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Tightly-knit community of students, small class size allowed me to feel comfortable. The faculty is outstanding- successful in their respective fields, passionate and attentive as instructors. I never felt like just a number at PCAD. First Fridays are a great perk. No student housing; our campus is downtown Lancaster! I chose to transfer after my foundation year because I could not afford the tuition.
Students are very accepting, except perhaps of those who hold religious beliefs that contrast with 'free to don't whatever you feel like'.
Free rides home are provided at night. As for activities at night its usually students working after hours.
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They have some great classes, however they lack a variety of electives .
I have enjoyed working in classes with most of my professors. The classes are small enough that your teacher knows you and is as invested in your projects as you are.
There have been not incidence reported since I began attending.
There was a lot of extra pieces to submit in the application process for art school and they would always check in on the progress and certain things getting submitted.
The school offers night taxis to take students home
I don't attend parties, but I also never hear of anyone throwing parties, either.
I'm not close to any of the teachers because they seem to be very close-minded, but hopefully in the next few years I can be part of a good class.
Bullying is not an issue at all
I'm not sure who does drugs and who doesn't; there doesn't seem to be a change in people's behaviors and frankly it's none of my business.
The school has a few discussions about topics such as sexual assault and violence. The school also emails the students frequently on things happening on campus or in the city regarding these issues, so we are always aware.
Class work is bearable but as a student working a part-time job, most teachers do not empathize with me. Some class work is honestly pointless when it comes to the goal that I want to reach. Some teachers are also narrow-minded and aren't open to other ideas, which can be discouraging.
The school is located in a city that is passionate about art, so it wouldn't be too difficult to possibly find a job in Lancaster.
I don't live on campus, but the school building itself is very small and cramped, especially for an art school where students need room, but it's inevitable since the building is located in a city.
No one really cares for socializing; we do our work and that's basically it!
Review Pennsylvania College of Art & Design
Since I go to an art school, there are no sports, but people who are interested have the opportunity to start a sports club
Not the most expensive school out there, but definitely not worth all the money I'm paying so far
The school has held multiple talks on sexual assault. They also provide a free taxi service for students that need to leave the school after dark.