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Honestly, i did not enjoy penn state. With the environment being filled with misogynistic republican trump supporters, there is very little positive social interactions with students. The parties are just a bunch of sweaty kids squeezed into a small room with drake playing. If you value respect, dont come here.
The atmosphere at Penn State is an unreal experience. There are many clubs and activities that plenty of students can get involved in, from club sports to Greek life. The education is world-class, and there are many things to become interested in, learn, and grow. It truly is a great place to become a model student and person in today's society.
I have family who are professors, my sister is currently attending to PSU, and my mother is an alumni at PSU. My experience overall would be a 6/5 because it is such a beautiful campus with amazing faculty. My main goal is to go to Penn State. I love the atmosphere.
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I love how much the staff at Penn State cares. Every question I had was promptly handled, I never felt hurried or belittled. The courses they offer really fit my life and what I'm aiming towards.
Penn State is an amazing school. It has amazing academics, teachers, student life and most importantly people.
Everything is a grab for money. Ultimately eliminated this school from my top three because gym membership not included, meal plan done differently, greek life costs, and no guarantee of housing anywhere near campus. Too expensive for a "state school".
Penn state is a fun place to get to know people as well as challenge yourself with academics. There are many opportunities available to you at penn state. It is very easy to get involved in the school with little effeort.
Penn State offers a wide array of academic opportunities for its students and truly prepares them for a successful future.
There is nothing else you can really say, world class everything, yet located in a small town. "We Are Penn State" is in everyone's blood, even the locals.
Amazing. Met my best friends at this school and also in the process of receiving an education that will get me a job when I graduate.
Penn State is a school full of tradition. It also feels like a close knit family. Although Penn State is one of the bigger universities finding a place to fit in is not difficult at all. There are always going to be people to meet and you are always going to be meeting new people. Overall its a great university. The people on campus are really nice and the professors do take the time to help you out if you need help. All you have to do is ask. Athletics is also a major thing up there, especially the football team. Being at Penn State you will have such a great experience and you will be part of something that is special.
Penn state offers not only challenging courses but various degree options which allow endless opportunities for the future. I have never felt more a "part of " than when I was attending PSU! The campus is absolutely gorgeous and there are numerous activities and clubs that you can join to further outside interests and become a more well-rounded individual. We are!
Penn State has one of the best engineering program in the country, despite those classes are hard but those classes actually let me learn a lot and have good foundation toward the future classes as well as for career
There's nothing better than the Penn State pride. The campus environment makes me feel right at home. I'm truly learning so much, inside and outside of the classroom.
Haven't started college yet but I have been visiting Penn State since I was little. It really gives new meaning to Happy Valley. Whenever I go there I just cannot stop smiling. I'll never forget during my official summer tour, it was a very early Saturday morning in the middle of the summer. My dad and I passed a group of students enrolled in summer courses and they were so giddy and happy. I just remember thinking how amazing this place must be to still be that happy to go to class in the summer on a Saturday morning at 8 am. I cannot wait to finally make University Park my home.
When taking the tour of the campus, you feel like everybody is a family. It is a close community and I am excited to start my college experience there.
Penn State is an amazing institution. There are countless resources and opportunities available to all students to set them up for success. The staff all want to helps students become the best version of themselves.
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Best place on earth... President Barron will ruin the school if he does not step down though. The school was perfect before he was hired. After seeing the poor job he did at FSU it is astonishing that he was even hired.
The activities are great. They provide many opportunities to make a difference in your life and other's lives.
As a freshman concluding my second semester here at Penn State, I am very pleased with my overall experience. The majority of professors I have had are knowledgeable and show the students that they care. The campus staff make it clear that they care about the students and their experience at the university.
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