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The campus at Worthington Scranton is small, but it works well for those who like a more one-on-one approach with their professors like myself. Its a beautiful campus with a wonderful view of the mountains and towns that surround it. The staff is friendly and always willing to help, and love to new faces participating in the events hosted within our cafeteria. One thing I would love to see to more of at the Worthington Scranton Campus, are student lead discussions about world and local news, how it effects us and what we, as a campus and as a community can do to help change it.
It is amazing. The Professors really care about the students and make sure all of the classes are applicable and enjoyable.
Such a homey atmosphere from the time I step foot on campus!! The view is to die for and easily noticeable from the library, view cafe, class rooms, and the lounge. Professors work with students one on one. If they see that you care, most will pass you with a C or better. Just work hard, show up, do your homework, and see your professors.

Penn State Scranton offers the best experience in and out of the classroom. Where it be extracurricular, or bus trips to New York City. This campus has the big campus resources within its close-knit community. 10/10 would highly recommend. Take a visit on campus to see what else we have to offer!
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I love this school. Great student to instructor ratio. They will do anything to help you succeed . I love how it's a 4 year degree program right in my own back yard. We also have various clubs and all sports. WE ARE PENN STATE.
I have recently just finished a Summer Bridge program at Worthington. I will be a Freshman in the Fall of 2017. I feel as though this program prepared me in the transition of high school into college. This course gave brief English and math concepts that will prepare you for college studies. I feel every incoming freshmen should take this course.
Perfect, small campus to help with my transition from high school. There is always a way to get help, academically and physically. The professors ae great and I am super xcited to attend.
I love the small atmosphere that Penn State Worthington Scranton offers. The teacher- student connects that are able to be made are incredible. The classes are small and intimate. The math classes could be better.
Good academics, but almost no athletic, social or recreational aspects. It seems to be go to class and then go home for most.
My time at Penn State Worthington Scranton is currently great. I've been learning a lot of things and it's been already a great help in my life. As a pre-business major, I have been working hard to maintain my grade to transition to UPark and my professors has been a huge help. The learning center is always supplied with tutors and helpful advice to motivate myself to keep striving for my long term goal. I would recommend this campus to anyone who is going for nursing or engineering and likes a small class setting with amazing people.
I have had a great experience with my professors. They are willing help out however they can. They can always be found on campus or in their office. The tutors at this school are a great help as well.
The connection the Penn State name offers is worldwide. The school tries it hardest to offer students internships and to create a strong career plan. It is very beneficial it have the name Penn State on any resume.
The campus has campus security, but I would like to see them patrol more often especially during night classes, and I feel like the campus needs to place the call boxes for help in more assessable areas.
PSWS doesn't offer campus housing, but there are apartments across the street that rent to students. It's a great opportunity to meet new people and know a majority of students on campus. It is also very convenient because of how close they are to the school.
The athletic teams at PSWS are opened to anyone, so I think that is great because if you didn't get a chance to participate in high school you get a second chance to in college. The campus community is very supportive of their teams and always fill up the home section at all events.
PSWS has had a positive influence on my freshmen year college experience. The entire campus is a family with open arms to anyone that stops by whether they are a potential or current student or a visitor. The faculty and staff go above and beyond when it comes to supporting students. I appreciated that the school has a food bank for struggling students who may need some extra food at home. I also enjoyed the activities that brought everyone together on and off campus, such as the annual Halloween trip to Hershey park and the performances in the café. I don't regret my decision to attend PSWS not just because of the Penn State name, but because I feel that this school is the perfect size and fit for me. I feel extremely comfortable and happy here.
So far since I've started school i have not seen any strange or odd activities around school. Everything seems to be normal and in good condition.I feel pretty safe on campus.
Its great! People are willing to help you out on campus. They help out a lot with career services and internships.
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I don't live on campus but i hear its affordable.
Don't really know much about the Greek life at our school.
Penn state athletics are great! Mostly everyone is very engaged. Everyone has good school spirit, fan support, and all the students have a good time.
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