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I love it. Having been to a school like this, I would never go to a small school. It has top of the line facilities. 43000 undergraduates with about 1/3 living on campus. It's wonderful here.
I have attended other colleges and Penn state is my favorite. It's easy to find help when you need it.
Professors are always eager to help. It's a great enviornment to delve into your area of study. The university itself is always clean and up to date. Not to mention penn state has one heck of a student body moral!!!
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Penn State has everything a college campus should provide. By the first month at Penn State, I knew I was home. In the beginning, I felt so lost walking to classes. However, with the help from upper class man, I was able to find my way. With the diverse population and the plethora of opportunities Penn State has, I know I picked the right college to attend. Although the campus may seem quite large, my niche of less than 200 nursing students quickly helped to adjust. These next three years are going to go by in the blink of an eye, but I will be sure to treasure every moment like it will be my last. We Are!
Penn State University was my top college to go to when applying for colleges my senior year in high school. To start off, the campus is a big school with a variety of options to take transportations with day to day. With its academic program, it has a vast number of majors students can choose from than any other colleges. From my first year experience, I was able to get involved within different clubs and made numerous of last longing friendships. Not only was I able to make last longing friendships, I discovered who I am as a person and my future career path that I will be taking within the next years.
Some professors are amazing, but others do not know how to teach at all. There is not much to do on campus at all.
Penn State is an adequate college with many opportunities for all types of students. However, if you are transferring campuses, it will be difficult to adjust especially if you came from a smaller branch campus. Most professors take forever to reply (the Teaching Assistants are way better at replying), they treat you like just a number, and continue to teach even if people are asking questions.I wish I could have finished my last two years at my branch campus.
Penn State has been the best school so far. I made the right choice to attend this school. Their professors and staff are top notch and do everything to help you out. The school also has a booming social life and athletic expertise. Im so glad i chose penn state
Penn State is a phenomenal school. The university cares deeply about its students, especially when it comes to their education. There are countless extra curricular clubs and organizations to join that help make the large campus feel a bit smaller. While there have been times that I do not agree with where the priorities of the university's leadership lie, I do believe they want the best for their students. The campus is beautiful, the people are kind, and there is most definitely a reason why Penn State is called Happy Valley. When looking outside of the campus walls for experience, you are likely to find countless people welcoming you with open arms. Once a Penn Stater, always a Penn Stater. The connections you will have when you leave will last for years to come.
What makes me proud to go to Penn State is the thousands of other students and alumni who share the same passion for the school, for the community, and for learning. It's amazing knowing that Penn Staters are everywhere and that they are willing to help you achieve your goals. With the largest living alumni network in the world, it's hard to go wrong in choosing this school.
Penn State had always been my dream school, and with a year under my belt it's almost everything I'd ever dreamed it would be. My professors are great, most of the buildings on campus are in pretty decent condition, and the atmosphere is electric (especially on game day). However it seems like the price you pay doesn't always add up with what you get. Some on campus costs are outrageous, like athletic tickets, parking passes, and student ticketing to performances at the Eisenhower Auditorium. The technology, bathrooms and seating in classrooms (especially in Forum) could use some major upgrades too. For the most part, the campus is clean, and feels safe. The campus is easy to navigate, and if you can avoid reckless bikers, you should be okay. Downtown offers a huge array of shops, restaurants, and hang out spots, and the bus system is also super convenient.
Right now my department is rated #1, so that's good if you're looking for Anthropology programs. Great staff, interesting research opportunities, great research being generated. Worth the investment. Definitely know what path you want to take, this will help you pick whether to start at a branch or the main campus.
Penn State is a great school and provides educational experiences that could not be found anywhere else. However, the school can be described as "cult like" when looking at football or THON.
Very good school, but expensive. If you can afford it, the education it offers is definitely worth it.
Great atmosphere and will have a family for life! There is always something to join and to do on the weekends! The football games are a once and a lifetime experience that every student needs to enjoy- it truly is the best piece of real estate in State College, Pa! Professors are always eager to help if you apply yourself to your studies.
Penn State is amazing. I know I made the right choice for many reasons. I have an amazing group of supportive and hilarious friends, the academics are appropriately challenging, and there is always something to do. Football games are always something to look forward to because the whole school comes together to represent Penn State as a whole. There is an opportunity for everyone to do something they like, no matter their interest. No matter it is getting so competitive... everyone wants the resources and environment that Penn State fosters!
Everything about this college is amazing. It provides a great student community with a staff that really is invested in education. The school spirit is unbelievable and there are clubs, orgs, or teams for everyone. The food is decent and the downtown area provides a lot of clubs, bars, or other sources of entertainment
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I have absolutely loved the Penn State experience! I have met so many amazing people from so many places around the country and around the world. I have established amazing relationships with my professors who have supported me and my decisions endlessly. I even helped to start a club last semester! I have had a great time at University Park, both academically and socially.
Penn State's selling point is also it's weakest point. For any student that is not sure of exactly what they want to major in from Freshman year, the amount of options becomes overwhelming and, if a major is not decided upon within the year, even turns into a detriment as students attempt to fit all of their required courses for both majors and minors in the limited time they have left. The campus is beautiful and the selection of food is great. Administration is frustrating to deal with 9 times out of 10.
This University is so welcoming and full of school spirit. The staff there are willing to work with the students and are actually interested in teaching the students!
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