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My time at Penn State has developed me into the young professional I am today and has provided me a foundation to enter the working world. To become fully immersed in all of the possibilities this university has to offer, you simply have to ask and doors open for you in every direction.
Penn State offers many opportunities for building your resume through so many clubs, volunteer work, jobs, and internships.
There is a unity that exists at Penn State that is unlike any that I've seen in an atmosphere of this size. Whether it's hiking to class on a weekday or hiking in a remote area in a completely foreign country, the Penn State family never fails to be represented. I know my fellow Penn Staters have my back and that I can never go too far until I run into another member of the family.
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I knew the moment that I stepped foot onto this campus in October of my senior year of high school that Penn State was going to be my home for the next four years. I anticipated so much and prepared for so many experiences and opportunities when I was accepted, but never would have imagined that only being in my second semester would those expectations have been surpassed. As an out of state student, many people in my hometown don't understand why I chose to go to Penn State, and honestly, I don't expect them to. Being a student at such an incredible school is an indescribable feeling that can only be shared through experience. I wake up every single day truly blessed to be a Nittany Lion and to have the opportunity to make my dreams become reality at this amazing university. Go State!
Beautiful campus, lots of food around, only downside is that you are in the middle of nowhere - could be a good thing for people who wanna get away and be isolated
Penn State is a big campus with lots of new people and new things to see. It's in a great location and they have lots of tools to help you succeed in your academic career.
Get involved! The great thing about Penn State is that there’s always something going on. There are plenty of involvement fairs and job fairs in the student HUB. The student HUB is always bustling, yet it provides a relaxing study environment. Take advantage of the resources around you! Professors are always willing to meet with you. The Pattee and Paterno libraries offer collections of books that relate to your major. The online CAT Database is also helpful if you can’t find a book in a hard copy. My only complaint would be the cycle of the food rotation in the dining halls. It’s the same every week and becomes quite redundant towards the end of the semester. However, there are plenty of other delicious places to eat at on campus.
The campus is easy to adapt to, safe, and beautiful. The surrounding town has great shops, coffee, restaurants, and bars. The professors truly care about your education and are willing to assist you.
Penn State is a fantastic place for anyone wishing to explore their current interests and discover new ones. Since my arrival I have taken courses in areas I never expected to like, attended educational and cultural events that could only happen at a place like PSU, and made meaningful connections professionally and personally. If you come to Penn State you will be welcome here, and you will find something you love; there is no passion, hobby, or career path that you don't share with anyone here.
Penn State is full of school spirit and hundreds of opportunities to get involved - there's a club for everyone to enjoy!
The overall Penn State experience is amazing. Penn State sets you up for success for your career. There is a lot of opportunity here that I didn't see from many schools. People are there to help guide you and such a large alumni gives you the opportunity to score a job anywhere if you put effort in towards your academics. There is a bunch of food options, and the caferteria food is pretty good. The party scene is still lit considering what Penn State is going through right now. On-campus housing isn't the best, but they are currently renovating dorms which are really nice. The only low to Penn State is that it is very expensive.
Overall, I have had a fairly good experience with Penn State. They are obviously known for the party atmosphere and fantastic sports teams, but their academics are also impressive. Majority of my professors have been very good at teaching their classes, and all of my professors have been passionate about their classes (if perhaps not the best teacher I've ever had). My only complaint is the math classes. You often get graduate students teaching them, and it is incredibly frustrating. A lot of them don't yet know how to teach and it hurts the student's understanding an comprehension of the material, and ultimately their grade.
I love the fact that there are so many opportunities here and that I'm not limited in anything there. Since Penn State has such a huge alumni presence, I feel like I am always connected to someone and it really helps with networking as well. You never know who you may run into at Penn State, which is always great.
Penn State has an extremely open and welcoming feel around campus and among students and faculty. The professors both challenge and encourage students, providing a balanced foundation for students to learn and succeed.
I love the atmosphere of hardworking students. Everyone strives to work their best, even those that struggle seek help to improve.
I love how big and beautiful Penn State's campus is. Walking through campus I constantly gaze around looking at the scenery. One thing I would change; however, is the amount of construction that occurs on campus at all times. It takes away from the beauty of campus and gets in the way when walking to classes.
At Penn State, there is a great sense of community and there are so many options for courses of study. In this sense, the school's size is an advantage to its students. The instruction provided is also quality and the students generally have a strong work ethic. It's a positive environment in which to learn.
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It's big campus, but once you start navigating regularly, you get used it. The classes can also be hard. Personally the classes at the branch campuses are easier. I suggest studying regularly and maybe going to TA hours.
What I really liked about PSU was how much the professors were in involved and also many arts and athletics to keep us occupied.
I really like the small-town feel the campus has, while still being a large and very spirited school!
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