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I love world campus! The professors are top notch, you have access to the same services as students on campus, and obtain the same education.
The variety of classes available makes progressing through your degree program very easy. In addition, the amount of available contacts, from a professor, adviser, or administrator makes any questions easy to answer. Having the flexibility of taking classes online that are the same classes offered on many of the campuses through the Penn State system makes achieving a degree as easy as possible. It is also great to receive a diploma that has the same name on it as all the other students that attended any of the campuses that Penn State offers. Penn State World Campus is a great program to work with to achieve your degree from anywhere in the world.
This campus is really working to end the stigma around online schooling. The programs are challenging, the professors are passionate, and the students are full of diverse backgrounds and experiences that are great to share!
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I like the ability to attend school from home. You get to interact with people all around the us and even some people on the other side of the world.
Penn State World Campus is very convenient to use and also helpful to the user. It allows you to do everything effortlessly all the while keeping your schedule so you don't have to. This has saved me several times by having reminders of upcoming events clearly stated so as not to forget.
The World Campus is very organized and easy to navigate! If you have any questions or confusion, the staff and advisors are a phone call or email away. Academics are still very rigorous and beneficial, even with them being online.
This is the third college I have attended. I opted for finishing my degree online because of my tough schedule with kids and work. Not only is it convient that I can work on assignments whenever I need, the different offices of the school (financial, buissness, registrar, etc) have always been very helpful and considerate!
So far I really love penn state world campus, it allows me to have a flexible schedule and work all while continuing my education. Their interactive system of doing class work allows you to still become heavily involved with your classmates even though you have most likely never met.
Great for those of us that work and/or have children, you can log in anytime that is convient. As long as you follow the calendar for classes and your assignments you’ll do well.
It has been a great experience. I've had really great professors and have had been very pleased with the education I'm receiving.
I am a senior and thoroughly enjoy my time in the World Campus. Although somewhat expensive and a lot of work, I have found success through sticking to strict time management. If one studies and focuses on the schoolwork, they can succeed.
I'm able to attend a world class school but still work full-time. I'm an adult student returning to obtain my bachelor's degree and this is the perfect school for me.
Penn state online faculty do not care about their students. Nobody from their faculty puts effort answering admitted students question and never gives advise. The academic advisor has not replied for months and only sends automatic robot messages. Only works to milk that extra 10k+ plus unbelievable expensive books they don't even mention.
Many online schools are looked currently looked down upon, so I was hesitant to start. I love the freedom of being able to work through my degree and having the assurance that I am connecting to a wide network of professional faculty and alumni. Working with the Penn State faculty and systems is smooth and very productive for me. I'd recommend the World Campus to anyone in need of distance learning.
It was very convenient and gave me the opportunity to work full time and take courses. All the teachers we're also very helpful in being flexible with everyone's schedule.
Penn State World Campus is extremely well organized and by far has been the best online institution I've ever attended. They are committed to helping their students and give you all the resources that you need to succeed.
I love Penn State World Campus!! The learning experience is great! Makes it easier to attend school with it being online.
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Penn State World Campus is a great school for anyone who is wanting to attend THE Pennsylvania State University without actually having to be there in person. You get the best of both worlds in the sense that you can complete your degree online from anywhere you have internet access, and you get the prestigious name on your degree from a world renowned school.
Penn State world campus offers a great way for people to attend a recognized state university while working a full time job. Very convenient with great professors.
Great online school for anyone especially non-traditional students. World Campus offers many majors and the platform for online learning is a breeze. Highly recommend to anyone looking for getting or furthering their education online!
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