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Overall I liked the campus in general. If I ever needed help finding my way across the campus there was always someone willing to guide me to where I needed to go. I also like how close the campus is to the downtown area where there are shops and places to hang out with friends that are within walking distance. I wouldn't change anything, I love it.
Excellent programs, football team, opportunities to get involved. There is definitely a niche for everyone here, so you will find one. Great maintenance of the campus and fantastic treatment by faculty and staff.
I am currently completing my first semester at Penn State and I am loving it. The academics are great, the professors are great, and the party scene is good (if annoying at times). I am so happy that I am here and can't wait to spend my next four years here.
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So far penn state is awesome! The school spirit is like the plague; you can't fight the urge to cheer for the nittany lions. The dinning halls have all been upgraded, so the food is pretty good as well. The campus may seem big and intimidating, but after two weeks anyone can tiredly stumble around to their 8 am class. A 40,000 person campus has never felt more inclusive and I am proud to say that it is become my new home!
Great social atmosphere, and many opportunities to do amazing things. There are many clubs and organizations to be involved in. Also, there is a great agricultural program which is very difficult to find.
I grew up in State College and it has always been my future to attend Penn State. now that im here I'm proud to be apart of this great community.
Penn State is a great university that offers a wide range of courses. Each course is taught by a subject expert which enhances the quality of learning.
The campus is great. Finding housing is very competitive. There is a bunch to do for students from IM sports to great night life.
Really great school with a large alumni network. In addition to the acedemics, it's great place to enjoy football games and to party.
You need to like to party because there is nothing else to do here. I really like the school but you feel isolated from the outside world. It is up to you if you do and don't mind it.
It's a big university with a lot of diversity. Professors there are nice and friendly. classes are good.
Penn State has it all. Academics, clubs and of course football!! The only thing lacking are old dark dorm rooms and as a first semester freshman we have to look at off-campus housing because we are not guaranteed dorm housing for next year.
Penn State is an extremely welcoming environment. I feel that I have all the tools at my disposal that I need to be successful here.
Penn State is a great campus and get atmosphere to be around. The community of students all come together as one in a time of need. Athletics are a great part of campus, especially football Saturdays. It is a life changing experience and I am so happy to be a Nittany Lion!
Penn State is a HUGE school that really doesnt feel huge at all once you are here. Penn State is one big family with a lot of school spirit and unity.
It a place where I am learning to find who I am.As I start my freshman year at Penn State University in the fall of 2017 I will hold these values and experiences to heart and perceiver and be the change and the good I know I can be on my time on this world. With this scholarship you will help me unload the burden of college debt that lingers on my shoulder and help me just to focus my attention on my education, my future goals, and what I can do to give back to my community.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Penn State. I have been able to not only excel academically, but I am also learning how to become a well-rounded leader. I am gaining skills here that I will take with me for the rest of my life.
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it is an amazing experience! I love the campus since it is so green and the landscaping is fantastic. I also love the professors here, they are all so ready and willing to help their students succeed and that makes all of the difference. I especially like the dorms since they are nice and spacious as well as nicely equipped with nice furniture.
i think penn state has the best science program,and that is why that is the college that i would like to attend for my freshman year of college.
I have unfortunately had a rough experience with Penn state due advising trouble. A lot of my years were a struggle to make sure I was keeping on track with my courses. Some professors really made the class fun and were passionate about their area of study. I didn't have a lot of time for extra curricular activities since I worked during my years at PSU, buy they have a wide variety of options.
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