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It is a small college with one on one student/instructor interaction; the instructors are available and willing to work with you when you need assistance with studies/clinicals
If this school was a government, millions would die. the likes of which have been studied in places like Mao's china, Pol pot's Cambodia, Stalin's Russian, Mussolini's Italy, or Adolf's Germany. The corruption at the bottom, trickles down from a leadership style that borders neglect and reeks of contempt for the student population. The only good thing about this college, is that if you happen to be an A+ student, you will end with a degree and only several 10's of thousands of dollars in debt. Ok, it's not necessarily THAT bad, but it's tough to find positive words.
Participated in the LPN to RN bridge program and evening/weekend program to achieve my RN. Really enjoyed it and learned a lot.
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This school is amazing. The campus is spectacular and is dedicated to the students in health careers. The campus offers a hands on experience which is beneficial and real life clinical program to help you prepare for the future.
The college is very updated and the surgical tech program is great! The staff is also very excellent. Everything is clean and the SIM labs are amazing.
Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences is very different than most colleges. There seems to be a lack of diversity however everyone seems to be openly accepting and quite happy. Tuition seems to be reasonable with such new and up to day renovations and technology. The school itself has a very modern look and gives the overall hospital feeling in a transparent way. Most of all the staff has gone to Lancaster General College, worked for their hospital, and has returned to teach and have been beyond successful doing so. This college has a very, very high rate of occupational placement within six months of graduating. Overall I was very pleased with the camaraderie and experience I got from visiting Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences.
Pennsylvania College of health sciences does very well on focusing on the student. While several students complain of the curriculum being unnecessarily hard and overbearing, PA College of health sciences is dedicated to producing the best and most prepared nursing students they can. With over a 97% nclex passing rate for graduated students the college is doing well with such a goal. Also this college is one of the few colleges that offer a three year BSN degree to undergraduate students.
The campus is absolutely beautiful but very expensive. The financial aid department is not very helpful when struggling with tuition. They only really care about your money. When thinking about dropping out of the nursing program due to finances all the advisor said to me was let us know so we can drop you from your courses. Other than that the teachers are very nice and supportive and it has the newest and best equipment for learning your way around the medical field.
Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences is a great college because it has the sole purpose of getting you experience into the health care setting and making what you learn in a textbook come to life. The professors and clinical instructors are very competent and require their students to meet their expectations of competency as well. One thing I would like to see change is an expansion of our options for getting experience in different hospitals that we form relationships with.
I really like the college it is a great school. During my time there I've really meet some very supportive teachers and then there are some who are not so supportive. The only things I'd like to see change are some policies regarding hospitalized students missing exams and the automatic 10% deduction off of your exam.
PA College of Health Sciences is overall a very great school. The professors have high expectations of their students and they are very approachable for help when needed. The nursing instructors have high expectations for their students as well and they truly make sure us students are 100% prepared for the clinical setting with sim lab time and prep work.
I went to EMT school a PA College. My teachers were great and it was a very hands on class. The school partnered with a local EMS agency Lancaster EMS (LEMSA) to teach the class and LEMSA recruits new EMTs fresh out school making it very easy to get a paid position fresh out of school.

When I was in school I was in the old building but during a brief visit to the new building the little I saw absolutely beautiful.
The campus is beautiful but they are still working out a few kinks with their security system where the school is open from 7am-3pm on saturdays and sundays. Anyone that enters the building must have a badge to swipe to gain access. Students would benefit from the beautiful campus if they had more freedom to use the common areas of the campus.
I am in the health care administration program there, loved it until my third year. Tomomi horning teaches the most of the end classes, she is the worst teacher I have ever come across. Met with the dean about it several times. They care more about their professors and praising them then to actually listen to complaints. I am transferring. Loved this program until her and her classes!
Great school. Very difficult content and a lot of work, but they make you feel more prepared for the clinical aspect of nursing. The testing is difficult, but reasonable and most of the instructors are very helpful.
For the most part the instructors are high-quality and very knowledgeable about the subjects they are teaching. There are ample opportunities for learning and the new center for excellence in practice has an amazing simulation set-up. Some of the precepting nurses at the clinical sites are less than desirable and overall very rude. The clinical sites themselves are good and provide many situations for learning for students that have no previous nursing experience. The clinical instructors are generally good and stick to the rubrics of what is expected. The clinical prep work the day before is grueling and very time consuming, about six to eight hours worth of prep work.
The tuition is extremely expensive for an Associate level education. At $560 a credit, I could be taking graduate level courses. In addition, I feel that I could be getting the same quality education at a community college that would afford the same learning and educational opportunities.
The new renovation of the school is exactly what it needed. I still wish they would have been better with providing living for the students, hopefully that is something that will be available in the future. The new facility is a great learning environment, with many places to study and practice nursing skills. The program is rigorous, but they have many ways students can seek help if they are struggling. This school pushed me academically and I feel it was well worth it.
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I like the student/professor ratio. All the professors I have had so far have been extremely helpful and available. The course load is hefty but appropriate.
I was able to transfer several applicable general education courses from my previous degree into my program at PA College. They also used a course from my previous degree as the required elective for my program. I am glad my previous degree didn't go to waste!
Online courses are not for everyone because it does not give the one on one/hands on experience that some people need to really absorb the information. For me, the online courses that I've taken so far have not be extremely difficult so I haven't had a problem with it.
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