I enjoyed the majority of the instructors at the school in my 80+ credit hours of experience. They are willing to work with students who put forth effort early in the semester. Students who work hard get great feedback from the professors, especially in the math department.

What I didn't enjoy about the school was the admissions office. I was told I wouldn't graduate because of a nontrivial change the school made to my degree. I was told that everything would be changed in 2 weeks. I spoke to 4 separate people in over the course of 2 months (convinced they lost the form I filed). They assured me everything would be taken care of in a timely manner. I missed graduation though I was told that I did everything I was supposed to and instead of admissions using the form I filed, they decided to change my degree without telling me. I wasted a total of 16 hours in offices around campus trying to fix an issue that nobody decided to take care of the way was told was "necessary."
I have not officially started classes but I have many interactions with the advisers and financial aid personnel etc. They are all very helpful and want to see you succeed.
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I love the professors, they teach very well, when you need help they are there for you. When you having problems with the work, the teachers will sit down with you and break down the work for you.
Pensacola state campus is always clean and well managed no matter what buildings you go to I honestly can say they are clean..the staff are friendly willing to help assets u anyway they can. And the teachers are friendly want to see you succeed do all they can for their students to pass and are available when u ask or need them.i would recommend this college cause the atmosphere is clean and pure a great place to learn and be free to be who you are
Pensacola State College is a very nice place to attend, I have done a couple classes on campus, but I have done the majority of my classes online. The teachers and staff are very helpful and always try to find an answer to a question. The staff is always smiling and very welcoming. It is a great school that actually makes you happy when you look around even knowing you are at school and that is not always the most fun place to be.
It's nice and warm for a small college. No party life whatsoever no on campus housing. Professors are good, no campus food, restrictions that are unconstitutional
Pensacola State is an amazing college. Administration is always easy to talk to and works close with students succeed in every way. I would like to see the campuses offer more classes during the summer.
i love the school and the atmosphere. every one that goes to that school has a value education and is grateful for all the teachers and the academics. its amazing.
Pensacola State College, PSC, is a fantastic school with really good teachers who genuinely care about helping you graduate. This was my first semester and all my teachers were very considerate and were fair. PSC also has a very good drama and theatre program and they have several performances a year. The Pensacola campus is also very beautiful and is the perfect size in my opinion. I always had enough time to walk to all my classes (I had 7).
Education wise, this college is normal. Expense wise, its cheap. Now I have one questions, where do they put the money back into it? Half of the students can't connect to the wireless internet, buildings that were supposed to be rebuilt over the summer haven't been touched, the AC doesn't work in most of Building 1's rooms, few of the parking lights work at night on campus, the bathrooms are falling apart, and no one in admission calls you back (I've left three message in 2 weeks, no one has bothered returning my calls). If you are looking for a QUALITY college, don't come here. If you want a degree and nothing more, this is the place for you.
Pensacola State College is an amazing college. It is full of life and different ethnicities and experiences for new and old college students. It's a new environment and a very welcoming environment too. The professors are very nice and helpful. Always trying to find a way to help their students any way they can. I've been able to find my way around the campus very easily. I've met very cool and out-going people around campus and in class. Even though, classes are cold, I learn a lot in the few hours I'm in class. I'm also able to help my classmates who, aren't as familiar with some of our assignments, which is ok. Pensacola State College so far, as a college freshman, I think is an amazing way to start off your first year of college at!
I attend the Gulf Breeze campus, which is a smaller campus offered to the main one in Pensacola. The professors and students here are great, very nice and helpful. However someone decided to graffiti the elevator here. Though it was handled very quickly, it does bother me a bit that they were able to come in and get away with it. (No housing offered here, its a community college )
I did dual enrollment throughout my last 2 years in high school. The counselors were supportive and helpful. Now I'm a regular student. It has been a bit difficult dealing with financial aid and just getting help in general. You really have to stay on top of them to ensure everything is taken care of. Moreover, the professors are very intelligent. The smaller classes allow more contact and initiative with them and the class as a whole, which I enjoy. Out of the many courses I have taken with them, I've only experience one professor of which I didn't feel she was adequate. Overall, my experience has been okay.
The atmosphere of Pensacola State College is very friendly and welcoming. The teachers care about the success of the students, rather than just getting home at the end of the day. All of my experiences at PSC have been more than acceptable. They also keep the school very tidy, and provide students and teachers the resources they need to succeed.
As a dual enrollment student at Pensacola State College I have never felt more independent. The professors are very patient and willing to help almost 24/7. The counselors are great and listen to what I want to do to advance my future and making my dreams of becoming a Doctor in the Air Force come true!
I love most of the school but I am disappointed in the office staff. They are generally rude and not very helpful. There are some shining stars, but unfortunately it is not the norm.
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I chose Pensacola State because I had no idea what I wanted to do, I still do not. There was no sense in paying all this money for a college like FSU or UWF and not have any idea what I wanted to go to achieve. PSC has allowed me to pursue my basic AA while still figuring out my goals in life.
Pensacola State College is a great place to attend. The professors really care about there students. The learning environment is awesome, and its easy to work with the school.
Its not a big college but it gets the job done. The professors are good and are able to teach the material in a way that makes sense. There are clubs and emails go out to the students about the different events that are taking place. If there are any safety concerns then emails are sent out so that students can be aware.
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