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Amazing tool for people like me working full time and unable to attend school in person at the moment. I am able to work on my degree while answering to my obligations at home.
The overall GPA that is needed to get into your major. Why is the off campus GPA different from the main campus? Also I would like to see the freshman course load change.
The no-nonsense approach to providing a comprehensive and substantially valuable curriculum, by the dedicated staff, and obviously learned professors has impressed left me impressed and enriched.
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I just finished my first semester at Penn State's World Campus and I am incredibly happy with my experience. I'm able to complete the homework, tests, and any additional work when I have the time, instead of having a set day/time.
From what I heard from friends who have attended this campus, this is a great place to go to college for. They were talking about the nice community, the smart professors and highly recommended it.
I had a great experience. All the professor’s were there if I ever needed extra help understanding things and never wanted to see anybody fall behind! Easy to use online system.
The convenience World Campus provides for me is invaluable. After 2 semesters, I believe they deliver excellence in the teaching, experience and delivery.
Penn State World Campus is a great school and should be used as a template and foundation for any online degree program. The platform is easy to navigate and there is no issue with interaction between classmates or professors. The material taught is the same as it would be at the brick and mortar campus and the quality of that teaching is unmatched with any other online program.
The professors in the Statistics department are very professional and care about the success of their students. Each course in the applied statistics program has a course discussion board and in many of the courses I have taken, the professors have been very responsive to questions posed by students in the course.
One of the best experiences. Great professors and rigorous academics. Business classes are great and student engagement is fantastic.
No commute! Set your own hours as long as you meet deadlines. Very organized with latest information updates. Videos and interactive lessons. Good communications with faculty and other students. Challenging, rewarding, fun, relevant topics with practical application. Competitive tuition. Smartphone application for portal. Better work life balance.
Penn State-World Campus is an excellent college for veterans, stay-at-home parents, or the working person. The faculty and staff are always willing to work with you and answer any questions that may arise. The academic work can be rigorous but not overwhelming. They are a veteran-friendly school so the transition from combat boots to cap and gown especially simple. Even if you are still active duty, the professors are more than willing to extend deadlines for field operations. One of my favorite things about Penn State World Campus versus other online schools is that your degree will not say "online" because the courses offered on World Campus are the exact same as the ones offered at any of their other campuses.
This is a wonderful place to get an education. Communication is a big key in succeeding in online college and this school makes sure to provide lots of that. From the counselors to the IT team, you get lots of support.
Just completed my first semester at World Campus. This was also my first semester at college and returning to school after 4 years. I am currently working and I really enjoy being able to learn on my own time. Easy learning system to navigate and utilize.
Its Penn State - I really dont need to say more - they have made this experience fantastic and very smooth coming from a Community College
The teacher dedication to the students via the internet can be a daunting experience. Penn State World Campus has courses that are educational in the long run and the teacher student relationship is just as if it was an in class session. Great way for military families to achieve their goal of finishing school while being overseas. The flexibility for being a military spouse was critical in my educational endeavors.
Good online software. Easy to get help and feedback from professors. Easy and quick to get information from advisor despite being a distance learner.
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I taught everything to myself. The online courses are prewritten and the professors do nothing besides grade assignments that are not multiple choice. Poor communication. Worst college experience.
There are a variety of classes, but they are all out dated and the professors won't answer you.
Penn state world campus does not help you at all to acquire jobs or internships. They do not care about students in general and just care about a paycheck.
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