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I really enjoy Penn State. The professors really care about the students and continue to help me become a successful student. The campus life is really well, there's always events around and things to do.
When I first came to visit penn state I’ve never felt that excited like I did before. That same feeling like when you see someone who you haven’t seen in a long time. Just walking around seeing the diversity made me feel so happy about becoming a Ninnaty Lion
Penn State is a top ranking university with strong academic and many opportunities. It has a good academic environment with dedicated professors, faculty and a friendly campus. I love to be a part of Penn State
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When I first came to Penn State, I thought it was going to be too big for me and that I wasn't going to like it. After being here almost a whole year, I have realized that this is my home away from home.
Penn State is an excellent school with a lot of opportunity. It is important to take advantage of all that Penn State has to offer. Although it is a large school, it is possible to make it feel small by joining clubs and organizations you are passionate about.
One of the best universities in the world, the programs are well recognized. It's a great mix of academics and extra curriculars.
Penn State is an amazing campus for whatever you have done and what you want to do. You can do anything here and they can get you anywhere.
Penn State is a great university. It provides many opportunities for its students through rigorous academics, but also through community building. Penn State truly is an all-around university as it is great in classes, there are plenty of big sports around campus, and there are many clubs or events to know other students within the university.
My experience at Penn State has been amazing so far.Penn State has a huge and well-organized community you can be involved in. In addition, PSU has over 1000 student organizations to fit almost any interest, which would make your college life so much better.
I love that Penn State offers a variety of activities to get involved in, as well as many resources to get help with your classes.
Penn State is such a large school, but they do a great job at making it feel like a small community!
There is not much to say. The classes are insanely rigorous. Thus, the professors put lots of effort to helping students pass. The food is on that Gordon-Ramsey level. The variety of food (Panda Express all day) calms nerves. In addition, the creamery ice cream is to die for. The sporting events are like going to a Mike Tyson fight. The atmosphere is ridiculously wild. It helps students prepare for real life. Also, the parties are really fun (with the right DJ). And talk about diversity. There are so many clubs (K-Pop dance, Caribbean Association, etc.) students can join to get connected to others of the same culture. You cannot talk about Penn State without talking about THON; the world's largest student-run organization that raises funds to fight pediatric cancer. THON saves lives and saves money for parents of children with cancer. On top of that the campus is very beautiful. Penn State strongly encourages recycling and other clean living methods to save the environment.
My experience at Penn State has been incredible. The people are very welcoming and are always looking to help. What I like the most is the connections that come with just going to Penn State. It has the most alumni in the country. The things that I would like to see change is to improve the food on campus.
Penn State is the best school in terms of school spirit. Have never seen a student body wear more of their own apparel on any campus. That should give you just a hint at what a football weekend is like. Their academics are unmatched and the community service they do is incredible.
I am a freshman here and I was genuinely concerned if I picked the right school for me. After being here, I realized how much I genuinely love it here. The work is a lot though. I am a bio major and I would recommend practicing any possible study habits in high school because once you get to college it is so much harder to grasp. Overall, this school has a lot of resources to help whenever you have trouble with a class. Just make sure to utilize those resources. Overall, the culture here is great. You can tell kids balance school with going out and it really does make a difference in your college experience with that balance.
The years I spent at Penn State were some of the best years of my life. It was the quintessential college experience that you watch in all the movies. No one has more school spirit than the students in Happy Valley. The best thing is that there is a healthy balance between rigorous academics, party scene, and athletics. The campus is huge and class sizes have 100+ student but there is never a lack of resources. The only cons are the lack of diversity, location, and price. State college is in the middle of nowhere and the town pretty much revolves around Penn State. Tuition is really expensive especially for out of state students so just make sure that you know what you're getting yourself into. I know that I pretty much paid for the experience. Job opportunities aren't promised afterwards so make sure to utilize the career resources while you are there.
Its a great place with great people. I don't think there is a better place to hang out with people or go to parties. the academics are great and you will get great internship opportunities. the football team is perhaps the most amazing part. WE ARE penn state.
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Penn State has a great atmosphere and a rich network of resources. The professors are almost always there with your best interest at heart. They are always willing to go out of their way to help you with any problem you might have and are very compassionate.
I visited Penn State and it was absolutely perfect. I felt safe the entire time and I met a lot of really nice people. The clubs and activities are fun, especially the intramural sports and it was a great time!!
At Penn State, you don't worry about any food or some other stuff, all it's near than you. but campus food a little expensive and not very well, need to spend a lot of time to waiting the line when at lunch time around 11AM-2PM, this period it's most people purchase food or drink time.
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