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All of the class that I have taken at Pensacola State College have been very informative and the instructors have been easy to understand and easy to relate to.
The professors are there to really help, they don't just throw assignments at you. they make sure that they give you the tools and material to learn and pass the classes. Take use of the students math and writing labs. There all very helpful and are put to good use.
Good stepping stone to higher education. I was always given the financial aide. It is hard to stay in school though. There is a huge lack of motivation but if you can find it the it's worth it.
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So far I've liked the faculty and staff of PSC, as well as the landscaping of the campus; however, the classrooms and bathrooms need some remodeling. It's distracting to sit in a classroom with no A/C and barely functioning lights in autumn.
I like the teachers here and the fact that we have a math lab to help with math tutoring was a big help. Multiple campuses so you can go to whichever ones closest and the teachers work with you.
I would like to seevthe department heads do more to ensure that students are given equal opportunity within their chosen major.
The counselors are really easy to work with. They have helped me set up my schedule and apply all online since I do not have access yet to an online campus. They are also very personal with you meaning you are just not another student. The counselor that you are assigned to actually remembers whom you are. This is nice for a 4 year university.
I have been attending psc since Jan 2017 , I am currently going for pharmacy. My college experience has been fun and rought. Psc allows me to utilize my time with free and or discounted content offered by the school. I enjoy the library and the computer lab. Psc is kept up very well and the environment is always welcoming. The tutoring lab is my favorite, Max is a genius in chemistry. Psc has allowed me to better myself and put me on the right road for sucess.
I started at Pensacola State in August of 2017. I enjoyed the school for what it is, the school may feel old but there are some good teachers there. I may have a different viewpoint as I am a full time employee but for those just going to school it's great and affordable.
I absolutely love this college!! Beginning with the Financial Aid office...yes, there are times that it takes forever to get paperwork approved but compared to Faulkner (now Coastal) they do not take as long! The instructors are great and they will work with you (as long as you tell them what's going on). I've absolutely enjoyed going to this college. I'll choose the 45-55 minute drive going here than the 25 minute drive going to Coastal.
Pensacola state provides affordable education along side accredited classes that matter and transfer. It is a great school to earn a degree at or even start with!
I have attended Pensacola State College for a while. I have always had good experiences at Pensacola State College.
Five, We love you, well to be more specific, I love you. Without you we would not have the right number of fingers- 5. We would have the same problem with our toes -5. The days of the week would be seriously messed up -5. The list could go on ad nauseum but suffice to say you are needed and definitely wanted.
5, we want you to know you are part of us, you matter to us, and without you, well life would just not be the same. So many numbers have tried to be you, but no one ever said " give a high four, or give a high six no, no we all give a high five"
Broadcast classes are pretty awful; there are a lot of technical problems which affect the learning experience. However, lecture classes have always been an awesome experience and I've never had a problem with administraton or staff. Everyone is very nice and helpful and stress less week is something to always look forward to during finals week!
I took a summer art class at Pensacola State for college credit. The experience was very good and allowed for me to explore my creativity and to expand on my abilities. the environment was very welcoming and constructive.
I enjoyed the majority of the instructors at the school in my 80+ credit hours of experience. They are willing to work with students who put forth effort early in the semester. Students who work hard get great feedback from the professors, especially in the math department.

What I didn't enjoy about the school was the admissions office. I was told I wouldn't graduate because of a nontrivial change the school made to my degree. I was told that everything would be changed in 2 weeks. I spoke to 4 separate people in over the course of 2 months (convinced they lost the form I filed). They assured me everything would be taken care of in a timely manner. I missed graduation though I was told that I did everything I was supposed to and instead of admissions using the form I filed, they decided to change my degree without telling me. I wasted a total of 16 hours in offices around campus trying to fix an issue that nobody decided to take care of the way was told was "necessary."
I have not officially started classes but I have many interactions with the advisers and financial aid personnel etc. They are all very helpful and want to see you succeed.
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I love the professors, they teach very well, when you need help they are there for you. When you having problems with the work, the teachers will sit down with you and break down the work for you.
Pensacola state campus is always clean and well managed no matter what buildings you go to I honestly can say they are clean..the staff are friendly willing to help assets u anyway they can. And the teachers are friendly want to see you succeed do all they can for their students to pass and are available when u ask or need them.i would recommend this college cause the atmosphere is clean and pure a great place to learn and be free to be who you are
Pensacola State College is a very nice place to attend, I have done a couple classes on campus, but I have done the majority of my classes online. The teachers and staff are very helpful and always try to find an answer to a question. The staff is always smiling and very welcoming. It is a great school that actually makes you happy when you look around even knowing you are at school and that is not always the most fun place to be.
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