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The experience at Penn State Schuylkill is like none other. The campus is a beautiful setting among a small town that thrives out of a positive atmosphere. The athletics are electrifying, students are welcoming and warming
I enjoy the easy going feel of the campus. The processors and advisors have been very helpful. I have had issues with transfer credits not properly showing up. I do wish activities were better scheduled to accommodate adult learners with full time jobs. By biggest grumble would be purchasing the required text books & not really needing them.
I like Penn State Schuylkill because it's close to my home town of Pine Grove, which is important to me since I have two jobs there and volunteer at the local high school. I also like the Professors are all nice and willing to work with me if I need more help in any area, this i think can be contributed to the smaller class sizes. I feel safe in the small campus and am enjoying my time here. I wouldn't want to go to school anywhere else.
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Penn state Schuylkill is just like high school but better. Everyone is so nice and everyone goes out of there way to make you feel welcome.
I like the small campus and being able to get to know the professors. The campus is nice and there are plenty of oppertunities offered.
My first year at Penn State Schuylkill is going extremely well. The professors are some of the best around. The classrooms consist of around 20 students, so it is a very personal learning experience. The professors are always open to helping after class, or on their own time. The campus is small and manageable, unlike some campuses that are massive. The students there are helpful as well. You see most of the same students everyday, so you really get to know you're class mates. One of the best aspects of Penn State Schuylkill is the free tutoring at anytime. You have the options of student or teacher tutors. That is my experience in my first year at Penn State Schuylkill!
I like that Penn State Schuylkill is a very small but open campus, everyone is friendly and everyone knows everyone here. The teachers are very caring about the students education and the activities are very entertaining.
My experience at Penn State Schuylkill was amazing, I love how diverse the campus is and the one on one bond students have with the professors. The only thing I would change is better food options.
I love my school, the reason I love my school is because the professors are very nice and helpful. The students who attend Penn State are ambitious, determined and great to be friends with.
I am a nursing student at Penn State Schuylkill and I really like how they offer all the courses that I need that my nursing school requires me to have!
I like just about everything about this college. It was even my first choice as to where I should pursue my new career.
If you are a commuter there is not much to do. Also, not much for people who live there to do anything. Most of the clubs are a joke, and the teachers aren't that great either
Very small atmosphere, so very small teacher to student ratio. Good teachers, good sports, and clubs.
I like the size. The Teachers are okay. A lot of commuters, everything is really close together, which is nice.
The campus is intimate and has a wide and diverse set of students. I personally am a commuter so i do not know much about the party scene nor dorm rooms but i have heard they are nice. The professors are very helpful and can have personal relationships with the students and be able to help since the campus is so small. The athletic teams are wonderful and accomplish many goals throughout their seasons.
Going to school here has been so wonderful. Everyone is so nice. The professors are helpful and understanding. They really focus on students. It's quiet and peaceful, and I feel like I'm getting a good education.
Penn State Schuylkill provided me with resources and opportunities to enhance my abilities. Academic standards at Penn State Schuylkill are set at the highest, which encouraged me to be a dedicated student, willing to take ownership of my own education and to become more involved not only with my education, but also multiple with clubs that I know will improve my skills. I think that the only that should change is that the campus should be more diverse.
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Penn state Schuylkill has been a great for me, I'm currently a Junior and this school has helped me be on my own. I'm from Bronx, Ny and being 2-3hours away from home has built me to become a man and the professors has helped us student succeed at everything no matter what the task and I appreciate this school.
It is a small college where nothing happens. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Small class sizes, Great looking school, Great teachers. The student housing look great. The only down fall is the cafe, small, seams like the same food all the time.
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