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I have attended this college from Fall of 2010-Spring of 2013. Penn College or known as PCT is a beautiful campus. Large enough but perfect. The staff and student admins are amazing if you have any questions or concerns. There is always help somewhere. I can't wait to continue my education with PCT.
The academic is very good. Penn College is not a place to have a college party. But if you are looking for a college to have a good education and do some hands on training before you go to the real world and practice your degree, than this a good for you. Students who graduate from Pennsylvania College of Technology have opportunities with companies. Every year, the College brings different companies and have a career fair so students can explode different options and also complains they will like to work for. The College girl and boys soccer team is very good. Pennsylvania have good programs, such as nursing, Human Services, art and so on. The workers are good. When you have a hard time with a subject or failing it, there are places and team of people to help you pass the class. Overall, Pennsylvania College of Technology is good school.
Everyone here is so friendly! It’s such a heart warming campus too, with event going on every day!! I love it here!
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My time at Pennsylvania College of Technology was great! It was the perfect college experience for someone who enjoys small-town living but with opportunities that are similar to large colleges. The staff of Penn College truly make the campus -- everyone is helpful and positive. Unique majors with great job placement made my experience!
I applied here for the hands on technical education that Penn College promised, and they don't disappoint. I love the experienced faculty here. Great opportunities here as well like career fairs, job placement, study abroad, and graduate school relationships.
The Campus tour I took of the college went very well. The dorms were very spacious and felt comfortable. The main dining facility had a wide range of excellent food. Student life on campus seemed fun, there are always activities during the weekend with a wide range of athletics to spectate or to compete.
Come to pct if your fine with doing nothing on the weekends and having packed class schedule. The people what come here are rednecks or they did not do well in high school.
Honestly would have never had the opportunities I had anywhere else. With my major the largest in the nation make the trip to penn college from all over the US to pick out guys up. Before my senior year I had 3 job offers from the largest home builders in the nation. I ended up taking my offer with Ryan Homes and I am now climbing the ladder to success along with the 4 other penn college grads in my division. Along with the job placement the education, social life, and athletics were all big contributions to the Best college experience. Thanks PCT, highly recommend this school!!
I had some issues with Financial Aid, but from what I hear its been an issue all over the state. My main issue was that I was never informed about the paperwork they needed, so I assumed everything was taken care of, then I get a bill for a late fee on my tuition. The college staff was very easy to work with and resolved this issue fairly easy and were very helpful in this process.
Things I really like about my college is the information I have learned from my teachers about Diesel mechanics. The teachers, advisors, support personnel, and the Dean are all very personal and supportive to you. There are so many places to eat, entertainment, and stores within walking distance. There is security which made my parents fell safe about me being there. I have met a lot of people and have really enjoyed my college life at Penn Tech. I would recommend anyone to go there.
Everyone here- administration, professors, staff- are very helpful and caring and want you to succeed at what you do. That said it's still a college and they want your money, but the individuals are great.
I absolutely love this college! I attended one tour and was hooked! I am returning as a sophomore and RA and I have to say, I am honestly excited about going back!
Penn college is a very prestigious institution but they'll let anyone in. The acceptance rate is too high
The good qualities are the professors are accommodating especially since I'm a student-athlete. One thing that I might change is maybe update some of the dorm rooms to make it more livable for some students
Penn college's campus is beautiful! This campus offers many different academic programs that are very unique. The program's labs are very updated so they really prepare you for life outside of school.
I like that Penn College is so hands on, we really get to be involved in our interests and get to learn by doing. If I could change anything, it would be that my major gets the opportunity to choose more elective classes that tailor to our interests within the industry.
Penn College of Tech is an overall decent school to attend. Campus is well kept and campus life is inviting. Staff and workers are always polite and eager to help. Professors are good educators and very student oriented and always shows willingness to explain and hands on teach student.
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I like the classroom setting where it’s small class size and able to talk to professor and get feedback. The employment opportunities when you graduate are great for the money you are spending to attend. The dorms are nice and good size depending what building you end up in. The food is good and has a good variety of choices. Have to be social to meet people because of smaller school.
As a technical school, there are incredible hands on experiences that are offered to students. The campus life offers students a wide variety of activities throughout the semester. I highly recommend this school.
I Like the education and how it provides you with the necessary skills to succeed in the job you choose. A lot of hands on job training and practice.
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