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I like the classroom setting where it’s small class size and able to talk to professor and get feedback. The employment opportunities when you graduate are great for the money you are spending to attend. The dorms are nice and good size depending what building you end up in. The food is good and has a good variety of choices. Have to be social to meet people because of smaller school.
As a technical school, there are incredible hands on experiences that are offered to students. The campus life offers students a wide variety of activities throughout the semester. I highly recommend this school.
I Like the education and how it provides you with the necessary skills to succeed in the job you choose. A lot of hands on job training and practice.
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To be honest when I first went to visit my college, it was love at first sight. It has really good programs and the staff and students are very nice.
What I love most about Pennsylvania College of Technology is the small class sizes. I really connect with the instructors, thus getting the most out of each class. The professors also really stress the importance of each individual students education. They provide flexible office hours, that students can take advantage of if they are struggling through their course. This shows that the instructors are there for the students academic benefit to advance in their careers.
The biggest thing for me that I really like about the college is how they have everything that I'm looking for with lower prices than colleges that have similar majors. They have construction management at Penn college, and it is more than half of the price for the same major at Pratt Institute. Also, the guarantee for a job after college is really high, so I'm also happy about that.
I enjoyed the professors here they really know how to teach the classes. Being a hands on school we get a lot of lab time to work on labs. Also most professors have worked in the industry they are teaching. This allows them to bring real world applications to the class room. Another nice thing is you can get two degrees in four years. They offer a variety of two plus two degrees.
This college is beautiful and very historic. Buildings are scattered through the city of Williamsport giving you the feel of being a true student. Campus life is really pretty. The dorm rooms are very large and better than most I have seen. Yes, very pricey but worth it if you want the college feel. If you are just trying to get a degree, then maybe you could find a cheaper way to do so. Very good courses with great teachers and education oppurtunatieis.
I love the atmosphere at the college. I also enjoy the dinning halls and all of the different foods they have.
I love how all your professors try to help you as much as possible. Also, they have so much to offer like free tutoring, gym memberships and open labs.
I enjoy the atmosphere at the Pennsylvania College of Technology because it is a smaller campus and everyone, from students to professors, are so kind and caring every day. I have met so many wonderful people in my last few months here. I find it to be a very practical institution to study at because they are extremely devoted to giving you the best education in your field and providing hands-on training.
My experience has been very excellent my first year of college. I have gotten lost, found amazing friends, found classes I love, professors that I think are amazing and professors that I’m not really a fan of. My learning experience has been a lot different then high school but for the better I believe that college is 95 percent better then my high school experience. You have to learn to get your things done and stay organized by yourself no one is there to baby you and push you through if you want to be there you better show it.
so far, everything I have seen I have liked. I have been on campus three times so far and have not been disappointed. I am currently looking for off campus housing. It would be nice if there was more housing options located closer to the earth science center. It is nice that there is a bus line that runs from the main campus to the off site areas so in bad weather I can ride the bus instead of driving from campus to campus.
PennsylvaniaCollege of Technology is a wonderful school. I don't just say that because I go there. The campus is located in downtown Williamsport and there is so much to do.
The professors at Penn Tech work with the students to attain the highest grades they deserve. If a student is failing it is simply because they don't show up to class or don't do the required work.
Penn Tech has many dining areas. My favorite is the Keystone Dining Hall where they have hot meals, soup, salad, sandwiches and more.
Pennsylvania College of Technology works with students so they can get the degree they want!
This college has small classes which makes it easier for students to ask questions and have one on one time with the professor. All the professors are great with teaching the information to give all students a great understanding of the content.
I am currently a transfer freshman studying Emergency Medicine at PCT. My experience has been very positive. I live in an apartment close to campus. Being at PCT truly is a great College because they offer so many different majors for real world jobs. I am studying to become a paramedic, but I know students who are becoming mechanics, construction management, nursing, radiology, and many more. This school offers so much!
I like my classes so far (still a freshman), and the teachers are very helpful at this school. I just wish some of the eateries on campus were open on the weekends, only one dining hall is open on the weekends. But overall I love the school!
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I love the education and the hands on experience at this school. Also, the job rates once you graduate from any program is very high. Some things that should change is the diversity and different activities to do around campus.
Today I had taken a tour around campus to meet the instructors and students and to get familiar with the area since this is my first choice for college. What I experienced today was nothing but a great environment they informed me about all the extra things they have to help you out such as free tutoring, free IT help in case your computer crashes or something.It was such a welcoming environment to be in and i enjoyed the tour very much it helped answer so many questions I had so I advise you to plan a college visit as soon as possible.
I love the more one-on-one setting between student and professor. It is very easy to reach out for help on this campus, whether it is personal or academic.
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